Driving Home

I've always been a girl who loves the drive home. Homebodies are like that. But never in my life has the drive home looked so glorious!

Fall displays a glory all its own. 

Surely heaven and earth collide under this golden canopy!

When my husband and I made a quick trip to Franklin two winters ago to test our dream, we drove down this road and my heart started fluttering. At one point, I told him to pull over. I needed a moment to take it all in…this feeling that we were home when the only home I had ever known was Houston. How could this be?!?! {More on that story here.}

As I reflect on our journey from Houston to Franklin, especially in the richness and radiance of fall, it still takes my breath away. Only God could author such a story. Yes, there are broken places, but the beauty has never been more brilliant.

Blessings to you…
in the beauty and the brokenness.
P.S. If you're like I was for most of my life and live in a place where there isn't a "real" fall, I hope you'll find the beauty right where you are. I promise it's there! And if you're dying for more fall photos, here's what I have from last year: The Natchez Trace, Radnor Lake and right here on the farm.


  1. Hi sweet friend! First congratulations on Ten10 Farm!! Such a perfect name! I'm so proud that you made your vision come to life and I'm excited to watch and see where it takes you. I really want to have a lunch outside on your farm prepared by JD! :) While I get a few camera pointers from you!! One day. Speaking of photos these are just gorgeous. The last two weeks have taken my breath away here too. The colors became so intense and vibrant, almost overnight. To walk under showers of colorful leaves is such a magical (heavenly) experience. I've always lived in places where we've had glorious autumns (the midwest and east coast do autumn like no other place on earth!!) and I've never ever taken it for granted. Enjoy every minute before winter sets in! xo, Tessa

  2. sweet linsey girl, what glory abounds on netchez trace....how i love seeing your world.
    love to you

  3. So much beauty, so much encouragement. Love it all!

  4. Morning Friend! Wanted to pop in and tell you that I saw a tiny glimpse of fall glory here in The Woodlands yesterday . . . A small pond, surrounded by heavy woods, with one glorious yellow tree. Took my breath away. XOXO!

  5. I do struggle to find the beauty in Florida come fall and winter. I just wish there was some color besides green! But I know that some people would give anything to live just minutes from the beach.

  6. Gorgeous. I am a homebody too!!


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