The Gifts of Writing

I'm not a runner and I'm not fast, but this quote is one of my all-time favorites. Sometimes I like to test out my own versions. Here's one: God made me a writer. And when I write, I feel His pleasure.

I'm a writer at heart, but sometimes I have no idea what to write. And sometimes writing feels too hard. Maybe you feel the same way? Or maybe you don't think you have anything to say? Sweet friend, your words are powerful. They tell your story. They help you find your voice. They encourage and inspire others.

Can I help you find your words today? Here are a few ways you can put pen to paper...or fingers to the keyboard.

1. Journaling

A gift to yourself.

I've been journaling since I was a girl. Most of the early stuff is downright silly. {I had quite a lot to say about boys!} But even the ridiculous stuff is part of my story. And reading it allows me see that I've come a long way! Journaling isn't about the end result; it's about the journey. It's not about reporting the perfect story; it's about walking through the mess. And as you flip back through the pages, you begin to see the glory of it all. Journaling is a safe place to tell your story.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."
-Maya Angelou

2. Letter Writing

Whether it's an 8-page letter to an old friend or a short note to someone you just met, letter writing is a gift to yourself and others. A gift to yourself because it forces you to slow down and tune in to your heart for a moment. A gift to others because you know how good it feels to get old fashioned mail! {More on letter writing here, here and here.}

3. List Making

If writing complete sentences feels overwhelming, try making a list of simple thoughts. Your whole family can participate in this one. Ann Voskamp has mastered the art of giving thanks with a list. It's powerful. Her book One Thousand Gifts inspired me to start a list of my own. {She's also released a devotional that some like even more than the book.} It's fun to look back at my list from two years ago and see the little things that made my heart sing.

4. Blogging

I realize blog writing isn't for everyone. It's public, time consuming and leaves you feeling over exposed at times. {Not to mention the crazy ways it can feed self-importance and insecurity if your heart isn't in the right place.} But there are gifts in the midst. {I met one today. Deana, you're a gem!}

For every post I've written, I've also had thoughts of never writing on the internet again. But then a little nudge or word of encouragement comes my way. A reminder that my small voice might have a greater purpose. Because God is doing something bigger than me. Bigger than my blog. He's speaking to people's hearts. And sometimes, He uses the words I write to do it. {Talk about humbling.} 

Perhaps your voice is needed in blog world? Whether you author a blog or leave words of encouragement in the form of comments, your words can be part of a greater purpose. 

5. Writing a Book

A must-read this summer!

No, I haven't written a book, but I know someone who has: Katherine Center. She's always been a writer in some way, shape or form. Even during the years when writing was hard {little ones at home}, she stayed true to her gift. I so admire her. {And highly recommend all four of her novels.}

There might be a book in me, but the Lord is going to have to call it out and convince me it needs to be written. Writing is hard work, even when you have a clear purpose and vision, so there's no way I'd write a book without a calling!

I hope these different ways of writing have encouraged you to let your words out today. Even if it's just a little note to someone in your own home. {This might be the best writing of all!} Use your words well today, my friends. They are powerful gifts!



  1. I love this post and this reminder. Words can be life giving or they can be deadly. Choosing our words carefully is so important.

    Words are one of the greatest ways to use one of the gifts God has given me..the gift of encouragement.

    I do not write often except for my blog, but I do consider it to be a place where I can open up and share my heart and hopefully speak life and hope into the hearts of the people who read what I write.

    I love that you have journaled since you were a child. What a gift to the generations to come.

    Blessings to you sweet friend. Keep writing and I will keep reading what you share.

  2. Great words here with such meaning! Your beauty is seen through what you write. HIS beauty is seen through YOU! I think about you and your family quite often, as we too are still in the midst of planning to "go for our dream". I pray for you and your family each time I think of you! I know HE (God) hears and knows just what YOU need each time. Blessings and have a great weekend!

  3. Great post. Very insightful about blogging. Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. Beautiful Post - happy summer to you and your beautiful family ! xo

  5. I have an adorable granddaughter that I am blessed to visit at least once a week. She does so many entertaining things (18 months old) that I started journaling once a week about my observations and include a picture of her. Already I'm so happy I've kept this record of how much fun we have together. I plan to do the same when her little brother/sister arrives in a couple weeks. Linsey, I hope you consider creating journals for purchase with your wonderful designs soon.

    1. Wow, Diana! Talk about a treasure! Those journals you keep for your grandchildren will be PRICELESS! I'll have to remember that...since I didn't do anything like that for my own children.

  6. Great post! I am so far from being a writer! But that's ok! Right? I have been looking for and desperately needing a devotional! Thank you for suggesting this one! I'm hoping to get it this weekend! Your home is beautiful and can't wait to see more! Thanks for sharing that too!:)

    1. Julie, you don't have to consider yourself a writer to write things. I've only recently become comfortable with calling myself a writer...even though I've been writing my entire life! And you know what I admire most? The person who's never thought of herself as a writer, but then takes the risk and starts journaling. Go for it! You'll love the devotional. I also HIGHLY recommend Jesus Calling. I've been re-reading it for 4 years and it's fresh every time!

  7. Love this reminder that we all are writers of our own story... our words hold value, even if we aren't novelists or famous journalists. I journal daily and love looking back to see my growth (or lack of, sometimes!). My favorite thing is seeing God's Word in my journaling, there are not truer or more worthy Words to be written.

    Love your blog and am so encouraged every time I visit. Thankful you are obedient to share your gift.

    1. Yes, Kelly...God's words are the best ones of all. I sometimes marvel at the fact that he gave only one thing in all of creation the gift of words. So powerful!

      I appreciate your encouragement about my obedience. That's exactly what blogging feels like sometimes. I would've quit a long time ago if I were only in this for me! ;)

  8. Thanks for helping me find my words today! Your post today has been such and encouragement to me. I must pick up my pen and write, but I can't start without thanking you and introducing myself. I've been following your blog for a while and took this post to finally drop you a line. May God give you strength to continue to speak/write God's word with boldness.


    1. Thank you for introducing yourself, Elba! I'm honored to be used to God to help you find your words. Keep writing, speaking, finding your voice. It's a powerful thing to be created with the gift of words!

  9. Loved meeting you Hasanbank girls! And this sweet blog has me on the brink of making a "list" of grateful thoughts, which will hopefully be a great way to capture some of Kessler & McFerrin's comments and daily actions that need to be recorded. Thanks for the nudge. Hope we can visit again one day.

    1. Loved meeting you, too! The "remarkable" bracelet you gave me is still so humbling and honoring. THANK YOU!

  10. your handwritten 1000 gifts list is beautiful.
    what gorgeous handwriting you have, friend!

    i think a book is in you...but i agree..it is hard work. if anyone can do it, you can. :)
    i can honestly say, i feel the EXACT same way about blogging that you do...sometimes I never want to post again...and then I go and do it. ugh.

    1. Ha! I've never thought of my handwriting as gorgeous, but thank you! It's funny, because in my journals, I can see how it changes slightly depending on my mood.

      We'll see about that book. Thanks for your vote of confidence!


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