The Glories of Sunshine

There's something about the sun.
It gives life in a way that nothing else can.

The daffodils were radiant in this weekend's sunshine...

...and even I felt more alive!

We spent every waking moment outside this weekend.
{Farm work is so much more fun in the sunshine!}

Here's a glimpse:

Our animals love this guy!

Where one goes...

...the rest will follow!

Mucking the duck stall. Hallie makes it look pleasant, but it's hard work!
{Ducks are a mess!}

Laura Finley always includes her "girls."

Boots were worn by all.

And hats, too!

Bella's not sure what to make of Buddy with that hat!

Little chicks.

Big chicks.

And finally...time to garden!

JD built our boxes and came up with a plan.
{More on the garden another time.}

There's a lot of work that goes into living on a farm.
{Makes me wonder what we did to fill our weekends in the city.}

When we work together and the sun is shining, we have fun...
minus the smells of coop cleaning and stall mucking!

And last but not least, we worshipped in the midst of it all.

Oh, yes. That's me in all my glaring, white-legged glory...
scratching my way through the only two songs I've learned to play:
"Be Thou My Vision" and "Amazing Grace."

Worshipping in the barn on Sunday morning was one of the most joyful, freeing feelings. Totally impromptu...and totally unconventional. But it was glorious! I'd love to write more about it soon, but I'm still taking it all in and pondering what worship really is.

Thankful for sunshine-filled weekends!


  1. Linsey, seriously, the pic of you in your Nike shorts and Hunter boots made my day. Nevermind! It made my week! I love it! My boys, of course, just want to keep on looking at the animals and don't understand why I keep scrolling back to that picture!
    I bet your garden will be marvelous this year! It's so hard to keep plants thriving in Dallas. I had one good harvest last year before everything shriveled up from the heat!

  2. Hey sweet Linsey! I sure do enjoy all of your farm photos! I am so glad y'all have had some sunshine...it makes being outdoors such a pleasure. We have some hens and ducks too...the ducks are a messy crew, but cute. You will LOVE having those fresh eggs soon!
    Your garden boxes look really cool. I can't wait to see & hear more about your garden plans :)
    And such a sweet time of worship. LOVE it!
    Blessings to you all

  3. I love hearing about farm life. Any post that includes family is a favorite of mine. Thank you for sharing. You bring a smile to my face many more times that you know. xo

  4. It looks to me like you are finding your way very well on the farm.

  5. You are so cute! Love this, the sunshine makes all the difference...and i think He intended the light to heal and make us feel better. I love it. Also, our chicks have not hatched. Yesterday was day 21 and my girls are starting to freak. Statistically, isn't it impossible for all thirty eggs to not hatch?!!?! The last time we saw them candled, on day 16, they were alive and moving in their little shells, Im so confused....

  6. You guys are just too cute and sweet!
    Big hugs- missing you!

  7. You can worship anytime and anywhere - "Wherever two, or more, are gathered in My Name..."

  8. Linsey,

    Love the farm photos! It sure seems like there is so much to do together as a family on the farm... I'm jealous! Here we are in a constant state of running from one activity to another and so little quality time together. The kids are involved in sports, dance and music - just run, run, run all the time.

    I will continue to live through your experiences on the farm - thank you SO much for sharing! Your blog is so calming and comforting to me.


  9. yes, yes, YES! what a difference the SUN makes!!! it looks like you are enjoying the spring!! i have not forgotten about painting your fireplace, but in usual form, spring arrives and i become super busy with my gardening biz and also i am preparing for an art festival....can i give you a rain check on the fireplace?
    p.s. your raised bed planters look fantastic!! do you know about Moore and Moore on hwy 100? friendly and knowledgable staff ...if you buy plants there, you earn "kit kash".....
    the deer will eat your gardens up....if you string fishing line around the beds, it will keep deer at bay.
    p.p.s. love the pic of you worshipping in the barn!

  10. from one lilly-white friend to another--rock on, girl! love it that you worship in your barn with your family and your animals. i think i'm living vicariously through you. you can be my farm-girl and i'll be your remodelista. :-)

  11. Oh, the farm work reminds me of my childhood.
    You're right...it is VERY hard work.
    I loved seeing all the shots around your place....the chicks are getting so big! Do they love their coop?

    Are the dogs any closer to protecting the animals?

    My favorite shot is the one of you and JD playing your instruments.

  12. Franklin looks beautiful! Hope y'all are having a great Spring! Xo!

  13. Hello Linsey! I can't think of 2 better songs to know than "Be thou My Vision" and "Amazing Grace" and I don't think that it matters to God where you praise Him. "Earth's Crammed with Heaven and every common bush Afire with God"...
    Thank you for sharing these lovely photos with us!



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