A Peaceful Morning After The Barn Dance

It's a quiet, frosty morning on Ten 10 Farm!

After hosting over 100 Vanderbilt students for a barn dance
last night, we forgot to cover our garden! Oops!

Sadly, we never even harvested any of these greens.
We aren't in our gardening groove yet, but it will come.
{So much to do on the farm!}

I enjoyed the peaceful sunrise this morning after a late night.
{Though I'm contemplating crawling back in bed!}

The students had a blast and were full of thanks.
{Hope our neighbors still like us after the loud music on a school night!}

The Vanderbilt RUF staff.

Small world connection: I worked with Stacey {the guy in the cowboy hat} at a church in Houston 14 or 15 years ago. He's now the RUF campus minister at Vanderbilt. I remembered having a barn dance when I was a Vanderbilt student. So I asked Stacey if he needed a place to do something like that. And wouldn't you know…he did! Turns out, we were an answer to his prayers. For the last two falls, we've hosted over 100 students for barn dancing, hot chocolate, s'mores and good, old fashioned fun.

The funny part: we didn't know about last night's party until the day before. Stacey and I talked about two possible dates in November, but I never heard back from him, so I just assumed it would be the later date. Fortunately, my husband and Stacey bumped into each other at lunch the day before yesterday, and Stacey said, "Looking forward to tomorrow!" 

The great thing: we didn't stress at all. That's a huge success for a girl like me. I think I'll celebrate by staying in my PJs all day!

A few more farm photos…

Happy Friday, sweet friends!

P.S. Our farm looks this good and can handle a last-minute party because of one person: my farmboy husband! He's totally in his element here - riding tractors, chopping wood, building garden boxes, stacking hay bales, tending fires, stringing lights, fixing things, dreaming things…. He's a hard working farmboy and an amazing sports chiropractor who has caught the attention of the Vanderbilt football team this year. {A huge lineman was so overcome by the almost miraculous work my husband has done that he got up off the treatment table and bear-hugged JD with tears in his eyes. Isn't that the sweetest?!?!} Loving my husband today. We've had our struggles since moving {a major life change will expose every hidden thing}, but I'm so glad he's mine. I think he deserves a post all his own one of these days!


  1. Short notice and you did it....proud of you! Temps must have taken a big dip since Tuesday.

  2. what a wonderful evening...i can tell just by those huge smiles!! and talk about boot heaven!!!
    love how you love others through not only your gift of hospitality but through Ten10!

  3. LOVE THIS POST!!! I agree with the fact that a major changes can bring out a lot of new ups and downs in a marriage, but I have learned that it is usually those trials that bring you closer than ever. This barn party looks like a blast!! How amazing that you, your family and your home will live in these young adults memories forever. Couldn't imagine a better family for that!!

    1. Susan, I totally agree that these are things that will bring us closer. At times, we've felt very far apart, but through it all, I've known that we are building something stronger than we've ever had before. I see it as mining for gold. Looks like coal, but with work, it comes out shiny and valuable. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all!! You're right, the farm looks amazing!! Everything is just picture perfect...such a great farm boy you have there :)
    And I'm so proud of you sweet friend...just going with the flow & no stressing. That. Is. Hard. To. Do.
    God is so good!!!! Sending you all hugs from Louisiana!

  5. Yes, he does deserve a post all his own - good for him, and good for you for appreciating all he does and all he is.....wonderful !

  6. I mean.......the chickens are cute and all. But dang! That Stacey is a fine looking man.

    Not sorry. :)

    1. You're funny! He's a sweetheart, and so is his BEAUTIFUL wife Megan (to his left). I love the way God reconnected our stories from Houston so many years ago to Nashville now.

  7. Love your love for your farm boy! Y'all are a great team with a great Leader.

  8. girl, the world is so connected. I knew Stacey at Baylor. (he probably doesn't remember me, but we had a lot of the same friends.) Scott and I got to know each other at a farm dance, so you'll never know how important these are ;) good for you for not getting stressed!!! I'll be helping my cousins at their booth at a craft show in Franklin on Nov. 23 if you'll be going. . .and other random note--My friend who saw JD was also brought to tears by how he helped her!

  9. love how you're opening up your home to others...
    it's what it's all about...we are blessed to bless others. the end. right?!

    you're so right. moves and major life changes do expose every hidden thing....praying for you guys as you settle into your life there...it takes a while doesn't it?!

    same for us.

  10. What a fun event to host. I have great memories of young, Christian families who opened their homes up to us, as college students...what you did is priceless.
    Also, have you tasted any of the greens? How low did the temps dip? Most lettuces can withstand a light frost and most greens aren't bothered by a "hard frost". They are cold weather veggies, after all! And, you're right, there is always so much work to do around a farm. I chuckle when I hear folks refer to it as the "simple life". Clearly, they've never spent a day trying to run a farm. I am blessed by your post. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Beautiful picture of you and your man, Linsey! I love that God is using all your talents for hospitality, the gift of land that He has given you, and your generous and willing spirits, for His glory! Such an encouragement to me to pray for His best for my family's time, talents, and treasures. :)

  12. Great story!! Looked like everyone had a really good time. And oops, we're hosting a party tomorrow.....what a nice surprise :)


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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