You're Beautiful

This must be the week God wants us to know we're beautiful. I just keep hearing it again and again.  You're beautiful! Are you hearing it, too?

Maybe you've seen the Dove video that's flying around like wildfire this week. If not, have a look.

This video undid me...in the best kind of way. There are some who think the message is flawed {anything human is}, but I walked away with a sense of wonder. What if God were the one describing each person? I have a feeling even the most talented sketch artist in the world wouldn't be able to keep up with God's description of you! Oh, the beauty...radiant, glorious beauty!

I was wrestling with beauty this week...what it really is and why it's so hard to believe that we're beautiful. I won't go into all the details, but let's just say that the multiple full-length mirrors in the Target dressing room rocked my perception of myself recently. I'm now up to date on my backside, and I can tell you beautiful wasn't the first word that came to mind!

Lucky for me, my oldest daughter was with me. {There's nothing like having a daughter watching to convict you of the views you have about your own body and beauty!} I'm so thankful for what God exposed in that dressing room: that while I don't say harsh and hateful things about my body out loud, I've got plenty of harsh and hateful thoughts in my head. And all that hate? It goes against everything God says is true about me: I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I'm beautiful. I'm glorious. I'm His.

So, friends, I'm claiming the truth of who I am today and telling that silent but deadly voice of self-hatred to shut up. Seriously! Shut UP! Yuck and gross is not who I am. And it's not who you are. Will you claim the truth with me today? Will you embrace your God-given beauty?

One last thing to share...with a little shyness, and great humility. I just received an incredibly kind email from a blog reader. She thanked me for opening my heart on the blog and for blessing her in the process....telling me of the ways God has spoken to her through some of my posts. {Emails like this remind my why I keep sharing here...despite the hundreds of times I've wanted to walk away.} And then at the very end of her message, she wrote this in reference to my last post:
When I opened your blog today,  I was immediately struck by the photos of you.  You have grown more beautiful (if that could be possible) and truly seem to have a glow about you. It must be attributed to an inner peace and contentment you are feeling now.
My eyes filled with tears as I read her words. That's the kind of beautiful I want to be...the kind that radiates from the inside. White legs, no make-up, barn boots and a ball cap...yet she saw beauty. She saw the real me. And called me beautiful. Sometimes we need someone to call us out.

I want to do that for you today. I want to call you beautiful. If I could look into your heart and see what God sees, I'm quite sure I'd be WOWED by your radiant, glorious beauty! If the inside kind of beauty is what really counts, then I bet you've got it in spades!

Love and hugs to you,

P.S. If you need a song sung over you today, listen to Beautiful by Mercy Me. So good!


  1. I wrote something on my blog similar to what you are saying. I don't talk about my looks or body out loud, but even with the inner thoughts my daughter 'heard' me. So sad how we beat ourselves up! I think if one is happy and at peace it is the strongest beauty one can possess. Keep doing what you do- it inspires the rest of us to do better :)

  2. It's a week of tears that's for sure. Thanks for sharing this video, it's amazingly inspirational. I totally agree with the comment left by one of your readers, you look so peaceful and happy in your new world and to me you've always been a radiant and beautiful woman.

  3. Some girlfriends were talking about this at our Bible study yesterday. So impactful. I'm so glad for those of us who have God's perspective on this secular commercial to ground the truth of what they are trying to communicate in it.

  4. Thank you for sharing! Right when you are feeling beyond frumpy...a powerful reminder to let our light shine! God Bless!

  5. I cried and cried watching that video. If only we could truly see ourselves as our Father does!

  6. Linsey, I wrote a comment last night and for some reason it didn't appear?? I know I won't be able to recreate exactly what I said but I feel so compelled to tell you that I'm going to try to express again what I felt when I read this post....I too was just blown away by your true authentic beauty when I saw the photo of you in the barn....but I didn't comment then. But I have to say in my heart you become more and more beautiful the longer I have "known" you... For what it's worth, when I first personally met you I thought you were stunning.... I too struggle with what beauty is and know so many physically beautiful women who find fault with themselves...Maybe our human definition of "beauty" is all wrong...I don't know what beauty looks like but I know it when I FEEL it and I feel it when I see you...I feel beauty when I hear an amazing song, I feel beauty when I connect with another, I feel beauty when I give and receive love....I have come to believe real beauty does not lie in the eye of the beholder...it lies in the heart! Love you and your real beauty so much Linsey...you have been an important part of my spiritual growth even though you don't realize it. Hugs!!!

  7. Wow, was this ever what I needed to hear today. Just last evening, I was telling my husband (who lovingly, bless his heart, disagreed) that I had put on so much weight this past winter (I am a happy eater and have had such a great winter with him). I felt large, frumpy and well, blah in appearance. Thank you for the gentle reminder that we are beautiful and we are enough.

    Hugs to you!

  8. so many of your posts have been "favorites" but this one is my all time most favorite.

    it pulled at some heart strings...in a powerful way.

    we are more beautiful than we think. yes and amen.

  9. Once again you seem to speak to me at just the right time! thanks so much for sharing your heart. xo

  10. Wow! I have not seen the video. So powerful. I love your thoughts on what if our Father was describing us. I know it would not be physical characteristics. I would love to replace HIS thoughts with all my negative self talk! Great post. Really great.

  11. First of all, I have to praise God that He gave that message to that lady to give to you. He knew you needed to hear those words in the flesh. He saw your insecurities and He sent someone to tell you what He already knows!! Oh my, how our God works!!! That sweet lady was His instrument without even knowing it. OUR GOD IS GOOD!!!

    Second...I just made a sign like one I saw on someone's etsy shop that says from scripture, "He calls me beautiful one". I have it sitting big and pretty on my bathroom vanity.

    I am going to have to check the you tube video again because I couldn't get the sound to come on.

    May I just say(even though you won't want me to) that the first time I saw you I was so taken with your natural beauty. Not a drop of makeup needed to hide flaws like so many of us try to hide. You have a youthful, natural, God given beauty that comes from the inside out. Oh, if others could meet you face to face like I have.

    Another thing that is very important here...if someone can look good in a ball cap and boots, then they have it going on. You rocked that ball cap, girl. :) :)

  12. I thought you were beautiful with your white legs in the barn too. I see beauty in your eyes and your smile. We are hardest on ourselves, I know. XO

    Lisa from Indiana

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  14. You made me cry, thank you. This was what I needed and the second blog that I read that was discussing this same thing......and something I am struggling with.


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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