Thankful for Ducklings This Morning

Some days, you just want to hit the reset button. My favorite duckling died, my dog was skunked, there's a massive leak in the barnyard plumbing, my daughter didn't make the soccer team, there were little worms in my place of refuge {the shower}, my hairdryer just blew a fuse and about lit my hair on fire...and it's only 9:00 in the morning.

And while I'd like to crawl back in bed and call it a day, I know there's MORE to this day than what I've seen so far. Sometimes you have to fight to see it, and today, there's just enough fight in me to hunt for glimpses of goodness amidst this downward spiral.

Today, I don't have to walk very far. Just outside my back door is enough life and beauty to undo the coils of this morning's disappointment and heartache.

Life and glory!

The newest hatchling is just beneath her
with its wet feathers.

Can you stand the cuteness?

One of the eggs is starting to break open beneath her.
{Photographed on Tuesday; there are still 4 unhatched eggs.}

Hiding in the safety of their Mama Wing.
{The little one on the left died this morning.}

Beauty hunting is my reset button. Each time I point the lens toward beauty and release the shutter of my camera, I feel a little lighter. And I don't think it's just because I love photography. I think it's because I'm taking the time to drink in what is good and glorious.

We don't have new baby ducklings every day, but I've learned through practice that you really can see glimpses of glory in everyday life. There will always be brokenness and even death in this world, but life and beauty rises up out of those places. Let's look for it today!

Blessings and love,

P.S. This post is in honor of my Uncle Joey, who passed away last week after a 15-year battle with cancer. He was my biggest fan of all things farm and Franklin. When I moved here, he started sending me old photos and little snippets of family history that I'd never seen before. {Here is a photo of great grandparents in front of their Franklin farmhouse.} His nickname for me: Barn Queen. I'll miss sharing farm updates with him, so I'll just have to keep sharing them here with you.


  1. Beautiful photos! You are right - the baby ducks are just the cutest - how lucky you are to have them right there.

  2. Oh, those photos are gorgeous! How wonderful. :-)

  3. Barn Queen :) I love you and your beautiful ducklings!! I just want to nuzzle them all! Tell them to stay little and fuzzy until I get there. I'm planning on seeing you before Thanksgiving (did you know we're coming to Houston!?), and I'm going to bring up the box of Franklin treasures. Wait til you see them in person! xoxo

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. He sounds like he was a wonderful man. So, YES, keep the posts coming for those of us who quietly admire you, our Barn Queen. You always help me remember the good things happening around me when I forget it's not about ME. The problems we all deal with everyday pale in comparison to the blessings that surround us. Thank you for reminding me...many times, while reading your posts, I shed tears of both happiness and sorrow, but always gratefulness. I hope that the woes of 9:00 a.m. have lightened a bit and the sunshine (and ducklings) have nudged you into remembering the good, too. Have a wonderful weekend! As always, I look forward to your next post!

  5. Oh Linsey, your post just made me cry and made my morning! Especially after an awful night of food poisoning, ugh. I was having serious doubts that today would have any good in it and how hard I would have to struggle through working today BUT after reading your lovely post, you lifted my heart and spirit. Thank you! My gratitude and thankfulness are back. Sending you and your family lots of good wishes for a most wonderful weekend!

    Best wishes,

    PS. I just adore your ducks, such great photos!

  6. They are just so adorable...you photographs of them are incredible...oh, life is good!

  7. That picture of the mama and her baby looking at one another just spoke volumes to me. I love it!!

    I am so sorry about your uncle.

    Can't wait to spend time with you next week. Really can't wait...

  8. So sorry to hear about your uncle. What a priceless connection you were blessed to share with him, and wonderful memories to carry in your heart and in your hands.

    I can't get over the 5th picture. She looks so regal and elegant! Can you say that about a duck?? :) Thanks for sharing your beauty hunting with us, Linsey!

  9. Linsey. I'm praying over you today. The pictures are simply stunning. XOXO A

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle.
    Prayers for you and your family this morning.
    You eulogized him well in your post.

    The ducklings hatching is miraculous. How amazing that you get to witness their birth.
    I was amazed that she was "popping a squat" where she was....always assumed animals liked to give birth more privately, like in a barn or something.

    How did the dogs do with all of it?

  11. Beautiful shots of the little baby under her momma with her beak open. Preciousness.


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