Beauty in Both

Do you ever feel like this?

In a fog, wondering when or if it's going to lift?

You may not see it now, but behind that thin veil,
there's light waiting to shine!

Would you believe I took these photos during the same hour this morning?

I've been longing for the sun. I feel more alive in its light.
But there's something uniquely beautiful about the fog.
It has a way of slowing and stilling you...
quieting your soul...

...until everything in you is ready to embrace the sun!

Celebrating the beauty in both today.



  1. We get fogged in alot in the winter months on the mountain just south of you in North Alabama and I find beauty in it. I feel like we are tucked in or hugged by nature. And some days we have the sun and the fog is below us. God must know we need them both. Love your comparison photos.

  2. A good reminder that the sun is always shining on the other side of the clouds. It's one of my favorite things about flying in an airplane. Besides vacation or home sweet home waiting at the end of the flight. :)
    Great fuel for reflection, Linsey... and beautiful photographs to boot.
    Smiles for your day,

  3. I feel the same way! Our Texas weather has been wonky- sunny one day and winter cold the next. Cannot wait to see what you have been doing with that lovely home of yours!

  4. Precious reminder for me this morning. Even when I am surrounded by the fog, I am not alone. Hope you are well and enjoying your first TN spring!

  5. Around here, the fog has been indoors and consists primarily of drywall particles and sawdust. I go outside and sit for a bit, listen to the happy birds, and just rest in Him. It's always more than enough. Hope your day is filled with peace, sweet friend.

  6. Such beauty that God creates for us to see. Isn't it wonderful when we hear Him speaking to us through the fog and reminding us that the "Son" is coming.

    As soon as your girls get out of school, Faith and I are heading that way. When does school end for y'all?

    1. Wow...isn't that AMAZING. We both replied so similarly, almost simultaneously! And from 2 gals named Amy!!

    2. Yes! You would love that Amy. The sweetest heart. Visit her blog to see.

  7. As I was driving back down our gravel road one morning after dropping our children at school, the fog was beginning to lift. I often pray while driving as it is typically my only quiet time. As I was thanking God for the day and all the blessing he showers upon my family daily, He spoke to me through His creation. The fog is another illustration of His presence. To remind us that so often we cannot see our path on our own, but that with the sun (Son) it is clearly revealed to us.

    Love it when He speaks to me, Love it again when I can remember it later and reflect and share. Thank you for inspiring me to share.

    1. Love that, Amy. And love that you were also thinking about the Son when you spoke of the sun. Me, too!

  8. oh is that not the truth! i, too, feel more alive when the sun is out. wonder if God crafted us that way...SON and SUN?..just wonder
    sending you love.....xo

  9. And in the fog, who knows, Mr Darcy might come walking up over that hill ;)! Just beautiful.

  10. And in the fog, who knows, Mr Darcy might come walking up over that hill ;)! Just beautiful.

  11. I can so appreciate this post...
    last week, a dark fog was hanging over me...so many unknowns with my recent health scares....
    but, Saturday, the fog lifted (in my spirit) and the SON (and all his peace) have me new mercies and grace to go through this.

    your pictures are beautiful....


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