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This is the day!
My last post as LLH Designs and my first post in a new space.

Introducing my new blog:

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My Parting Gift to Design Lovers: A Simple Guest Bedroom

For those who thought this was a design blog {wink!}, I have a parting gift before I start my new blog adventure. One last room from our farmhouse.

A simple bedroom for our younger guests.

Old shutters cut in half for headboards.
Ikea duvet covers and shams. 
Pottery Barn bed skirts.
Pinecone Hill blankets.

{A huge thanks to my handy sister for helping with the shutters or else they'd still be in my garage gathering dust! I have great vision, but very little motivation and skill when it comes to DIY projects. My sister on the other hand: she rocks the saw, drill, hammer, whatever it takes!}

Porthole mirror from my favorite online source, Wisteria.
{Night stand also from Wisteria, but no longer available.}

An old telephone from the Nashville Flea.
{So that children can see how phones used to be!}

No room is complete without books, and children's books are my favorite! 
{Love this series for little ones.}

Found the lantern in the attic.
The secretary was handed down to me.
{Painted it with plain ol' paint long before blogs, Pinterest and chalk paint!}

My mom used to give me a Beatrix Potter figure every Easter.
{Not sure how safe these are with three little nephews!} 

The porch just outside the bedroom.

And the beauty God designed. Ever changing, always glorious!
{I clearly took these photos in the summer!}

Other things you may want to know:

Rug is Dash & Albert.
Walls are Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams.
Curtains are Ikea linen; rods from Target.
Barn lights from Lowes. {My sister added the wall plug.}

When I stumbled across these photos today, I had to laugh at what this room looked like when my three adorable nephews were here last summer. {Who knew linen curtains could become a canvas for poopy diaper painting?} I also had to laugh because I had my nephews in mind when I designed this room {simple and neutral}, but as my sister pointed out, it's not exactly boyish. Apparently, it's still too pretty. Yep, I'm a beauty lover!

Several of you have asked if I'll share photos from my home on the new blog. I'm not sure. I tend to share whatever is on my heart at the moment. Beauty is always on my heart, but I find beauty in so many places these days. In my Houston home, I was inspired to create beauty inside. Here on the farm, I'm drawn to the beauty outside.

And another thing: living on a farm has changed the way I keep a house. I couldn't keep this house clean if I tried! And besides, I'm done with perfection. Learning to embrace the mess. {Though I don't find the mess all that inspiring to photograph!}

Coming real soon...

The new blog!
Almost ready to start sharing beauty there.
I hope you'll join me.

Hugs to you!

Hiking worked!
Wore this little guy out!


Time To Wear This Puppy Out!

Oh, glorious day! Is there anything better than sunshine?!?! All of a sudden, I'm Miss Ready To Conquer The Hiking Trails! I'm not known for my exercise habits {as in, I don't exercise when the sun's not shining, or when I don't have a friend, or when I don't feel like it...which is most of the time}, but on a day like today, I'm energized by the sunshine and ready to go!

And do you want to know who my newest trail buddy is?
This crazy guy:

Aslan loves to run...and only has one speed: fast!

He runs circles around Buddy and Bella.

Every now and then he stops to catch his breath...

...but it's not long before he's up and running again!

Buddy and Bella are much more my tempo.

One of these days, I hope Aslan will join Buddy and Bella in the chill department, but until that time comes, I have to find ways to wear this puppy out before he wears me out! So since the sun is shining and today's sunset is an hour later, I'm off to the hiking trails in the nearby park. Feeling like a rock star for getting out there! And praising God for an extra hour of sunshine!!!

Let it SHINE!

I just came up with the new blog logo.
Can't wait to share soon!


Diamonds On The Trees

Sweet friends, you spoil me! I hardly know where I'm headed with this new thing, yet you cheer me on and say you'll follow. I don't deserve you, but I sure am thankful for you! As soon as I get past the technical challenges of setting up a new blog, I'll start sharing beauty there. {Can't wait to tell you about the new name!}

But in the mean time, there's beauty to share today...right here. This crazy winter weather has resulted in a peculiar glory: diamonds on the trees!

Oh, and you should see the hills...icy tops with evergreen bottoms! {Wish I had my camera in the car.} And right now at this very moment, as the temperature rises, the ice diamonds are cracking and popping. The trees are still as can be, but noisy. It's the wildest thing!

What kind of peculiar beauty are you seeing today?

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