Making The Most Of A Dreary Farm Day

It's spring break week for us, and we're spending it at home on the farm. {With 24 young farm animals, I'm not sure a getaway was really an option!} While we'd really like to see some sunshine during the break, we're making the most of this dreary drizzle. Come sit with us as we watch chickens roam, ducks swim and dogs lounge.

My new favorite farm photo.

Our mobile coop, which will soon be placed out in the pasture.

But for now, they've discovered the back porch...

...the back door...

...the firewood pile...

...and the kitchen window sill.

The ducks are more contained for now.
Living in a barn stall with access to a pen behind the barn
where they can swim in a trough.

Playtime for the little chicks,
who are currently living in a trough inside the garage.

The Buffs stick close to us...
still climbing on and around our feet. So sweet!

JD has a hidden talent: animal whisperer.
They all love him!

The toddlers and the teenagers keep their distance.
This is as close as it gets!

And of course Buddy and Bella watch all the action.
{They haven't officially begun their job as guardians yet.}

muddy but feminine with those crossed paws.

the first of all the farm animals.

And what's a day on the farm without a little tree climbing?

I can't wait to see all the bare trees burst forth with life and leaves.
Come on, spring! We're ready for you!

It's crazy to think that only a year ago, during last year's spring break trip to Franklin, we saw this farm for the first time. It wasn't even for sale. But we heard a whisper in our hearts to dream big...and you all where that led us! Right back to this farm in Franklin, Tennessee. Lots of highs and lows along the way, but it's been a leap of faith we'll always remember...and never regret.

Blessings and love to you this Easter week!


Beauty in Both

Do you ever feel like this?

In a fog, wondering when or if it's going to lift?

You may not see it now, but behind that thin veil,
there's light waiting to shine!

Would you believe I took these photos during the same hour this morning?

I've been longing for the sun. I feel more alive in its light.
But there's something uniquely beautiful about the fog.
It has a way of slowing and stilling you...
quieting your soul...

...until everything in you is ready to embrace the sun!

Celebrating the beauty in both today.



A Restful Sunday on the Farm

Hi. Here I am again...rather unexpectedly. I have no idea what I'm doing with this blog. Ready to give it up one day...inspired to write and share beauty another. Total blog roller coaster. Call me crazy.

One of our new Buff Orpington chicks.

My husband and girls love seeing our farm life chronicled here, so unless I commit to writing a photo book just for them, they may not let me off the blogging hook. So here I am. Blogging when I feel like resting. Because I love my family. And if anyone else finds joy in this post, well...we'll just count that as a double blessing!

Could they be any cuter?!?!

On this warmer than usual March day, we decided to let our chicks and ducklings roam around outside.  When I lived in Houston {all of my life}, I never imagined we could spend an entire day watching ducklings waddle and chicks peck the ground. Talk about a peaceful, restful day!

Can you believe how much they've grown in only a few short weeks?
{Here they are when they arrived on our farm.}

A baby Mallard.
{Our neighbor named this one Joey.}

Speaking of growing fast, look at our first batch of chicks!
{I think they're officially called "pullets" now. Kind of like teenager hens.}

Aunt Annie Lee.
Remember how tiny she was here?

It's been amazing to watch them grow and change each day.

Hope went from looking like she wasn't going to make it to this!
{This is the chick we prayed over.}

And this is Morning Glory. Isn't she a beauty?
{She plays hard to get.}

I never imagined I'd be handling dried up worms,
but this treat makes for some happy chickens!

We decided today was a good day to start
introducing the dogs to the animals they'll be guarding.

Bella sniffing Hope.

Buddy in his most submissive posture.
A good sign, we think.

Anatolian Shepherds have a long history as livestock guardians.
We're hoping our dogs understand and enjoy their new job!

When we aren't supervising,
the older chickens stay in their new coop.

JD ordered a coop on wheels so that we can move the hens
around our property vs. having them peck one spot to death. 

As for the baby chicks, they live in a galvanized trough
in the garage {with a heat lamp} for now.

I can't get over how cute they are!

Something we've learned about the Buff Orpingtons vs. the Americanas {our other breed}: the Buff Orpingtons like to stay close and hop all over us; the Americanas stick to themselves and keep their distance. Not sure if it's an age thing or a breed thing, but we're thinking breed. {Some breeds are more social than others.} But the Americanas lay beautiful colored eggs. And you know me: that's how to pick a chicken!

Huddled up between my feet.

We've discovered that chicks like foot massages.
They literally fall asleep!

For my Texas friends.

So there you have it: a restful Sunday on the farm. As for my rest from technology, we'll see how blogging without excessive computer time goes. I've decided most of it {Pinterest, Facebook, an increasing percentage of my email} is just too hard to keep up with...a never ending onslaught of non-essential stuff amidst only a few treasures. If I want to invest my time in what matters most, something has to give. How to you find the balance?

Wishing you a restful day,



I'm listening to this song on repeat and wanted to share it with you: 

Rest by Matthew West
{From an album inspired by Jesus Calling...my favorite devotional.}

You can rest here
while I put all your pieces back in place.

Who doesn't need that? Speaking of rest, I'm feeling the need to take a break from technology. I love to write and share beauty, but the computer is feeling like a distraction these days. I spend lots of time quietly at home, but if I'm honest, it's a very distracted kind of quiet. I'm sensing that real rest is needed.

Blessings and love,
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