Simple Little Happies for Your House

What does a girl do when she doesn't want to fold laundry, empty the dishwasher or make dinner on a Monday evening? She walks around the house with a camera in search of little things that make her happy! Totally normal, right?!?!

OK, maybe not normal, but I thought I'd share because there might be a few of these little "happies" you could use in your own home.

1. Fresh herbs in place of flowers

My youngest daughter gets all the credit.
She started this tradition, and I just follow in her footsteps.

Green adds life to any spot.
And the scent is better than any contrived fragrance.

Basil grows like crazy, so you can part with some for your house.

We always keep a little vase in the kitchen, too...
for beauty, scent and to liven up our dinners.

2. This book

Simple, helpful and funny.

3. These mugs

$10 for a set of two.

For those "I need a BIG cup of something" mornings.

4. Favorite photos along the stairway.

I've used these frames in my house for years. Love them.
{Lucky for you, they're on sale at the moment.}

This was a HUGE feat for me, so I have to say a little more about it. I haven't printed photos in almost 8 years. {Crazy, I know.} And gallery walls overwhelm me. But the handprints on the wall weren't the artwork I had in mind. I needed something pretty to enjoy and finally found the inspiration to make this happen. We all four LOVE this wall now. So my point for you: go for it! Print your favorite photos, frame them, and hang them in an otherwise boring spot that you pass by every single day. You'll LOVE the difference it makes. {These frames come with hanging templates that makes it super easy!}

5. A large family canvas

Had this portrait taken 3 1/2 years ago and finally printed it!
I couldn't be happier! With gallery wrapped edges, you don't need a frame.
{I ordered mine here using a 50% first-time order coupon.}

6. Life-giving words

My sister and I made this chalkboard when she was here this summer.
{I had the vision, but needed her skills!}

Words are so powerful. A worthy addition to your home decor for sure...and for so little expense. You don't have to make a cute chalkboard or have any skills to add life-giving words to your home. There are all kinds of creative people out there who design great looking signs and prints that you can order for a very reasonable price. {You'll find lots on Etsy.} 

I hope you enjoyed my procrastination efforts tonight! And more than that, I hope you'll find one of these things useful for adding a little life to your own home.



  1. Love that canvas! Such a happy scene. And of course, words. Very pretty, Linsey!

  2. Ha! I thought I was the only one with empty frames sitting around! I too, haven't printed out a picture in forever! Thanks for the inspiration!:)

    1. I've posted many a photo of an empty frame here on this blog over the years! I'll put them where I want them hoping that will make me fill them, but it never happened. Until now!

  3. Procrastinating right now as I am reading your blog instead of doing a mountain of laundry. Not to even mention the state of my toilets...

    Loved your photos, thanks for sharing. Yesterday I just paired dahlia's and basil in a bouquet. I was over-the-moon happy with my sweet little bouquet, so I get it. Loved your sweet pictures also, and I can smell your basil from here. And your chalkboard is to die for!

    Enjoy a beautiful day tomorrow. And I loved the verse your printed on your chalkboard. I think I needed to hear that verse right now! So thank you!

  4. Good work. The photos look even better framed and are a perfect addition to the stairway. Best of all, you can change them out from time to time. Keep that printer going!

  5. Love your frames!! Are the mats burlap? I made some burlap mats and used them in barn wood frames but I love how the silver frame adds that little touch to the more rustic mat. I will be ordering some of those for sure!! :) Also, I love your sisal runner. We just started a reno on our stairs (ripped all the carpet off) and are refinishing them, but I want to add a sisal runner...which is something that totally confuses my husband. (I take the carpet off and then want to put a rug on them..haa! Oh to spend a day in a women's mind!) Did you purchase the runner or was it already there when y'all moved in? Just curious where you may have got it. As always your post brings a sense of calm to my world of chaos this morning. :)

    1. I thought someone might notice the runner and want to know more! :) It's seagrass. I'm a huge fan. Some people don't like the hardness, but I think that's what makes it hold up so well. I love the texture. We had it installed when we moved in. Any carpet business with experience in seagrass should be able to help you.

      Oh, and the mats are linen. Can't say enough about these frames. They look great with so many different kinds of artwork and photography.

  6. One of my favorites

  7. I just wanted to say that I love the mats too. I also noticed the runner and was about to ask the same question Susan did. So glad I read the her comment. Thanks for the inspiration! I'm now going to order those frames and print some pictures!

  8. Getting pictures printed and hung is my fall project. It can easily become overwhelming, so thanks for the reminder to keep it simple and go for it. And thanks for the peek into your lovely home.


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