Rescue Operation

As much as I love our family worship in the barn, I felt inspired to go to church this morning. {I'm drawn by the humility and authenticity of a pastor who has reached out and spent time with us, despite our spotty attendance and my propensity to cry anytime I talk about our move. Brave man!}

When I show up with an open heart, God always does more than I expect. And today was no exception. Only this time, He added something new to the mix: a rescue operation. Not His rescue of me, but the kind of rescue you'd least expect at church on Sunday.

{Abandoned kittens.}

When the facilities manager arrived early this morning, there was a brand new pet carrier next to the church sign down by the road...with three kittens and a jug of cat food. Strategically placed.

We were already in the car and leaving when my girls asked if I had seen the kittens they were giving away. Um, no. "They could be our barn cats, Mama!" Um, right. I don't know what compelled me to do the crazy thing of pulling back into my parking spot and walking over to those kittens.

They look like house cats {clean, gentle and well fed}. And we can't have house cats {husband and youngest are allergic}. But here we were some of the last people at church and not a soul had offered to take them home. And we really have been wanting barn cats {to control the mice}.

So I asked the facilities manager if he thought it would be cruel to turn them into barn cats, and he said not as cruel as taking them to an animal shelter.

Well, that line did it.
So here they are...on our farm.

This one, which I promptly named Boaz,
is the only one we've been able to hold.

I have to say, I'm a little worried about the pretty white one. She doesn't have the gift of camouflage. In these parts, there are predators. The kind that swoop down and airlift sweet pets into the sky. When we see a Lost Cat or Lost Dog sign, it's often a small white one. Buddy and Bella are our only hope. But they sleep all day and are alert all night. Not sure if they know about daytime predators.

{Our dogs don't have a clue that we have three new barn kitties.}

I've never said yes to a rescue before. Never even come close. I'm the girl who thinks through things. Scratch that. I overthink things to the point that the opportunity has often passed by the time I make a decision. But today was different. I don't know if it's that my heart was in a tender place {I was feeling lonely this morning; still happens from time to time...even after a year}...or if it's that leaving everything familiar and comfortable behind in exchange for all new and unknown has taken me to a whole new level of brave and crazy! Either way, it feels right.

Operation "Rescue Three Kittens" is complete.
Happy Sunday!
P.S. In other rescue operation news, I fed 74 children today. It was easy! I went to Target to buy cat food, and saw the brand new FEED Project line. {And of course, no one goes to Target and comes out with only the needed things on the list!}

Great items for a great cause.
{You even buy online!}


  1. Oh you sweet girl! I love that you rescued those sweet kittens! The one she's holding looks just like my kitty that I had for 14 years! She was the best cat ever! I miss her so! Thanks for sharing! And I'll have to check out targets new "giving" line! Enjoy!

  2. It was meant to be! Those lucky kittens!

  3. Never a dull moment! Love your writing and your farm life stories. Your decorating eye is fabulous too!

  4. Oh daughter of mine, you are full of surprises these days!

  5. I have two rescue kitties, and somehow it feels to me that when you save something you get the favor returned - that's my experience anyway!

  6. My boys are now officially fighting to sit in the computer chair so they can look at the beautiful pictures of all your animals! Now cats? I just can't take it, Linsey! I love cats beyond words!
    The Feed line at Target is great! I picked up some of the red and blue stoneware for July 4th! You have tempted me to run back up for those wire crates!

  7. We are cat-lovers at our home. We have rescued 5 (that's our limit). Thank you from cat-lovers everywhere! :)

  8. Barn cats are the best. They will have you laughing at their antics and will follow you around outside. Ya'll will have years of joy together. Congratulations.

  9. I over think things too.
    it's exhausting sometimes, isn't it?!

    I also noticed braces on your girl....my oldest has them now ,too. :)

    And, I'm heading to Target to "feed" some people, too. :)

  10. You rock, Linsey! Thank you for giving these adorable cats a home on your farm :) Please keep us posted on their progress. We are off to Maine, so I want to wish you all a fantastic 4th ahead.
    All the best,
    PS - Enjoyed the tour of the Southern Living Idea House. Really beautiful photos!

  11. you're awesome my friend. i love how you love others...furry friends included
    & YAY for target's collaboration with FEED!

  12. All of our pets have only ever been rescues- I swear they know you saved them! The best gifts are the ones that happen without planning :)


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