Wedding Day

Almost 16 years ago, this sweet and serious
little guy was the ring bearer in our wedding:

JD's little brother in 1998.

And today, he's all grown up and getting MARRIED! We are so proud of the man he's become: honest, wise, responsible, faithful and servant-hearted. {He's currently serving our country in the Navy after graduating from the Naval Academy.}

But what really gets me about his heart today is that he asked his big brother to be his Best Man. Such an honor. {Just thinking about it makes me misty-eyed.} My husband didn't get to spend a lot of years at home with his brother {he was a junior in high school when his brother was born}, but he has always adored him. I'll never forget watching them interact when I first met JD. So sweet and tender.

A cute story: when JD bought my engagement ring {only a few months after we met}, the only person he showed it to was his 7-year old brother. He told him to keep it a secret. And he did!

JD tying his brother's shoe on our wedding day.

As I sit in the same church where my husband and I were married so many years ago, I know my heart {and eyes} will swell with admiration and thanksgiving. The bride will be beautiful and radiant as only a bride can be, but my gaze will be upon these two brothers as they stand side by side all these years later.

With love and joy,


  1. Okay, my eyes are streaming tears and I don't even know you and your sweet family! Love the circle of life and the tenderness and loving kindness shown in families who are close.

  2. i can only hope my two boys will have a relationship like that when they are grown!! Lovely! And congrats to JD's little bro!!


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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