A Family Heirloom

I just had to share this today:

A family heirloom.

Can you believe this pink lily has been in my family since the late 1800's? The original plant belonged to my Great Great Grandmother...right here in Franklin, Tennessee. {You can see an old family photo here.}

My mom's first cousin, who lives here in Nashville, decided it was time for this plant to return to Franklin. I was so honored! I have actual, literal roots here, y'all! Can you believe it? {And all this time I thought my only roots were in Houston, Texas.}

My girls have promised to keep this plant alive. When my youngest saw the first blooms, she ran back inside to alert me....then made me close my eyes so that she could lead me out and surprise me. She even took pictures. {Sweet girl!}

I'm a sucker for history and nostalgia. And I'm enjoying the deeper glory: that new growth can burst forth from very old places...and that the roots of our stories run deeper than we think.

Oh, happy day!


  1. Love this, Linsey! That actual plant has been in your family for that long? Impressive... and so symbolic. I, too, am a sap for such things. You're a lucky girl to have it, as are your daughters!

    1. Yes, this actual plant. It's been divided a number of times over the years, so there are a few of us who have pieces of it. I just hope I don't kill it! I'm famous for failing to water things. Hopefully my girls will keep it alive. :)

  2. That is so amazing. Your family has come full circle. Love this. And pink. How awesome that it's pretty too!!

  3. Such as this is the stuff of memories and what keeps people alive. In my child's eyes your great great grandmother was special and it would tickle her to know you are keeping her lily alive.

  4. this is amazing.....
    what a story to hold onto for future generations!!!

  5. I love your story. My great aunt gave me a tattered fern to try to keep alive. It had belonged to her mother. Sadly, I wasn't able to save it. We have plenty of bulbs which bloom every year that belonged to my great-grandmother.
    We love Franklin! That's including my teen daughter.


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