Time To Wear This Puppy Out!

Oh, glorious day! Is there anything better than sunshine?!?! All of a sudden, I'm Miss Ready To Conquer The Hiking Trails! I'm not known for my exercise habits {as in, I don't exercise when the sun's not shining, or when I don't have a friend, or when I don't feel like it...which is most of the time}, but on a day like today, I'm energized by the sunshine and ready to go!

And do you want to know who my newest trail buddy is?
This crazy guy:

Aslan loves to run...and only has one speed: fast!

He runs circles around Buddy and Bella.

Every now and then he stops to catch his breath...

...but it's not long before he's up and running again!

Buddy and Bella are much more my tempo.

One of these days, I hope Aslan will join Buddy and Bella in the chill department, but until that time comes, I have to find ways to wear this puppy out before he wears me out! So since the sun is shining and today's sunset is an hour later, I'm off to the hiking trails in the nearby park. Feeling like a rock star for getting out there! And praising God for an extra hour of sunshine!!!

Let it SHINE!

I just came up with the new blog logo.
Can't wait to share soon!


  1. Aslan is so BIG!!! where did the baby puppy go?!?! Love you xoxox

  2. Love your photos of your beautiful dogs! Sounds like Aslan is on the move (literally and figuratively)!
    Excited to see your new blog, Linsey.

  3. That first photo of Aslan is pure joy!!

  4. You capture such beauty! I cannot wait to see your new blog... sign me up already ♥

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

  5. I love seeing your Farm life and your sweet animals and the lovely nature shots! But....! I really miss your design pics and posts and shots of your home and projects...! I hope there will be more of that soon! I still pour thru all your house photos ( Houston and The few of Franklin) I never tire of seeing your beautiful style and taste!

  6. I'm feeling your enthusiasm, Linsey! Our temps have been ten degrees warmer than predicted for the past couple of days, and it is crazy uplifting. :)

  7. Can't wait to see the new blog logo! :)
    You guys have to be crazy busy feeding and caring for all of your animals…I'm so interested in the daily grind of how you all get it all done. Do you girls help with a ton of it? With joy in their hearts or has the honeymoon of all of it worn off a bit? Hoping not!


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