Save 20% on My Christmas Card Designs

I don't mean to skip over Thanksgiving, but when you're a Christmas card designer, you start thinking about Christmas really early. And when you're a deal-loving girl, you can't help but share a discount!

So here you go: save 20% on any of my joy-filled, faith-inspired, beauty-spreading Christmas cards when you place your order HERE.

Two favors if you plan to order an LLH Designs card this season:

1. Please order using THIS LINK . . . or through the link on my website. If you click around to other vendors or products, please return to my designs through THIS LINK before placing your card order. All I'm selling on my printer's website at this time is Christmas cards. You can order my holiday stationery HERE.

{I've just learned that if you click around and leave MY LINK, I won't be paid for my work in the same way. Thank you SO MUCH!}

2. Please let me know when you've placed an order. This is important to me so that I can thank you for ordering AND so that I can make sure your order is handled with attention to every detail. I should receive a confirmation from my printer, but if you don't place the order through MY LINK, I won't receive that confirmation (or payment).

Now back to the proper season...may your heart overflow with THANKSGIVING this week!

With a grateful heart,

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  1. Dear Linsey,
    I can't believe it will soon be holiday card season again! Your cards are lovely. Also festive and fabulous, of course!! Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


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