Farm Moments

If I wasn't an official farmgirl before, I am now! I just survived the most disgusting farmgirl duty yet...during the hardest rain we've had all summer. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say that anything involving rubber gloves and a chicken's butt will make you want to run back to your city roots real fast!

To get over my shock, I'm sitting down with a glass of green tea lemonade and looking through the photos I took this week. Each photo is a reminder that I really do love farm living...despite some unpleasant farmgirl moments!

Here are some of our finer moments on the farm this week:

The dogs have done a great job welcoming the cats.

The chickens sometimes nap right next to the dogs.

The cats are very curious about the chickens,
but I think they'll learn to leave them alone soon.

Hope stands her ground as queen of the flock.
{She gives the cats a good squawk if they get in her space.}

One of our Buff Orpingtons. She should be laying soon.
{Can't remember what the girls named this one.}

Buddy keeping an eye on things.
{They always see and hear things we don't. It's amazing!}

JD giving Bella some love.

And Buddy, too.

Caspian and Boaz.
After several weeks in the barn shed,
the cats were eager to explore the outside world.

Sweet Lucy.

Now that they know where home is,
JD made a little door...

...and they're free to come and go!

They're loving their freedom...

...and seem to love being near their animal family.

I can't leave out the Mallards!
{I wonder how they'll respond to the babies when it's time?}

The highlight of the week:
an ice cream sundae party for nearly 100 7th graders.

When we bought this farm, we knew we wanted to share it.

And while some would say hosting that many middle schoolers
makes your farm more like a zoo, we loved it!
{They were great kids!}

We're not ready to give up the freedom of summer and the slow pace of farm life for the craziness of a school schedule, but it's coming whether we like it or not. I joke that I'd be a great home school mama...if it weren't for the school part. {I've got the HOME part down!}

and enjoy what's left of summer!


  1. So fun that you hosted the middle schoolers! I thought I was brave when we hosted 30 of them. It was such a good time, no matter what a bad rap that age gets! I love that you opened your home for them. :)

  2. Girl, I have cleaned some chicken's bottoms in the past myself. Oh the things we must do.

  3. I love this!! I have a 7th grader and oh how he would love me to host something like this! Such a fun mom you are!

  4. What fun - great pics and looks like a great party - you are a cute farmgirl ;) Blessings for a great new school year.

  5. Lovely! I had chickens and ducks as a kid- wonderful memories, chicken butts and all!

  6. Thanks for sharing your wonderful farm life. I had a pet white duck as a child. His name was Paul ( after the Beatle). :) He lived for years and became as big as a goose!!

  7. Your backyard is perfect for a party!! How fun!

  8. Your girls must be in heaven. So beautiful!

  9. Love the pictures of your wonderful family farm....you and your family are so blessed to be able live with God's furry creatures...It's a beautiful life!
    p.s don't ever stop capturing God's creations...could hug and kiss all of them..even the chickens! LOL

  10. I'm so glad you gave the cats a home on the farm. And that ice cream party for the kids: fun and fabulous!!
    x Loi
    PS - School starts early for you all. Ours start the last week of Aug / first week of Sept.

  11. love that you guys are "sharing" your farm with the people in your life.

    can't believe your girl is a 7th grader! And, I can't believe my boy is an 8th grader!!!

    They're getting older...you know what that means?? We are, too!!!! YIKES!

  12. Love all the animals! Looks like lots of work but lots of love in return! Farm is looking great- I bet the kids LOVED it!

  13. I am DYING over this ice scream party! What a fun thing to do. I can't wait to see pictures of your farm come fall!

  14. I couldn't help but smile as I read this post. It just made me happy. :) Simple things are the best things, aren't they? ;)


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