New Farm Babies

Despite our many heartbreaks and losses with our chickens and ducks, my courageous farmgirls were ready to give it another go. So last week, we welcomed 16 chicks and 13 ducklings to the farm!

4 different breeds this time:
Buff Orpingtons, Ameraucanas, Silver Laced Wyandottes & Barred Rocks

Baby Mallards

This guy loves his Mallards...and they love him.
{On top of his many other talents, I think he may be a duck whisperer!}

She's my instant favorite...
because she reminds me of Aunt Annie Lee.
{May even call her by the same name since we lost the original so early.}

A fluffy little chick makes anyone smile...even first thing in the morning!
{I'm so not a morning person, but a farmgirl has to learn!}

Their current home: a trough in the garage.
{Smells like a barnyard in there. Ducks are a MESS!}

A little outdoor playtime.

Isn't she beautiful?!?!
{Aunt Annie Lee 2}

These will be black and white speckled.

We're all crazy about our babies,
but Laura Finley can't get enough of their cuteness!

I'm sure you'll see plenty of these feathered friends as they grow.
I could watch them for hours each day. {And sometimes I do!}

P.S. In other farm news...
it turns out "Mister" is a Mrs. So we've renamed her Sassy.

Hope and Sassy...

...each laying their own beautiful egg each day!


  1. They are adorable!!! Which ones lay those gorgeous blue eggs? Soo pretty!

    1. The Ameraucanas (also called Easter Eggers).

  2. So happy for your new additions Linsey!! Love the photos.

  3. Linsey, you just have the prettiest smile! :)

    Great pics!

  4. ces petits sont trop drôles et trop mignons, je comprends votre joie.

  5. so adorable, i can barely stand it. prayers for these little babes safety and health! xo

  6. A dream come true for little girls! (For big girls too !) Enjoy the little beauties, and God Bless them....!

  7. So, so adorable....so is he the new "Duck Man"....remember Pretty in Pink?....Love seeing your great pics!!

  8. She is beautiful. It's like she has little eye lashes. So sweet.

  9. Pure sweetness! Love! So wish we lived on a farm?

  10. I love our green eggs. They are such a soft beautiful green.

    All of your farm babies are just precious. So glad you started over with a new brood. We are getting enough eggs now that we are selling almost ten dozen a week. It's nice getting a little money to put towards their feed.

    I can't wait until October. Think about it often...

  11. Gosh the beards just get me every time! I have one bearded girl, Truvy, who looks a lot like your Sassy and she is MY girl.

  12. Oh goodness, your new farm babies are darling and oh so very fuzzy!

    But, sweetest is your baby girl sporting her chippy pink nails. My baby girl is 17 now and that just flooded back memories for me.


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