One of My Favorite Spots {The Wine Room}

A funny thing happened when we moved from our beautiful home in the city to a beautiful farm in the country: I started enjoying the beauty God created instead of trying to create so much of my own.

That's not to say that I've stopped creating beauty inside my home, but it's a much slower process with a much lower priority. My beauty cup is so full from all that surrounds me outside that what I do inside is more like a bonus than a necessity for my beauty loving heart. {So different from my 37 years in Houston.}

Truth be told, my favorite place on our farm is the barn hammock. Not pretty or clean, but oh so peaceful. I could sit out there and watch the animals for hours. But after last week's farmgirl moment, you better believe I'm happy to have an indoor spot to retreat to...and this is it:

We call it "The Wine Room."
{Small room off the kitchen. It would be a great
"keeping room" if the wall weren't there.}

When we're not on the porch, this is where my husband and I
like to pour a glass of wine, catch up on the day,
chat about life, and enjoy the view.

Remember the red armoire?
I'm pretty sure it's the boldest thing I own.
{Bought it straight out of a friend's garage 10 years ago and still love it.}

Here it was in our Houston home:

This was our spot for wine drinking in Houston.
{Lots of Franklin dreaming took place in here!}

Our farmhouse has a lot of little rooms,
so I had to get creative with mixing up my existing furniture.

The white chairs in the current Wine Room
came from the Master Bedroom in Houston.

{That room was crazy big!}

Back to the Wine Room.
Here are some of the details I enjoy in this little space...

The antique wine tasting table gave the room it's purpose and name.
{Purchased here. It survived toddler artwork.}

Antique wooden shield-turned-lamp.
{Purchased here.}

A World Market purchase.
A great look for an incredible price...
though I had to try three before finding a good one.

Another Texas find here.

Antique door from City Farmhouse.
{Would make a great headboard, too.}

Love the patina and the hardware.
{I added the sconce.}

A rare A-Z collection also found at City Farmhouse.

Collected over the years on various Midcoast Maine islands.

My birthday present back in January.
{I only had the patience for a few lessons, so I'm playing by ear.}

A detail shot of my favorite chair from Quatrine.
White linen with ecru trim. Love the corners.

And of course, books.
{I'm a fan of books in every room.}

Reading a lot about farm things these days.

Really pleased with the quality of my first photo book.

And this isn't the best shot with the bright light outside,
but I wanted to share the real beauty of this room...the view out front.

And the outdoor shutters instead of curtains.
{We plan to mount them, but they're super heavy. Farmboy muscles are needed!}

I fell in love with weathered blue gray shutters when visiting Provence 12 years ago...and finally found four here in Franklin for a price I felt comfortable paying. And they are the exact height of my windows! {Once we mount them.} It was a 12 year wait, but if you love something, you can afford to be patient. You'll still love it in a decade, and you can always find a way to use what you love.

I used the second pair in the room across the hall.

Another small sitting room...perfect for sharing with another couple.
It's been through a few tweaks since we moved in last July.
{Still loving this painting my sister did for me!}

Other notes from the Wine Room:
  • The walls are Manchester by Pratt & Lambert; the ceilings are half formula Wickham Gray by Benjamin Moore. {The same paint colors from my Houston kitchen.}
  • All slip covered furniture is from Quatrine. {My favorite furniture source. Expensive, but I've had my pieces for years. They wash and wear well. Nice details, too.}
  • The leopard rug is from Ballard Designs. Indoor/outdoor. {Mine is the old version. They have a new one now. Softer maybe? I cut it to fit the room. Risky, but it worked.}
  • The seagrass stool is from Wisteria. {My favorite online source.}
I think that covers it! Sitting in my white chair by the window this very moment...pretending like all I need to do today is stare out this window and enjoy the view!

Blessings and joy,


  1. I love it all! It looks so peaceful. Beautiful details that stand out, yet so simple. I love how you can create ways to decorate with your favorite things. I just do not have that talent :)
    I noticed your bow is tightened; maybe you tightened it for the picture, but if not, you'll want to loosen it every time you are not playing so it doesn't stretch out ;) just my little tip for the day (sorry, I know you didn't ask, but I couldn't help thinking it when I saw the picture) I still plan to come visit :) pretty soon, we'll put it on the calendar :)

    1. I had no idea I was supposed to loosen the bow. So much to learn! Thanks!

  2. I love your style!! Proud to say that I sat in one of those slip covered beauties, sipped tea and had fabulous conversation. Can't wait to do it again. Maybe a glass of wine next time?


