A Restful Sunday on the Farm

Hi. Here I am again...rather unexpectedly. I have no idea what I'm doing with this blog. Ready to give it up one day...inspired to write and share beauty another. Total blog roller coaster. Call me crazy.

One of our new Buff Orpington chicks.

My husband and girls love seeing our farm life chronicled here, so unless I commit to writing a photo book just for them, they may not let me off the blogging hook. So here I am. Blogging when I feel like resting. Because I love my family. And if anyone else finds joy in this post, well...we'll just count that as a double blessing!

Could they be any cuter?!?!

On this warmer than usual March day, we decided to let our chicks and ducklings roam around outside.  When I lived in Houston {all of my life}, I never imagined we could spend an entire day watching ducklings waddle and chicks peck the ground. Talk about a peaceful, restful day!

Can you believe how much they've grown in only a few short weeks?
{Here they are when they arrived on our farm.}

A baby Mallard.
{Our neighbor named this one Joey.}

Speaking of growing fast, look at our first batch of chicks!
{I think they're officially called "pullets" now. Kind of like teenager hens.}

Aunt Annie Lee.
Remember how tiny she was here?

It's been amazing to watch them grow and change each day.

Hope went from looking like she wasn't going to make it to this!
{This is the chick we prayed over.}

And this is Morning Glory. Isn't she a beauty?
{She plays hard to get.}

I never imagined I'd be handling dried up worms,
but this treat makes for some happy chickens!

We decided today was a good day to start
introducing the dogs to the animals they'll be guarding.

Bella sniffing Hope.

Buddy in his most submissive posture.
A good sign, we think.

Anatolian Shepherds have a long history as livestock guardians.
We're hoping our dogs understand and enjoy their new job!

When we aren't supervising,
the older chickens stay in their new coop.

JD ordered a coop on wheels so that we can move the hens
around our property vs. having them peck one spot to death. 

As for the baby chicks, they live in a galvanized trough
in the garage {with a heat lamp} for now.

I can't get over how cute they are!

Something we've learned about the Buff Orpingtons vs. the Americanas {our other breed}: the Buff Orpingtons like to stay close and hop all over us; the Americanas stick to themselves and keep their distance. Not sure if it's an age thing or a breed thing, but we're thinking breed. {Some breeds are more social than others.} But the Americanas lay beautiful colored eggs. And you know me: that's how to pick a chicken!

Huddled up between my feet.

We've discovered that chicks like foot massages.
They literally fall asleep!

For my Texas friends.

So there you have it: a restful Sunday on the farm. As for my rest from technology, we'll see how blogging without excessive computer time goes. I've decided most of it {Pinterest, Facebook, an increasing percentage of my email} is just too hard to keep up with...a never ending onslaught of non-essential stuff amidst only a few treasures. If I want to invest my time in what matters most, something has to give. How to you find the balance?

Wishing you a restful day,


  1. Omigoodness, this is precious! You just brought a smile and a chuckle to an otherwise sort of dreary day up north ... thank you for spreading joy, Linsey! Add me to your list of people who consider this post a blessing.

    Smiles for your day,
    P.S. Speaking of lists, I'm offering a little giveaway on my blog, if you're interested...

    1. Glad I could add a smile to your dreary day. It's super dreary here today, so I find myself going back and looking at photos of sunnier, brighter days!

  2. hiya missy--no balance here in this household! it's a mad dash from one frenzied activity to the next, and we're all pollen-sick and tired. enter spring break and a time change and now we're not sure if we're coming or going?! tomorrow will be quiet. just here at the house. may dig in the yard. i say all this to {hopefully} encourage you. balance, i think, is a direct relative of perfection! tell balance goodbye--and instead, if you can, seek sweet moments of quiet in between the crazy. you'll hear his sweet voice--and you've already learned to find his beauty! love you honey! a

    1. Tell balance goodbye? Really? The funny thing is, I think the pastor at the church we've been attending has said the same thing! You're a wise woman! And I receive all the words you've ever shared as encouraging! XO!

  3. Love how much the chicks have grown. I can't wait to see their eggs when they start laying. I want to add a colored egg layer to my bunch but also have heard great things about the Buff Orpingtons. Your sweet dogs with the chickens - my favorite photos! :)

  4. I love your posts! They are so real - and always interesting. I love the pictures of your chicks! I tried to pin one to use as a writing prompt with my third graders - I'm hoping it worked. Thanks for sharing your life with your readers!

    1. What a fun idea! These little chicks definitely look like they're saying something! I'd be happy to email you a photo if needed.

  5. I consider every post you write, every bit of the personal life you so generously share, to be a blessing. I wouldn't say I wait for the next one, but I check in often for your latest hopeful, encouraging offering. You are, and will always be, one of my favorite people to read, no matter how sporadic the posts themselves may be. Often I come back to re-read your many different posts that have touched my heart, made me ponder, and blessed my day before. I appreciate your sincere and open heart most of all. Thanks for another lovely glimpse into God's beauty. Those sweet dogs make me yearn for one of my own!

    1. Thank you, Collette. To know that some of the things I share here are worth re-reading is humbling for sure! I re-read many of my posts at later times, but didn't know anyone else did. Hugs!

  6. What adorable pics - I LOVE LOVE LOVE chickens - love your farm life too - a little jealous. Have a blessed week and thanks for sharing with us. xo

  7. Oh so much fun!! I love the rolling chicken coop!! Treasured times..treasured hearts! Thank you for sharing these moments. What a treat!! Much love!

