Ready for Sunshine + Sad News

We've been trying to make the best of this cold and dreary weather, but I'm so over it. One can only sit inside and drink warm beverages for so long! Sunshine is like a happy pill for me, and I'm ready for an overdose. Bring it on, Lord! 

Flowering trees and daffodils have been teasing us for weeks.
Surely springtime weather is just around the corner!

It's not just the rain that's got us down. Last week, we lost three of our little farm animals: two ducks and a chicken. Any farmgirl will tell you this is part of living on a farm, but I don't think anything can prepare you for how your heart feels when it happens.

It breaks my heart to tell you how we lost the ducks. Our precious dogs got to them. They haven't quite figured out what to do with all these winged animals. It happened just after the last post. We cried buckets...and then felt so sad for Buddy and Bella. They knew they had done wrong and hung their heads in shame for days. You can still see the sadness on their faces.

Poor things. They have to sleep out in the rain
because the ducks are living in the barn for now.

Then over Easter weekend, we lost our favorite chicken to some kind of sickness. By the time we clued into the fact that something was really wrong, it was too late. We're learning this farm thing as we go...the hard way.

A sick and sad Aunt Annie Lee on Good Friday.
{Named after my great aunt who lived in Nashville.}

Over the Easter weekend, we held both joy and sadness. I guess that's life...learning to hold both at the same time....trusting that goodness wins in the end. {Reminds me of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. More thoughts on that here.}

On Easter Sunday, we didn't wear pretty dresses, cute sandals or white jeans. It was too cold and drizzly for all that. We didn't even set a pretty table or prepare a special brunch. {My mom would gasp knowing we ate on paper plates without a single table decoration!} But we did enjoy a special treat: our first visit from my husband's family.

They were troopers in the rain...
and made sure we had an egg hunt rain or shine!

So many fun places to hide eggs on a farm.

At the end of the day, rain or shine, we feel very blessed to be here...living on a farm...learning to hold both the dream and the reality, both the beauty and the brokenness, in our hearts.

One last time, Lord...in case I haven't said it loud enough: BRING THE SUN! And when it comes, I'll have my camera ready to capture all the glory.

Blessings to you, sweet friends!

P.S. I just had to come back to give you a Friday morning update: THE SUN IS SHINING! It was veiled behind fog early this morning, but it's now burning it's way through! GLORY! GLORY!


  1. Soon you will be enjoying the most beautiful weather while those of us in Texas will be slaves to our air conditioning!! :)

    Thanks for sharing your life with us through these heartfelt blog posts.

  2. Hi Linsey,
    I hear you! The flowers on your tree are beautiful...we're not there yet, still barren. Wasn't it you who recently reminded me that just on the other side of those clouds the sun is shining brightly? I'm praying for you to sense that sun in all its greatness, whether you can see it or not. :) Can't wait to see what He shows you through the lens of your camera.
    Blessings, my friend!

  3. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your cute feathered friends! But happy that you had a wonderful visit with family! It looks like you had a great time! Can't wait to see your pictures of sunshine!:)

  4. Aw man, so sorry to hear about your losses. The circle of life sometimes is so very hard to bear. Hope the girls are okay. How nice that you had some visitors though. I let go this Easter too...I didn't do all the usuals or take our traditional photo on the front steps. It just wasn't happening...
    Happy to know that you guys are finding beauty in the simple things. Happy Easter to you Linsey!

  5. Sorry to hear about the winged babies. It's just farm life but still incredibly sad.
    Sounds like the dogs need some proper training, it's not hard and they'll catch on fast. It doesn't need to be hard core aversion training, just boundary training. I usually takes about 3 sessions to get our dogs ignoring all livestock incl bunnies.
    Your easter sounds lovely and relaxed, we are in autumn here so Easters VERY weird! No blossom bud, lambs or chicks, just bonfires and crunchy leaves!

  6. praying over my tender hearted beauty-hunter today. praying he gives you the desires of your heart drenched in sunshine. love you honey.

  7. So sorry Lins! ;(
    On a lighter note, you all look so happy and 'bright' in your Easter Day photo. And if it makes you feel any better, it's been chilly here in Houston all week too.

  8. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear of your sadness! Your Easter looks like many we've had here in the Seattle area. I can totally relate to the feeling when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and it's time for sun. Happy to hear it's shining on you this morning! :)


    P.S. Cannot WAIT for the spring stationery! ;)

  9. Hi Linsey,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your ducks and chicken! I'm sure it was so hard!!

    Please keep us informed as to all the farm happenings - I'm living through you! You're a lucky girl and it's so great to learn and watch through your words and your vision!

    We finally got some sun yesterday as well! Yay!!!


  10. Aw so sorry about those little babies. I'm a suburban girl who dreams of living on a farm and moments like those would definitely be the hardest I think. I have to say though as I've said before, I am so in love with those dog babies of yours. They are so darn sweet looking. "hung their head in shame for days"...that's something i would have said. my dog wear his 'bag of shame" on neighborhood walks. your family is just beautiful!

  11. I'm SO sorry about the ducks....
    I guess it's normal for the dogs to want them?
    Is there some kind of time period that is supposed to be allowed before the dogs begin to "protect" the animals on a farm? I'm sure there is. :)

    so glad you got in a great visit from your in-laws. :)) love the pictures.

  12. Hi Linsey -
    I'm so sorry about the ducks and chicken. As my parents always say when we lose an animal: they've gone over the rainbow bridge. I do feel bad for Buddy and Bella, as it is in their nature to hunt.
    I can't believe Easter is over. It is one of my favorite holidays as we always spend it with family. Glad your in-laws were able to visit.
    Take care,

  13. Please find a place for your dogs not to be kept outside in the rain!


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