A Sister Visit + A Bathroom Upgrade

You might be wondering what a sister and a bathroom have in common. Well...when you have a sister who loves to knock out a project and knows how to use power tools, things HAPPEN!

Take this bathroom door for instance.

I ignored it in the garage for 9 months.
She trimmed it, repaired it and installed it in a single afternoon!
{She's awesome like that.}

I kept her company while she used power tools.
{I'm sweet like that.}

I've had the door for 6 or 7 years.
It blocked a funky column in the corner of my Houston house.

{It was always kind of awkward there.}

I like it much better as a working door!

I don't have a before shot,
but without spending a lot of money, this tiny
bathroom has been transformed. It's all in the details!

Love this knob from Anthropologie, but not sure if it's a keeper. Kinda wonky.

The mirror and the door look like they were meant to go together!
{Bought the mirror at Anthropologie several years ago.}

A unique mirror adds loads of charm without spending lots of money.
A huge improvement over the glued-on wall mirror.
{Wisteria has great looking, well-priced mirrors, by the way.}

Another way to add instant charm:
a new light fixture.

A $49 clearance item from Pottery Barn Kids online.
{Talk about an unexpected place to find a light fixture!}

And you've gotta love this window treatment:

A burlap doormat that was once in my studio.
{Didn't even take the time to iron it. Just tacked it up there!}

And you know about my crown fetish.
{A reminder that I'm a daughter of the King!}

Love these scalloped zinc shelves.
{Bought them here two years ago...and finally found a place for them!
Inspiration sometimes takes her sweet time to strike!}

And for some perspective,
the bathroom door is right off kitchen.

I get to enjoy it every day.
{A huge factor when deciding where to install an antique door. That and size.}

If you're looking for a cute picture of my sister and me,
we forgot to take one. But here's my cute nephew:

He has a thing for tractors...

...and for climbing them!

Sister, when can you come back?
Things get done when you're here!

Love and hugs,

My sister's home was recently featured in a Houston magazine.
You'll love seeing how different our styles are!

{See pages 40-51 here.}


  1. Love the bathroom makeover -- you gals did a great job!

  2. Linsey... The bathroom looks so cute. Positively LOVE the door. How nice to have a visit with your sister! And a crafty one, at that!

  3. It's so nice to see someone do an economical makeover that looks fantastic!

  4. Your house is so gorgeous, I love every single detail you add. Always look forward to your posts knowing their is inspiration in all areas of life found with every visit. :)

  5. Oh my gosh! I walk by your sister's house almost every day with the dogs, and I was walking by the day the AIA had a home tour there. Ran home, dumped the dogs and grabbed a neighbor and went back to see her whole, beautiful home. I told my friend that it is just about the only home I've ever toured where I would not change a thing.
    You are both very, very talented!

  6. OK WOW and WOW ~ Your little powder bath is awesome and Holly's house is just fabulous! Just stunned at how cool her house and yard is. You ladies certainly have an eye for home design/style. Funny, I have the other concrete (?) face mold from your pair hanging in my powder bath. ;)


    PS- LOVE your new profile pic!!

  7. What a fun post! I love what you have done with your bathroom - it's so unique! That door is amazing as are all your little touches. How fun that your sis was able to help you accomplish something so big! Glad you had a great visit. Now I'm off to peek at her home!

  8. i enjoyed that immensely!
    love the door handle and the door. those two things just made the space. also the zinc shelves!
    but the best? the picture of the cousins. how precious they get to come and play at your farm.
    still have to pinch myself and i bet you do too? thank you for your words that uplift. i need them like the thirsty ground. they mean the world to me.
    hugs and kisses

  9. hi Linsey. since you have posted this we have had 2 inquiries for our scallop shelves. we now live in the Philly area and boy am i missing TEXAS. your home is as awesome as i knew it would be!!! thanks for mentioning us. we are going to try and work it out to ship some shelves to these folks. Peg, French Vanilla

  10. My sister Kathleen comes and tweaks the shop for me. In exchange, I get to hang out with her precious boys. Miss you and Holly. Hope to see you soon. xox

  11. Hi, Linsey -
    Great, great post!! 1) I need to borrow your sis! I have seven sisters, and none can pop on a door like your sister! But I still love them all :) 2) Love, love that awesome door....such a focal point. Looks perfect there. Now everyone will wanna open to see what's behind. 3) Your nephew and the girls = so cute :) 4) You have a beautiful family!!

  12. oh my goodness...that door is dreamy.
    so glad your sister hung it. :)

    her little boy is todiefor sweet.....his curls are dreamy, too.

    i can't BELIEVE how different your styles are. :) i'm as different from my brother as night is to day. :)

    1. We are night and day all the way! Always have been. :)

  13. Love...love...your changes to the bathroom. My sister is like that also and can wield a tool like crazy! I know you appreciate all of her help!

  14. love your house so much!!! i saw a peek of your toilet roll holder and must know if you remember where you got it?? what a beautiful way to display something less than beautiful right???

    1. In the Heights (Houston) many, many years ago!

  15. Linsey, I discovered your beautiful blog via Pinterest (the wine box gardening post) and have absolutely loved reading your site! Several nights ago, I spent a few hours immersed in the beauty on these pages! Your Franklin farm is just stunning. Many times, I laughed as a I read your words; we seem to have a lot in common, and I felt like I was sitting down with a dear friend!

    I have one question for you ... I noticed you have Seagrass in your Franklin house. How does the carpet hold up with kiddos? And does it shed? I have a braided jute rug and love the look, but find that it sheds a lot. I'm considering seagrass for a house we'll be building in the near future, but I'm curious about it's durability (I have three kiddos aged five and under). Also, is it easy to remove stains? And how about the comfort factor? The braided jute is a bit knobby underfooot. Thanks!

    1. Shalene! I owe you a reply to the very kindest email you sent! You are a sweetheart! I'm perpetually behind on email, but I wanted to answer your question about seagrass vs. jute. I hands down prefer seagrass. It holds up well and just looks tidier in my opinion. I have a jute rug and honestly can't stand it because it sheds all the time. Just looks nubby and dirty in my opinion. That being said, jute is much softer underfoot than seagrass. When my girls were little, I layered a soft, thick area rug on top of seagrass since we were on the floor all the time. I'm used to seagrass with bare feet (even had it in my bedroom), but I don't like sitting or kneeling on it. Hope that helps!


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