The Beauty and The Brokenness

I used to wonder if moving to the country was some kind of escape from real life. On the surface, the story of a family who moves from the heart of the city to a small farm in the country sounds like an escape plan if ever I've heard one. But I never wanted our move to be an escape. I wanted it to be part of a greater purpose. And it is...in more ways than I could've imagined.

The wild beauty of a summer storm.

If I told you we rocked on the front porch and watched a summer storm swirl over our pasture, you might think we live in a dream world. I mean, look at those brilliant shades of green! {Only God can pull off that kind of artistry in the dead heat of summer.} A dark sky on one side with sun peeking through on the other. The treetops look like they're plugged into some kind of heavenly outlet...when just minutes before they looked dull and droopy.

But the farm isn't all porch sitting, tea sipping and storm watching. Sometimes real life feels like it's right up on us. Bearing down dark and heavy with no escape. Sometimes my heart can't handle what my eyes see.

My husband carrying a lifeless fawn
after watching it perish in our pasture.

The farm is definitely not an escape from real life. In some ways, it's an introduction. And a hard one. When you start with 10 ducks and 12 chickens and months later are down to 3 and 6, you learn about real life. When you see hawks airlift defenseless creatures and snapping turtles rip your dog's nose, you learn about real life. When you see the dog you love go after an innocent fawn because he thinks it's a predator, you learn about real life. It hurts.

Sometimes my heart can't handle what my eyes see...both the beauty and the brokenness. But I'm learning to hold both. And in holding both in my heart at once, I'm learning how to really live. Because real life is made up of both. And sometimes, I wonder if that's the greatest lesson of farm living.

Learning to live in both the beauty and the brokenness,

P.S. I'm so sorry if the second image offends your sensitive spirit. I didn't plan to take that photo...or to share it. But something about it feels sacred. Just as learning to hold beauty and brokenness feels sacred. Not always pretty, but always sacred.


  1. oh sweet friend...i think the farm life is how we all ought to be living...i think the fast frenzy we call life here in america is tainted.
    i love your heart and the picture is sacred...just like us. God sees our beauty in our brokenness.
    i love your pictures and the way your heart sees beauty...keep sharing

  2. so much to say, but you're already probably thinking it as you are making sense of it. Life is beautiful. Your photos are beautiful.

  3. This post really resonated in me and I see it as an answer to prayer in my own faith journey. All of your words ring true and are inspired and gifted to you by the One who loves you and me and all of his creation. There is beauty in the brokenness and that is truly living in the real and now of God's world. The beautiful lifeless fawn is holy as she is God's creation too. That image you posted to me show's God's love through your lens as your husband tenderly carries that sweet creature. It is how I imagine that God carries us with tenderness and love not only when he takes our souls home to be with him but in life when we feel that we are lifeless and have no hope and even in the days when we are filled with hope and cling to him. We can take heart that God carries us and loves us tenderly just as He loved that little fawn too and placed his love into your husband as he respectfully carried it. God is showing you so many graces through this new life on the farm. I am thankful to you for sharing those experiences here.

    1. Your words are a gift to my heart this morning. Thank you.

  4. The ups and downs of farm living...you described so beautifully and eloquently....I get mad at the deer for eating my plants and flowers and then again, I love to see their beauty and realize that they were here first before the houses invaded their territory...have a wonderful day...loved this post!

  5. This is a beautiful post, Linsey. Your outlook is very refreshing and realistic.

    Wishing you and your family all the best.


  6. Another beautiful, honest post.....I can so relate to your journey. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I love stopping by to read your beautiful posts. I feel that you are exactly where you are supposed to be in life right now. Experiencing the sadness as well as the joy from all the beauty must make you appreciate both in different ways. I always leave your blog with deep thoughts and reflection about my own life. Thank you for sharing your journeys.

  8. That look on your husband's face says it all -that's the first thing that I noticed, in the photo above.......

  9. As another reader said, you are where you are supposed to be. And each of us that read the post, we're here because we are supposed to be as well. Thank you for a touching story today.

  10. Oh my Friend. That is so hard. I must tell you, you said something that rung a deep bell for me . . . "Something seemed sacred". When we lost our precious Diane, there was something deeply HOLY and SACRED, a rare and powerful presence, in that room. A dear friend of mine works personally for Beth Moore, and she had prepared me that in leaving this world, and entering heaven, sacred ground is crossed. What I'm holding onto is His faithful promise, that he will redeem it all. Praying His perfect, beautiful, undescribable peace.

  11. Yes, a beautiful post....such heartache and the beauty of life all in one...hard lessons to learn. The older I get , the more I realize that life is so hard, and so wonderful, all at the same time....

  12. I just want to let all of you know how much I appreciate each of you. Thank you for being here to read my heart and for sharing a few words back.

  13. the picture of your husband carrying the fawn represents how God most certainly carries us.

    such a beautiful picture that you captured.

    I'm so grateful that you're showing us all the sacred moments you're experiencing in the farm life you're living.

  14. The circle of life is together beautiful and tragic. And you can never escape it no matter what your address. Beautiful and meaningful post, as always.


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