Cue The Angels {An Early Christmas Present}

Remember what I said on Monday about the power of words in your home? Well, here you go: beautifully crafted words from an amazing woman and her husband! When Tara of Between You and Me asked if I'd like to feature one her new Christmas signs in my home, of course I said yes! A handmade, distressed sign made by a kindred spirit hanging in my farmhouse? What's not to love?

{A discount code just for you at the end of this post!}

If you've read Tara's blog, you know she loves words. She writes them, she reads them, she gets the power of them. And then she makes art out of them! I love this girl, and I've never even met her. {Hopefully that will change now that we live closer!}

It takes a LOT to inspire me to enter a hot attic in August and dig out Christmas decor, but when Tara's sign arrived, I was over the moon. My girls laughed as I shouted "Cue the angels!" and went straight to the hottest corner of the attic to gather a few accessories. Down came the mirror. Up went these beautiful words...right next to my front door:

O Come All Ye Faithful is one of my all time favorite hymns. {A choir sang it at my wedding, and it truly sounded like the angels were singing over us!} Joyful & Triumphant are my two favorite words, but I also love this invitation to come and behold the king of angels:

With words like that,
I couldn't resist an angel and a crown.

One last look as I come down the stairs:

Soft lamplight and a glowing candle would've been a nice touch. Oh, well...I'm doing good to know where my angel and Christmas books are this time of year! One thing I might add in December: some fresh greenery. But other than that, I'll let the sign do the talking.

Tara, I can't tell what a blessing it is to have this sign in my home...and so early! As I gear up for my 10th Christmas card season, you have given me just the inspiration I needed to start designing!

And sweet readers, you may not be feeling the Christmas spirit just yet, but maybe a 10% discount from Tara's Etsy shop will inspire you! Your coupon code is LLHDESIGNS. {Good through Nov 15.}

Joy to you!
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{That girl in the ball cap laughing as she rides the tractor
for the first time...that would be me. Total farmgirl moment!}


  1. I just bought a Fruit of the Spirit sign from Tara after seeing one of her comments on your blog and following it to her Etsy shop. I love it!! The Christmas one is gorgeous as well!

  2. It is so beautiful, Linsey!
    I'm so grateful that you asked us about doing this one...because I have a feeling it'll be a favorite of the season.

    It means so much to me that you'd receive it into your beautiful home.
    We're honored!

  3. I have her "Take My Life" sign hanging in my dining room & love it! She does a beautiful job. I just may have to get a Christmas one to switch out for the holidays! Love your vignette!

  4. I totally LOVE it!! Such a great sign. Such sweetness over here. :)

  5. As soon as I saw this I thought of your wedding. This could not be a more perfect sign for you.

  6. Such lovely words and beautiful signage!! Destined to become a Christmas heirloom. Linsey, I love your little crown and the angel weathervane. I've seen similar weathervanes, but they usually depict Gabriel.

  7. Tara's signs are amazing. I have one in the new upstairs and I think it is my favorite thing we have added into that space.


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