Ten 10 Farm

We finally have a name for our farm...
along with some new dreams!

HERE is the start of a new website.
{It'll look a lot different when I have more design time.}

We've been waiting for the farm to reveal its name. Of course, I arrived last summer with a French-inspired name and a few logo sketches, but when we got here, the name didn't fit. I knew the name would come, but it took longer than I thought!

Part of our inspiration for moving from the city to the country was to experience life more fully. And as you know from my many stories of farm life, we've experienced every emotion more fully than we expected. But you know what? That's what makes up an abundant life...the ability to feel and experience the full range of emotions, not just the easy ones.

So there you have it: Ten 10 Farm. Inspired by one of my lifelong favorite verses, John 10:10. It's the verse that first spoke to my heart at summer camp 25 years ago...and the verse that taught me how to live again a few years ago. It's the verse that inspired our move...and the verse that keeps us pressing forward when life is hard. 

We've been dreaming about a number of farm-inspired businesses. {Some will take time to research and grow...like lavender honey...someday?!?} But for now, here's how we'd like to share our farm with you: Beauty Hunting Retreats! Here are the first two dates:

October 18 & October 25
{9 AM - 1 PM}
Introductory Price: $75

I know you're wondering what on earth a Beauty Hunting Retreat is! It's a God-inspired idea, so I'm still struggling to describe it, but if you're inspired by beauty, like what you see on my blog, and have even an ounce of interest in photography {fancy cameras and iPhones welcome}, this retreat is for you! 

We'll hunt for fall beauty, learn how to capture it, and finish with a fresh lunch prepared by my husband. {Just ask someone who's eaten at our house what a treat that is!} I'll teach you what I know about photography and capturing beauty, but my greatest hope is that your soul will be nourished by the life and beauty that you experience on Ten 10 Farm. {That's the part you can't put a price on.}

I'll share more thoughts along the way, but if you know you'd like to reserve a spot for one of the first two retreats, email me. And feel free to invite friends! {Spots will be limited.}

If you're anywhere near Franklin, I hope to see you at the City Farmhouse Barn Show this weekend! I'll be in the main tent, booth 11. Stay tuned for a ticket giveaway tomorrow!

Happy Monday!


  1. I'm so excited that your dream is becoming a reality...
    God designed..God birthed!
    ten 10 farm is the perfect name!!!

  2. How awesome!!! Great ideas -I love it. You are so talented!!!

  3. you did it!!!!!!!!!!
    linsey!! i am SO excited for you!!

  4. How exciting!!! We still need to get together :)

  5. I love the name. I love the ideas. I love how God is leading you and your family.

  6. LINSEY!!! I'm beyond excited for you and this opportunity! Everything from the name to the retreat sound most perfect! I would love to come! Maybe one day this florida girl can get back to Tennessee! Please keep us up to date on everything!:)

  7. best of luck with your new venture and with the barn sale!! i hope to meet you there.....
    enjoy this gorgeous fall weather!

  8. YAY!!! This is soo awesome!!!

  9. I love it! I hope I can come to one soon!

  10. girl...really?
    oh i am clapping for YOU...you are stepping in the arena and being brave
    i have your back you know..really
    praying hard with you..for you
    and i would love to come after all the surgeries are over in the new year...
    would love it so
    can't wait to read more

  11. I love it when the name of a place has real significance connected to it! As you know, my LLC is named "We're Not Home Yet, LLC" since we are all journeying to our final home and can trust Jesus with every moment of every day on that journey. Check out Stephen Curtis Chapman's song "We're Not Home Yet" on you tube which was the inspiration for the name of my business.


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