A Farm Christmas

It's starting to feel like an "all is calm" kind of Christmas. I love it! Of course, I'm also holding a little sadness in my heart over spending Christmas so far from family {maybe they'll come here next year!}, but there's something sweet about spending our first Christmas on the farm.

O Holy Night... 
reminds me of Hallie singing those words two years ago.

Bella and Buddy: the shepherds of the farm.

Ever the lady with those crossed paws.

My handsome Buddy.

Introducing the ducks to the pond...

...which gives Buddy and Bella a whole new job.

Ducks are so funny to watch!

They've brought our pond to life!

And then there's chicken duty.

Look how big the babies are now!

Laura Finley is our chicken whisperer.

She feeds them, rescues them, holds them, cleans their coop...

...and they love her for it!

Hallie has a way with every kind of animal.

Cute college girls enjoying a farm visit during exam week.

This picture cracks me up!

Buddy looks so crazy when he smiles!

That's my boy. Old soul like me.

Paws crossed again.

A Silver Laced Wyandotte. Isn't she pretty?

Caspian keeping the chickens off his beloved back porch.

Boaz getting some love.

And Lucy, too.
{JD is in love with the cats, and they know it!}

We can't wait for another dusting of snow!

I'm so very thankful to have my farmgirls home with me for the next two weeks. And my farmboy, too! Also thankful to have neighbors who feel like family. They've invited us to feast with them on Christmas Day, so we won't be alone after all. We'll miss our family in Houston for sure, but we're excited about creating some new memories here on the farm!

How will you spend Christmas?

Peace and joy to you!

P.S. We've started planning some fun farm events for 2014 thanks to my planner husband who loves to dream and makes me take notes so that I won't forget! See the Ten 10 Farm website for details.


  1. makes me want to come visit! We are around for Christmas, too--I am relishing the thought of a quiet Christmas. We are not going anywhere or having any visitors, but it will be nice, especially with the girls being 3 and 5 now. (we've had a flood of company and traveling lately). Everything looks so warm and cozy even though it's cold outside!

  2. I just love blog posts like this. Seeing your everyday life on the farm is so special and heart warming. Merry Christmas to all of you!!

  3. Thanks for sharing! You have such a lovely family (animals too!). Merry Christmas!

  4. Love these pictures of your beautiful farm and family! We moved to Nashville this year and I dream of owning a farm when the time is right for us. Thanks for helping keep my farm dream alive!

  5. Thank you for sharing such great pictures! I really enjoyed them. I hope you have the merriest of Christmases!

  6. My kids are praying for snow this year…we've been back from Florida for almost 3 years now, and they haven't seen snow!!!

    The farm looks breath-taking…hope your Christmas was beautiful together…I'm sure it was!

    happy NEW year...


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