City Farmhouse Barn Show!

I can't believe I haven't told you about next month's big event: the first-ever City Farmhouse Pop-Up Barn Show October 11 & 12. It's going to be GOOD! And would you believe I have a booth?!?!

The minute I saw the incredible styling and fresh inventory at City Farmhouse, I knew it would be one of my favorite local shops. {Dare I say it reminds me of home? They've been known to shop and sell in Round Top during the big antique weeks, so there's a touch of Texas style in there for sure.} 

City Farmhouse has a huge following around the country, so it's no surprise that vendors are coming from nearly 20 states. What's surprising is that they accepted my application! Not only am I new to town, but I've never done a show quite like this. {I just made up my own shows in my home!}

This event is going to be the talk of the town...with plenty of visitors driving in from out of town! Antiques, artisans, live music, food trucks, and a gorgeous new barn in a beautiful setting. What's not to love?!?! {Have I tempted you? More scoop here.}

I watched this barn being built.
Can't wait to see it in person!

I'll be there selling my own stationery designs along with my favorite home accessories. I have no idea how to style all my stuff {counting on my sweet blog friend to work her magic!}, but one thing I can promise you: everything I'm selling is something I love and would use in my own home.

Coming soon: a ticket giveaway courtesy of City Farmhouse.

Need a good reason to visit Franklin during the most beautiful time of year? This is it! Hope to see many of you there!

P.S. If you're on Facebook, follow City Farmhouse for updates. Kim does a great job of building excitement!


  1. So fun! Best Wishes to you. Your booth will be fantastic - and so much fun to be there with Amy!

  2. Congrats! Sounds like so much fun! And that barn is fabulous! Can't wait to see pictures! Wish I lived closer! Would love to see your booth and meet you in person:)

  3. how fun that will be!
    that might be a road trip that I try to take next year!!!

    I can't wait to see what you do!

  4. this sounds so fun! i LOVE amy. known her for a long time via blogging.
    i LOVE that barn too. goodness gracious it is gorgeous. Tennessee is so beautiful. i have lots of family there. sadly on my dads side who i have no contact with. wish i did. i could go stay with them and visit you:) looking for the glory with you today...all my love


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