Morning Glory

Cool air, warm rays of sunshine,
steamy mist rising, mama duck's trail through the morning dew...
surely this is the day the Lord has made!

"May God give you heaven's dew and earth's richness...."
Genesis 27:28

Look for glory today, my friends.
It's there!


City Farmhouse Barn Show!

I can't believe I haven't told you about next month's big event: the first-ever City Farmhouse Pop-Up Barn Show October 11 & 12. It's going to be GOOD! And would you believe I have a booth?!?!

The minute I saw the incredible styling and fresh inventory at City Farmhouse, I knew it would be one of my favorite local shops. {Dare I say it reminds me of home? They've been known to shop and sell in Round Top during the big antique weeks, so there's a touch of Texas style in there for sure.} 

City Farmhouse has a huge following around the country, so it's no surprise that vendors are coming from nearly 20 states. What's surprising is that they accepted my application! Not only am I new to town, but I've never done a show quite like this. {I just made up my own shows in my home!}

This event is going to be the talk of the town...with plenty of visitors driving in from out of town! Antiques, artisans, live music, food trucks, and a gorgeous new barn in a beautiful setting. What's not to love?!?! {Have I tempted you? More scoop here.}

I watched this barn being built.
Can't wait to see it in person!

I'll be there selling my own stationery designs along with my favorite home accessories. I have no idea how to style all my stuff {counting on my sweet blog friend to work her magic!}, but one thing I can promise you: everything I'm selling is something I love and would use in my own home.

Coming soon: a ticket giveaway courtesy of City Farmhouse.

Need a good reason to visit Franklin during the most beautiful time of year? This is it! Hope to see many of you there!

P.S. If you're on Facebook, follow City Farmhouse for updates. Kim does a great job of building excitement!


Beauty and Brokenness...Again

Here we are again...learning the rhythm of beauty and brokenness on the farm...and in life. Remember my amazement when I stumbled upon our duck's nest in the thorny brush? Well, she kept laying and sat on that nest all day, every day...minus one hour in the evening when she covered the nest and flew into the barnyard for food and water. Talk about a labor of love!

One day last week, JD was bush hogging {never heard that term until I moved here} right alongside the brush, and she flew off her nest in a panic. My big chance to see it uncovered. {She wasn't too happy with us being so close to her unprotected nest.}

Here's what I saw:

19 pale greenish gray eggs...

...in a beautifully assembled fortress.

What a glorious work!

With her devotion to that nest, we were just sure there had to be babies in those eggs. Her mama instincts were kicking in big time! Judging by what I observed of her nesting habits and my Google research, she was about a week away from hatching little ducklings.

But then there was brokenness.

A nighttime predator dragged every single egg out of that nest...and ate them. The mama survived the attack, but now I know why she was so angry and loud yesterday morning. My mama heart breaks for her...even if she doesn't have the kind of heart we humans have. She's clearly troubled.

Her nest was outside the fenced in part of our pasture, so Buddy and Bella could couldn't chase the predator away. But now we know why they were barking so much in the middle of the night.

An empty nest.

But there's hope...and always the potential for more beauty. Soon after the first duck started nesting, the other two ducks starting showing up on our back porch each morning. Talk about a funny sight!

Peeking in the window.

I couldn't figure out what they were doing there each day.
Until now:

They were scouting a spot for a nest.
Not very protected, but perfectly camouflaged.
{See her in the mulch against the brick?}

I wrestled with broken things from time to time when I lived in the city, but I think this is the first time in my life that I'm accepting the rhythm of beauty and brokenness...the way they go together. The hope in the brokenness is that beauty always follows. In the end, we're promised a crown of beauty instead of ashes. {Isaiah 61:1-3} I can't wait for that crown!

In other news, I'm still dreaming of new things here on the farm...ways to share this farm with others, ways to share beauty beyond the blog. I'm trying not to rush the details and instead just sit with the desires and the dreams for a bit. I hope to share more soon!

Picturing you wearing a crown of beauty today!



As I walked out to the barn this morning,
I was captivated by the beauty that was created overnight:

I'm not a huge fan of spiders,
but their artistry and God-given ability astounds me.

The way the morning dew beads up
but doesn't break these silky threads...


 Only God could imagine something so delicate and strong.
{I love the paradox.}

Enjoy your day, sweet friends!

Remembering this day with you.


The Big Shift

I lived in the same little spot in Houston for 37 years. A quaint little neighborhood called West University....a small town in the big city that served as my bubble all of those years. It was dreamy as far as big city living goes. It was HOME. And I thought it always would be.

Standing outside St. Paul's with my girls.
{The church where I got married.}

But a crazy, unexpected shift has occurred, and it hit me like a ton of bricks while we were "home" for the wedding: Houston is no longer home. I don't belong there any more. In fact, every affection apart form the people I love has faded. Even one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants no longer satisfied my cravings. {And for a foodie, that's saying a lot!}

As I drove from my familiar neighborhood to the hotel where we were staying across town, I sensed that apart from our family and a few friends, God no longer has a plan for us in Houston. And if I needed any clarification, the location of the hotel was proof enough. It was on the corner of busy and busier. {I-10 and Beltway 8 for those of you in Houston.}

Does that look stressful to anyone?
And that's only HALF of the chaos.
I call it "The Spaghetti Bowl."

This farmgirl nearly had a panic attack on those freeways! {And to think I learned to drive in that city!} The only time I go anywhere near a freeway these days is to pick someone up at the airport. My daily drive to school includes one stop sign and one stop light. That's IT! Quite a change from the traffic insanity in Houston.

Now don't get me wrong. I loved Houston while I lived there. I even learned to see beauty in everyday life. Keep in mind, I started this beauty hunting adventure in the heart of Houston, not in the blissful countryside of Tennessee. I had to strain the eyes of my heart, but I found it!

In front of St. Paul's with my husband all these years later.

But now I know that Franklin is where I belong. God called us here, paved the way for us here, and has closed the way for us in Houston. It couldn't be any more clear. Houston has lost its hold on me, but I count that as a blessing. There's no way I could embrace my new hometown if I was still pining for my old one. I'M FREE! Free to be right here in the present moment.

And my reason for sharing that with you today? Just in case you're pondering a big change or even a move. God will go before you. And He will come behind you. He'll do what you can't do for yourself. Let Him surprise you! It may take time for you to see the larger story {mine is still unfolding a year later}, but you can trust Him with your story.

My biggest regret this weekend was that I didn't take my camera. {Gasp!} I'm not a big fan of the iPhone camera, but it's what I had, so here you go:

Trying to recapture a moment from our wedding.
{I hope the official photographer got it!}

My girls with the bride.

Celebrating the newest Hasenbank couple!

Fun time with the family before the wedding...
with my crazy husband front and center!

When we got back to the farm, I spent five hours in the barn just to decompress and recover from all the overstimulation of the city. And that's not to say the city is bad. It was home and it had my heart for all of those years. But now...the farm is where I belong.

With great joy,

P.S. I've got some new dreams stirring in my heart these days. Can't wait to share more. Farm related dreaming!
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