Making The Most Of A Dreary Farm Day

It's spring break week for us, and we're spending it at home on the farm. {With 24 young farm animals, I'm not sure a getaway was really an option!} While we'd really like to see some sunshine during the break, we're making the most of this dreary drizzle. Come sit with us as we watch chickens roam, ducks swim and dogs lounge.

My new favorite farm photo.

Our mobile coop, which will soon be placed out in the pasture.

But for now, they've discovered the back porch...

...the back door...

...the firewood pile...

...and the kitchen window sill.

The ducks are more contained for now.
Living in a barn stall with access to a pen behind the barn
where they can swim in a trough.

Playtime for the little chicks,
who are currently living in a trough inside the garage.

The Buffs stick close to us...
still climbing on and around our feet. So sweet!

JD has a hidden talent: animal whisperer.
They all love him!

The toddlers and the teenagers keep their distance.
This is as close as it gets!

And of course Buddy and Bella watch all the action.
{They haven't officially begun their job as guardians yet.}

muddy but feminine with those crossed paws.

the first of all the farm animals.

And what's a day on the farm without a little tree climbing?

I can't wait to see all the bare trees burst forth with life and leaves.
Come on, spring! We're ready for you!

It's crazy to think that only a year ago, during last year's spring break trip to Franklin, we saw this farm for the first time. It wasn't even for sale. But we heard a whisper in our hearts to dream big...and you all where that led us! Right back to this farm in Franklin, Tennessee. Lots of highs and lows along the way, but it's been a leap of faith we'll always remember...and never regret.

Blessings and love to you this Easter week!


  1. Seeing JD with the chick reminds me of Grandpa. He made such pets out of the chicks the he gave us for Easter.

  2. Those are the cutest chicks ever! the farm is beautiful

  3. Lucky girl! Love the farm, chicks - all of it!

    Thanks for posting!!

  4. hard to believe it was not that long ago you moved there! we'll be arriving April 19th, so we are coming soon! I gave you a shout-out today :)

  5. These photographs are precious, Linsey!

  6. Lovely- a great way to spend a break :) The dogs are just beautiful!

  7. Spring Break on a farm with animals sounds awesome. Such a chilly spring this year but plenty warm in your heart. That is a good sign.

  8. Love this post! Thank you for sharing. I live n a suburban home with 0 animals (allergies :( ), so I live through others wonderful pets....

  9. Your post brought a smile to my face - thank you! Have a wonderful Easter week~

  10. I adore that last picture of the girls...it brought a smile to my face tonight! It's just amazing how much can change in one year. God really can move mountains.
    And just so you know, it was a dreary weekend here in Texas too.

  11. Your farm pictures are beautiful. They tell so many stories. I love love love the journey that God has your family on. Thanks for sharing it with us my sweet friend.

  12. Aww, beautiful! That's why you can't ignore the whispers! :)

  13. Linsey...I can't tell you how much I enjoy your posts. Your photography is breathtaking! It has been in the 20's at night in Texas. I have had to wrap all my plants up. Hope you are doing well. Love the pics of the girls in the tree.

  14. Soo cute!! I love your farm life!

  15. love all the captures of farm life....
    can't believe it was a year ago that you guys took the trip and walked a journey of faith.

    time has flown by!

    those trees will be flowering in no time and then everything will be green!!!! it's happening here already....

  16. love love LOVE love all of this
    your heart
    your family
    your farm
    your dream
    OUR GOD...so big


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