  8. Such cute babies you have! The "Easter Egg Chickens" lay the most beautiful eggs. We are down to only one on those right now but she gives us a gorgeous blue egg every day. We are getting around 15-20 eggs a day right now so my fridge is FULL. You will totally love getting your first egg and seeing how tiny it is.

    I love the ducks. So wish we had a pond.

    Keep posting those farm and feet pictures, girl. I love seeing them all. :)

    Love to you.

  9. My 22 month old son, Colton, and I just love this post from you, Linsey! We have a Great Pyrenees named, Bella, so that is what he calls both of your dogs. Sorry, Buddy! At least he can get the name of one of them right!

    Balance is such a hard, hard thing that always feels just out of reach. I just don't even know if it is truly achievable in our world with too many gadgets and distractions. Some days I want to cut the cords off of everything and say, Done! I put Pinterest and Facebook on the shelf. Now I just need to learn to say no to Instagram. It's always something out there to tempt us into wasting our precious time!

    Love from Dallas!

    1. I love knowing that these photos were enjoyed by your little boy. :) Great Pyrenees and Anatolians have quite a bit in common. Lots of people have GP's here to guard their livestock. Such great looking dogs!

      I'm with you...some days I want to cut the cord on everything, too.

  10. Love your blog and check it daily for new posts. I agree it is easy to get lost and caught up in the technology- to the point of being disconnected from reality. Pull back when you need to- it's just a dance :)

  11. This city girl will miss your blog! Your chicks and ducklings are so precious! I hear you on finding the time to blog. I do it for an hour in the morning and maybe an hour in the evening. It's a way of keeping track of life and my family and friends. I love looking back at my pictures and stories. You just need to do what you want, when you want it. If you feel obligated or too stressed from it, you can always take a break. Good luck!


  12. a baby chick getting a foot massage... that is about the cutest thing ever!

    : ) Rachel

  13. This was so fun! Thank you for sharing~

    I, too, have found too much of my time taken up with technology. The first things to go were Facebook and Pinterest. I have not missed them at all!

    Your blog is one of the few that I follow. I really appreciate you taking the time to share with us~ My best wishes to you, and your family!

    1. Honored that I would be one of your few. Proud if you for pulling the plug on FB and Pinterest. I hate how "quick checks" there turn into way to many wasted minutes.

  14. Our adult Buff is our friendliest too. Follows the kids around and even cuddles. Love seeing your farm life!

    1. I hope our Buffs like to cuddle when they get older!

  15. So lovely to see you back. Those chicks, those dogs, honestly you pick the cutest creatures ;-)

  16. This is a great post and I love it! It seems that your family is embracing this major change of lifestyle with such wonderful spirit and grace. Thanks for sharing. :)

  17. it's a beautiful post....
    i wonder how many of us struggle with keeping our blogs and letting them go?
    maybe it's a great place to be?? always willing to give it up if the Lord leads that way.

    i love watching your farm life evolve...the chicks are amazing.
    reminds me so much of my childhood...your kids will look back with so many fond memories of being raised on land.

    continue to rest in the beauty all around you.

  18. Those little chicks and ducks are just too cute! I love when you share some of the farm life with us!
    I say blog when you feel like it, and when you don't, well so be it! :)

  19. Linsey,

    I adore this post! I have been wanting to get chickens for sooo long, but am so afraid of predator issues. My neighbor has had them, but lost them all to a raccoon. I am sure the dogs would make a huge difference!

    You are living my dream life.... I so want to live on a farm, but my husband is very happy where we are now. He would be fine with my adding a few animals to the property, but we are so busy with the kids activities - so little time anymore.

    I admire your choice to sloooow down and enjoy the simple things - something I desperately would love to do!

    I hope you will continue to blog about your life and the farm. Your blog is my favorite of all! Love hearing your continuing story!

    Best wishes!!

    1. Favorite of all? Now THAT is a high compliment! Thank you, Angela!

  20. i am in the process of balance hunting. my life has been changing so much so i am just being open. i closed my shop for two weeks to catch up on orders. felt the leading too.
    i LOVE love LOVE reading your farm life here. i do. maybe that is the direction you are heading?
    i also loved your comment on the brain fog. i asked my daughter if that was something she experienced and she said...oh yes mom! so i wasn't imagining it! i am so curious about this lifestyle..i am already thinking i wouldn't want to go back...thank you for sharing that information. i am open to learning more about it....have a restful day friend
    enjoy your world there on the farm....those chicks are darling..xo

  21. I have struggled with 'to blog or not to blog' lately. Like you, I have decided to keep going as a record of our days and life together, not to gain followers or change the world. And like you, just when I think I have nothing left...I am clicking 'post'. I know I can relate, but I would so miss you if you weren't out there in blog land.
    Side note...your dogs are precious. When we adopted our dog Scotty from the pound, my husband knelt down beside him and he immediately rolled on his back in submission. That sealed the deal!
    p.s. The growth I see in your life is HUGE. Literally and figuratively!

  22. I am a very random reader of your blog, but whenever I end up here I am impressed by your slow life and gorgeous nature. You blog sticks out because of your life, your openness and beauty. The bla, bla blogs that keep re-posting pinterest pics can in no way keep up with you - you have a real story to tell. Just don't feel any pressure, post when you feel like posting and rest when you feel like resting and massage chicken feet all day long. You should be proud to have escaped the rat race. All the best from Nicola.


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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