Giving the Barn Cats Some Love

Remember our rescue operation at church one summer Sunday? Well, now we can't imagine our farm without our three kitties! They were absolutely meant to be here. They started out as strictly barn cats…catching mice, playing in the hay, scaling the rafters…but now they've discovered where the people live! After frolicking in the fields, they like lounging on our porches where they can get a little extra TLC.

On this drizzly Sunday, our cats were extra snuggly. Even Caspian {the white one, who's usually more stand-offish} looked quite content in the arms of his people. I never considered myself a cat lover {or an animal lover for that matter…how things change!}, but these felines have stolen our hearts!

Prince Caspian…



I didn't have to look very far to find joy in this dreary day.
Thankful for the sweetness of our cats today.

Joy to you!
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  1. so much beauty and sweetness

  2. Kids and cats go together so well! Beautiful pictures!

  3. All animals can find a way to our hearts! Cute pictures:)

  4. I enjoyed getting to see your cats. They are fun to watch. I can't imagine my life without cats. They bring me joy everyday. Lovely pictures.

  5. Your girls, your beautiful, beautiful girls--oh, how they favor you! Loved seeing the close-ups, freckles and sun-kissed hair! Beautiful post. Filled with JOY!

  6. What beautiful cats! They are obviously well-loved and cared for~

  7. i smile...your lives seem so full of peace. the names are perfect. love boaz:) i am just getting around to visiting again. i miss it. going slow though. it will come;) love you friend. i am always grateful for your discerning words and encouraging love...xo

  8. God's creatures are beautiful and bring healing to our souls here on earth. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family, farm and the creatures that inhabit the land that God has blessed you to care for and share.

  9. I agree with Tiffini....your life seems so at peace.
    Love Lucy...thinking she's my favorite...reminds me of a childhood cat we had that was all gray!

    Hope you're having a great weekend, friend.

  10. Your kitties are so pretty. We had a beautiful rescue from a friend .... but we lost her this year. She was a sweet, old, gentle lady. Often, to me, cats looks slightly different. And ... I'm not usually one to do this, but thought I'd share a link. If I didn't know better, I'd say our Brier was in your photo. So sweet! Happy Thanksgiving!



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