Zero Degree Ramblings

When I woke up this morning, it was zero degrees on the farm.

Surely that was some kind of record...at least it was for us, so it seems worthy of a headline. It's five or six degrees now, but it's all the same to me. I'm only a cold weather girl if I'm inside, by the fire, with a warm beverage!

It's a great day to sort through photos and ease my way into this chilly morning. If that sounds fun to you, grab a cup of something warm and sit down with me. {I wish you were here in person!}

*   *   *

Would you believe it took me almost an hour to complete just that much of a post? Because I've got this cute little guy who's chewing everything in sight...everything except his bone that I keep tossing him!

The bench, the rug, the stool at my little kitchen desk...all his favorite chew toys right now. And with my moments of inattentiveness, I have a feeling I'll be replacing a few things down the road. Poor little guy, I'm not much of a playmate. He's whimpering over the loss of his best buddies, who went back to school and work this morning.

I've never been much of a playmate. I'm a gentle, loving, nurturing mama, but not the one you turn to for fun and excitement. I've never been that mama. My girls always went to daddy for that. But poor little Aslan doesn't know where the fun daddy went!

This is the best I can do: let him run around outside...

...until he wears himself out!
{I'll be repeating that trick all day long.}

Now that I've totally lost my train of thought...what was I saying? That it's cold. And my fire is pretty lame since my farmboy is back in business as a doctor this morning. {Thankful for patients!}

How about a few photos from our recent dusting of snow...

Yesterday morning.

Yesterday evening.
{A nearly frozen pond with ducks still in it.}

Oh, and I almost forgot! {Puppy brain!} We introduced Aslan to Buddy and Bella the other day! They've been watching him through the fence as we let him out to go potty or burn off energy, but this was their first official meeting. {The sweetness was well documented!}



When they get too curious,
JD lets them know who's boss, and they respect him.

Letting Aslan put his paws all over their faces.

Buddy and Bella are gentle giants...
only fierce when they need to be.

Aslan is too tiny for an unchaperoned visit,
but I have a feeling they'll all be great friends.

One more thing before I return to puppy duty: thank you for your genuine and encouraging responses to my marriage post. {My husband said it was his favorite post ever. Didn't see that coming!} It's risky to be so honest about hard and hidden things, but powerful things happen when we shine light into the darkness. Freedom, hope and healing all become visible in the light.

I hesitated before unleashing that post into the public realm...then uttered a quick, out loud prayer that every word would be used for good. And wouldn't you know that after putting myself out there, we had one of our hardest struggles yet? Of course we did. That's how it works. And then I was sick for three straight days. In bed kind of sick. Missed our anniversary date and everything. But I'm back up again. 

Yes, marriage is hard. But it's a worthy work. Many readers who've been married much longer than I have said the same in their emails. Keep at it, sweet friends. Keep fighting the good fight. And when you can't do it on your own, reach out for help. We're off to counseling tomorrow, healing prayer in February, and a marriage retreat in March. There was a time when I might not have admitted all that, but those were the days when I tried to be strong and perfect on my own. Now I know that acknowledging my weakness is a strength. And that a certain kind of power is made perfect in my weakness. {2 Corinthians 12:9} Amen to that!

And now back to this little guy:

He's full time!

Wishing you a warm and cozy day!


  1. I like that you keep it real. I do the same- type something, then think, "Oh, wait.... maybe not..."
    It's all good though. You cannot measure the good without the bad- same as in a marriage. We do a once a year visit to a counselor around the time of our anniversary. We call it our "yearly well marriage check up".

  2. Wish I was your guest to sit by the fire {I couldn't make it better, but I could probably make us both laugh hard enough to really warm up}. Loved your marriage post. You said a lot of things that I've never really felt brave enough to admit. Still working on bravery--and humility, and grace, and courage, and trust, and faith . . . Always working at it!!! Okay--super quick before the littlest of my peeps comes home {the big peep has the throw-up bug, again}. LOTS OF CHEW TOYS! They get bored super fast. I think a big basket with about twenty toys will keep him busy for a good hour. When he gets bored, put all the toys back in the basket, and then let him have fun discovering again. We do this still--and my youngest, Holly--is two! But it works! Love the flappy, anything squeaky, anything that makes noise, and water bottles {empty, no lid or label}. XOXOXOXO!!!!

