Reflections on The City Farmhouse Barn Show

I've never experienced a weekend quite like this one. The City Farmhouse Barn Show was amazing, but I'm so exhausted that I can hardly speak or move! After all those extroverted hours in my booth, it's nice to have a still and quiet morning. {As much as I love talking with people, writing is what nourishes my introverted side.}

I'm not sure I'm cut out to be a vendor in a big event like this, but it sure was fun to give it a go with this girl! God put her on my heart as a possible helper, and to my delight, she said YES!

Amy worked her styling magic all weekend long.
I loved watching her do her thing!

I could NOT have done this show without her. No way. And would you believe we had only met once prior to this weekend? We met in Restoration Hardware of all places! She was in Nashville with her youngest daughter just weeks after I moved here from Houston. I was buying towels and pillow inserts and heard someone call my name. {In my new hometown where no one knows me, hearing my name was wild!} She recognized me from my blog. We ended up meeting for lunch the next day and have been blog friends ever since.

One side of my booth on the first day.
Here's the crazy thing about styling a booth: you get it just right, and then people start shopping and your well-styled space starts to look like a flea market. {No offense to those who love to rummage at flea markets, but this show was first class. Every booth was styled to the nines. We were specifically warned on the application that flea market style wasn't acceptable.}

That's where Amy saved my life. When the booth started to fall apart, she restyled. When people bought things, she filled in the holes. And when Amy couldn't figure it out, our next door neighbor stepped in and worked her magic.

Totally reworked mid-show.

Mary Runger {from the booth next door} and Amy Kinser.
I just stepped aside and marveled at their talent!

Can't believe I started with this much stuff!
{Sold a ton. Thankful.}

A snippet of the third major restyling.

When I arrived for setup on Thursday and saw the incredible spaces other vendors were creating, I started to feel way out of my league. Some of the booths were so professionally constructed that they looked like rooms in a house instead of a small patch of earth in the middle of a hay field!

Robert's booth right across the aisle from me.
He built an antique kitchen in the middle of a field!

Several of the booths rivaled Marburger and Urban Market {my favorite shows in the Texas Hill Country and in Houston}. In fact, some of the vendors are Marburger and Urban Market favorites, like J. Hill Design.

Judy Hill has such a sweet and gentle spirit.
I loved visiting with her.

I didn't get to browse the booths or photograph the beauty the way I would've had I simply been a shopper, but sweet Amy encouraged me to take a few breaks with my camera.

I didn't have to go far to find inspiration. Old Tyme Marketplace was set up right next to me. Sweet Beth and her styling wizard friend Mary were the best neighbors a first timer could have! Such a well-styled booth with so many inspiring and festive vignettes.

The best part of the weekend was meeting blog readers. I was so honored and encouraged each time one of you introduced yourself. You made my day with your hugs and life giving words. Some of you traveled far to be there. I hardly know what to say. You blessed me. I wish I could've talked with each one of you longer. I'm humbled by what God has done through this blog. One thing is for sure: there's no way I'd be writing my heart out on the internet if God weren't calling forth the words! Thanks to all of you for reading and journeying alongside me. 

And I couldn't have done anything this big and crazy without the support of my super hero husband. 

Not only did he load and unload a trailer full of stuff for me, but he ran the household while I was away. And with Hallie's school musical happening on top of everything else this weekend, he had a LOT to manage! {So proud of your performance, sweet Hallie! And thank you for making dinner for me when I got home last night, Laura Finley!}

Now onto the next thing God has inspired: Beauty Hunting Retreats here at Ten 10 Farm. Trusting God to show up for us in a big way this Friday and next. For those who've signed up, you'll receive details from me soon. For anyone who'd like to join us, visit the farm website HERE and send me an email to reserve your spot.

Happy Sunday, sweet friends! I'm so glad to know more of you now!

Hugs and blessings,


  1. My sweet friend, thank you. Thank you for such kind words. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord's leading in asking me to join you. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to work alongside you and get to know you better. This was an exhausting but amazing experience. I ready when you need me again. :) Praying for your beauty hunting retreat and believing that it will be everything God intends.

  2. Oh Linsey... looks like you had so much fun! Your booth looked great. Have a wonderful week!

  3. My goodness, you did have a lot of stuff and it looks like you displayed it beautifully. I'd sure like to have some of the ink bottles you saw in another booth. Love those for flowers.

  4. So happy you had a great show! And thank you for mentioning The Urban Market - I'm getting all set for my show in 2 weeks! Wish you could be here as well!

  5. Your booth was lovely! After looking at your pictures, I see at least a dozen things I'd love to have in our house. I wonder if Ohio has anything like this???

  6. Everything looked great! My sister and I visited your booth, but I didn't realize at the time I was familiar with your blog:) Robin

  7. so where would I begin to add to this sentiment?
    so fun meeting you ... now that brass cow tag is even more special ...
    I may share your photo ... xoxoxo
    and how bout that Kim lady ... love love love her

  8. How much fun! I would have loved to spend the day (or 10!) browsing each of these booths. You did an amazing job.

  9. Beautiful booth through all of the restylings. Beth rocks doesn't she? I met her at the Renningers Fall in the Field show just the other day.

  10. Thank you for sharing all the photos for us who couldn't make it. Your photos gave us a feel of what it was like.

  11. How fun!!! Your booth looked amazing! :)

  12. Linsey,
    It was so nice meeting you at the show. Happy to hear that it was a wonderful show for you. Your booth looked outstanding and your helper Amy is one awesome lady! Congrats on an awesome show!!


  13. It looks like the Barn Sale was a huge success! Amy sure did work her magic...your booth looks amazing. I'm so glad you two had a fun weekend and you sold quite a bit.All the shopping looks over-the-top wonderful :) Next year, I hope to make it...can't miss it again.

  14. great post !! and your photography is fabulous !

  15. Linsey--I wish I could have just jumped in my car and headed your way {not to mention that I would have driven that gorgeous chandelier home}! You did an amazing job--as someone who often professionally shops for my clients--I could have done some serious damage at your booth! Beautiful goodies!!! I haven't forgotten about your pillows--I've been incoherently busy! Am ready when you recover--let me know what fabrics worked and we'll hit the ground happily running! XOXOXO!!!!!

  16. all wonderful!!

  17. Hi Linsey... I came over to your blog tonight from Pinterest. I was drawn in by the beautiful cupboard in your kitchen, and have now spent more than an hour reading and catching up on your move to Franklin. I also read your second blog post about the lampshade lady, and was very inspired, as I am embarking on a new business venture. As I enjoyed reading your story about God's plans for your family, I had to laugh at a couple of coincidences. First, I grew up vacationing on Lake St. Catherine... I'm pretty sure that's where lampshade lady is? Secondly, I'll be spending some time in Franklin in the next couple of months. My son's band is playing at Pumpkinfest on October 26th and they're recording an EP in Franklin over Thanksgiving week. I have been researching places to shop (if I get any free time!) and City Farmhouse is at the top of my list. Wish I could've been there for your show.

    So glad to have found your blog. I look forward to following along!

  18. Your booth looked amazing and lucky you to have Amy as your helper. I've been follower her blog for a while now and would love to meet her in person. I also enjoyed the photos you've shared of other vendors and Beth from Olde Tyme Marketplace is another blogger I'd love to meet...she has such a talent for display. Glad to hear you had a great show!


  19. Beautiful images from your weekend.
    looks like it was huge success!
    Your booth design was absolutely amazing!

  20. So proud of you and for you beautiful friend! Wow. Just wow. Absolutely beautiful in every possible way. I would love to have everything in your gorgeous booth!!! So excited for you and this new season:) xoxo


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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