The Golden Egg

The girls dashed from the barn
and burst through the kitchen door with wild excitement!

"Hope laid an egg! Hope laid an egg!"

Finding the first egg was like finding gold.

We took turns holding it...

...and were careful not to break it.

Because this wasn't your everyday egg.

It was soft and squishy...missing its hard shell.

{Apparently, that's normal for the first few eggs. Who knew?}

And while we were admiring the first egg,
our girl Hope laid another.

Just like that. No shell at all.
{Learning as we go!}

And here's our golden girl:

{Hope. The one we prayed over. So proud of her!}

Checking for eggs has brought a whole new
level of excitement to our farm duties!

Hopefully, our girls will learn to use the nesting boxes in the coop.
Any tips on how to make that happen?

P.S. Finding an egg was especially exciting during a week when we're losing yet another chicken. We've lost half our flock to an incurable disease. They've all been exposed, so it's just a matter of waiting to see who will survive. A slow and painful process...made brighter by the HOPE that we might have a few who make it. Once again, farm life is teaching us how to hold both the pain and the glory.


  1. Try putting a golf ball in the nesting boxes, that's what we always did, and it seemed to work!

    I love your blog!
    I grew up in Alvin, live in Livingston, and work in Houston. You can't beat the country!

    Congrats on your move and living the county life!


    1. Great idea! I've never heard it! Thanks so much!

  2. I agree with the above comment. The golf balls worked for us. We had the same feelings with our 1st egg. Enjoy! April

    1. I'm going to try it for sure!

    2. This worked for one of our hens. We put golfballs in some nesting boxes and left others empty. She lays with the golf ball every time!

  3. your photography is unbelievable. love this photo of the chicken. you REALLY need to do a book....maybe a coffee table book that is glimpses of God's glory in farm life! Mercer University here in nearby Macon has a publishing company and it's a Christian university. I think they would jump all over your work. I have a physician friend that is writing a book about centarians (sp?), people that are 100 or older. She's also an alum and booster of Mercer. If you start to research publishers, she would be a great resource and I would love to hook you two up! Also loved your Father's Day post....so sweet, honest and inspiring. Write on girl!

    1. I love how encouraging you are about a book. Someday?!?! And you better believe I'd ask for your help! xo!

  4. Hope is beautiful. I could almost feel the excitement in you over the 'golden' egg there! Awesome! Praying all of the rest survive...as God cares for the animals too. Enjoy your day...on the farm!! Blessings!

  5. Perfect name for your girl ~ Hope ! Beautiful post and pics - thanks for a glimpse into what looks like an idyllic lifestyle...... !

  6. can i just give you a virtual hug? i sometimes think blogging stinks.
    we would never have met in real life...barring a miracle i know that but we "know"each other via blogging and i know your not perfect and yada yada but i am sure thankful to know you and know there are other women who have a heart for God for dreams for their kiddos and for beauty hunting...it give me HOPE and for that .. tonight i am thankful:)

  7. How fun! Learn something new every day! :)

  8. Linsey,
    I do not know much about raising chickens, but it must be similar to having pets. To tend to another living creature teaches us so much. Hope is indeed beautiful.
    Take care,


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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