  3. Wow! Beautiful! Can you come decorate my house when you visit Houston? ;) Do you mind sharing where you bought your curtains in your Houston home's sitting room? Thanks!

    1. You're sweet, Sarah. The curtains in Houston were custom. $$$$! They look gorgeous, but never again will I spend so much. I designed the detail at the top and used TONS of soft linen to make them really abundant, but I moved soon after they were installed. Now it's Ikea linen for me...or these antique French shutters, which are WAY less expensive than custom drapes and rods.

  4. I have fond memories of drinking big cups of tea in those comfy red and white chairs! I MISS YOU & THE FAM!

    1. Oh, Gracie girl! I so miss you, too. I'll always treasure our talks in those chairs. XO!

  5. Love it! Can I come over for a glass of wine and the view;) I have shutters propped up too next to the windows next to my front door! I'm planning on mounting too but thinking about using hinges so I can close them! Do you plan on hanging or hindging?

    1. I think I'll take the easier route and hang. I'd probably never close them. Furniture is kinda in the way. But they've been leaning against the wall for a year, so who knows when the hanging will happen!

  6. I love what you said about not having to try so hard to create beauty inside your house now that you live in the beautiful countryside. What a sweet sentiment and you are surely blessed to live where you do. Keep the pictures comin'! :)

    1. We really are blessed. It's been an emotional year with a lot of hard work and new lessons to learn, but I think we'd all four do it again!

  7. I love that you have all of these small rooms to "play around with" and make into exactly what you want. Everything is so beautiful, my friend. I see your heart in all you do.

    1. I love that you see my heart in my home. That's one of the things I want people to see. :)

  8. You are so wonderful to share your resources for the beautiful items that make your house a home. It's great to see fantastic finds, pricey items and bargains all together in harmony. I admire your patience to wait for the perfect item at the best price. Sounds like your life is restful both outside and inside your home...just like your being. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks, Diana. Sometimes it's hard to wait for something you love at just the right price, but it always makes you feel so good in the end. I don't think I have a single full priced item in my home. There's always a sale or a bargain waiting to happen. :)

  9. Can't believe your chandelier is from World Market! And I love the crate/jar with corks - perfect for this room. And of course your Maine rocks. (I still wish I would have thought to bring some home with me!) I have a similar room that I call my "Sanctuary". Your post makes me look forward to the weekend so I can open a bottle of wine with my Man and sit down to dream out loud...

    1. A great excuse to go back to Maine someday: to gather a few rocks!

  10. Love, love, love it!! So collected and cozy!
    Not sure if you mentioned it already, but where did you find the pillows on the sofa and white chairs??

    1. The pillows are a mix of purchases from various places over the years {including 2 from Provence 10 years ago}, so not available for you today unfortunately. I always keep my eyes open for good pillows. I've found several good ones at outdoor antique shows.

    2. I have a pillow obsession! Love them! Thanks so much for replying!

  11. I love your posts about your outdoor farm life, but it is fun to see the indoor decor, too - thanks for sharing this with us, Linsey~

    1. Thanks! I think I could bore even myself with straight up photos of the farm all the time. A little interior beauty is easy on the eyes and a nice change every now and then! :)

  12. I rarely comment but had to come over and tell you how much I adore your home, past and present. I love it when you do interior posts. You are truly gifted! xoxo

    1. Thanks, Melanie. And thanks for taking the time to comment today. :)

  13. Love this room and I love shopping City Farmhouse. Oh, I need a trip to Franklin.

  14. Lindsy...What a beautiful, intimate room for my favorite sport... drinking wine!!! LOVE the wine table and all the chairs. Would love to have a room like this in my house.

  15. So pretty, so peaceful! Thank you for inviting us into your heart and home!! You are a treasure!

  16. I want to go and get that World Market chandy immediately, it's just the size and price I have been looking for to install in the sitting area in my master bedroom. Does it give off decent light? Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful interiors with us!

    1. I used silicone bulbs, which are very low wattage, but if you use regular glass chandelier bulbs, it should be plenty of light. And it's best in a small space since its not a very large chandelier.

    2. Thank you for responding. And again, THANK YOU for sharing your sources for affordable décor, you and your home are lovely!

  17. Such a beautiful home....
    In love with sooooo many details!!!!
    You are gifted..at matters of the heart and home!!!

  18. Beautiful rooms ... you have utilized your furniture in your Houston home and made it fit so well in your new home...thanks..so enjoyed the tour of your gorgeous rooms!

  19. Beautiful Linsey! All of your little touches inspire me! And that red chest is fantastic.


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