  3. linsey... just love your photos. You always capture the "heart" and "spirit" of the subject. You have beautiful subjects, by the way. Love watching your family grow....

  4. we're off to counseling on Thursday. :)
    i'm done with doing things in my own strength, too.
    total reliance on him…his strength..his goodness…his grace…his everything.
    that's my heart for this year.

    love to you, friend….

  5. Aslan. As in that gentle giant of a lion from The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe? My hero!! Is he a collie? Duh! We had a tri-colored collie growing up, how we loved her. Having many dogs since, I hope I can give some unsolicited advice. You undoubtedly know he is teething and that's why he is trying to eat everything in sight. From my experience only, take him away from what he is chewing on with a firm NO. If it's something small he has in his mouth, remove it with another firm NO, and put his bone or whatever right in his mouth. Don't leave a bunch of bones and toys out, puppies get bored. Reintroduce toys everyday and tuck away the others. And you got it right, physical activity wears them out!!

    Your hubby looks quite good with dogs. He certainly shows Buddy and Bella who is boss!

    As always, I love seeing pictures of your farm. Someday I'm going to make it down to Franklin, it sounds like such a cool town!

    Your mom and I are great blogging friends. What a character she is and so sweet. I would love if you would stop by my blog sometimes! Sending a hug!


  6. Thanks for the puppy tips! I need all the help I can get! I've never had a puppy in the house...and while they seem similar to babies in some ways, it's been a LONG time since I've had one of those!

  7. aslan! well melt my heart, why don't you!! such a perfect name!!
    happy belated anniversary to you and JD and congratulations! you are brave to be so open and honest about your marriage. i'm sure your words have blessed many. it does go in waves doesn't it? when things are good you forget that marriage can be hard and lonely sometimes. i know you journal too and that has always been such a saving grace for me. sometimes i go back and read tougher journal entires and i almost can't remember the girl that wrote them but i do remember how writing them helped. i pray that the tougher times are far fewer than the good and that there are long stretches of pure bliss in between! xoxo

  8. I love your honesty! Marriage is hard but so worth every struggle. I lost my husband of 40 years recently and I miss the bad times as well as the good. It is because our marriage was so strong that I can carry on and become part of a happy future too.
    Love the puppy!
    Your sweet family is inspiring and so lovable. xo

  9. Love it all, Linsey! The way the dogs look into JD's eyes and how you were able to capture that in a photograph, a warm drink by the fireplace on these freezing cold days... and especially that because of your honesty we have another place to learn to understand the difficult-to-comprehend truth that in our weakness His power is shown strong. Keep writing your story, sweet girl!

  10. Puppies!! So cute. Bitter Apple spray works great to spray on what you don't want them chewing on. Like chair rungs, cabinet knobs, and their lead. He is so precious. Stay warm!

  11. Oh my - that last pic of your husband with the big babies is priceless - it looks like they know just what he is saying. Your farm and all your animals are just precious. Happy New Year!

  12. now i know that acknowledging my weakness is a strength
    amen to this! me too..i have been learning that. embracing it. i have spent my WHOLE life beating myself up for my weaknessess...trying to be strong in all sorts of unhealthy ways that got me into nothing but messes
    but how i HOLD ONTO His promises of redemption
    and i am clapping for you and your sweet man for putting in the work FOR your marriage. first for yourselves then for one another and your children. God will honor this work. bless it and bring forth fruit .. eternal fruit
    praying your path be full of His peace...xoxo

  13. Hello Linsey, love the new puppy, how handsome. Thank you for sharing the pics, that little pup is gonna love his new home on the farm. Blessings.....Karen acapecodnest

  14. What a beautiful and inspiring blog you have! I found you through a pin on Pinterest. I must say . . . I am hooked! God Bless . . . Hugs~ Saralee

  15. I came to your blog by way of Pinterest...wanted to see something about scented letters. Loving dogs I started reading your blog. At first I was interested because of the little guy. But you sound like an honest and strong woman. Blessings!!!!! Peg


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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