It's Stationery Season at LLH Designs!


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With all the dreariness of winter {so uninspiring for me as a designer} and all the farm duties of spring {young animals are a lot of work}, I wasn't sure if I'd have a chance to offer spring stationery.

But here it is...inspired by my own love of paper goods and a selfish need for lots of good gifts. T'is the season for mothers, teachers, graduates, birthdays and of course, a few things for me!

Everyday Note Cards

Scripture Note Cards
{I photographed the antique crosses at Marburger Antique Show.}

Love these note pads! The paper is thick and smooth.
{My sister painted the lavender for me. She's amazing!}

Another note pad...with a faded chevron so that you can write on top.

Gift Tags

Folded Greeting Cards
{Watercolor paper makes these extra special.}

A peek at some stationery displayed in my studio.
{Maybe I'll remember to give you a full photo tour someday!}

All of these items come packaged in a clear, fitted bag. Just add a gift tag, pretty ribbon or some twine and voilĂ ! You're done! Let me know if I can help you by contacting me through my website.

Happy Spring, Sweet Friends!


  1. Darling things... will be in touch with my order within the next couple of days..

  2. Yippee!!
    Can't believe you've found the time for these, but I'm so glad you did :)
    Love your sister's lavender, too.

  3. i think i recognize those crosses, huh??? xoxo

    1. Yep! You were with me! Miss you, Jenny J!

  4. Love these, Linsey. I'll be putting in an order. Gotta decide which one(s) I want first! Contact you soon xoxo, L

  5. Just placed order but not sure it went through. The last screen was exit confirmation. sorry my first time! thx!

  6. Stunning...fresh...crisp...love your work.


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