You Know You Live On a Farm When...

1. You come home to 10 baby ducklings...added to your 6 baby chicks, 2 large pups, 4 people...and somehow think this is all good and normal.

For the record: we've never even talked about having ducks. {Not yet anyway!} But we do have a pond. And a farm. So this is normal, right?!?!

Here's the story: Hallie and I were at Girls of Grace {highly recommended!} for the day. JD and Laura Finley were supposedly doing farm duties...which naturally meant a trip to the Farmer's Co-op...where there just so happened to be 10 baby Mallards. Laura Finley, with her tenderest heart and biggest eyes, told her daddy these ducklings needed a home. And before you knew it, they were ours.

2. You think you're going to cozy up and watch a movie {or the final episode of Downton Abbey} when all of a sudden your husband cowboys up and goes outside wearing a holster.

{Too dark to take a picture!}

For the record: We never owned a gun in the city. We trusted Jesus and the nearby police to protect us. But apparently, when you live in the country, a man needs a gun.

Here's the story: After dark, coyotes move all through these parts...in large, howling packs. {Lots of nighttime action here on the farm. Remind me to tell you about Buddy's run-in with a skunk!} For former city girls, a pack of coyotes howling right outside your bedroom window is a little creepy. And it gets the dogs real worked up. So the dogs sound the alarm with their low, steady barks {just as they are bred to do}, and JD goes out with a spotlight, boots, rugged Carhart jacket...and occasionally, a gun. Don't worry, he hasn't shot anything. But he looks real manly as he heads out in the darkness to protect his family, pups, chickens and now, ducklings. The girly girl in me didn't know what to make of all this at first. But seeing how responsible, skilled and cautious he is, I now chalk it up to part of living on a farm.

I could add a number of other funny things to this list, but my farmboy is back inside now, so I'm off to watch the final episode of Downton Abbey. Don't worry...I know how it ends. Watching it to admire Maggie Smith more than anything!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend...wherever you are!

P.S. I was really missing my hometown on Go Texan Day. But would you believe I often feel more Texan here on a farm in Franklin than I ever did in the heart of Houston? You know what they say: You can take a girl out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of a girl!

My favorite made in Texas boots...
and my idea of a gun:

A camera is always my weapon of choice.
And while I've only shot myself once {here}, I think it's something everyone should try.
For, when you learn to find beauty in yourself, you can find beauty in anything!


  1. OH my, the baby ducks are so precious. Your pictures is wonderful and I love the boots. Hugs, Marty

  2. You are too cute - and your little ducks are too! Have a blessed day Linsey.

  3. Baby ducks are so much fun! They do know how to make a mess...
    Nice self-shot! I wouldn't dare...

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. Love the ducks! Before you know it your pond will be filled with them!


  5. I love your willingness to embrace this new adventure- so fun! You are truly living life to the fullest:-)

    Cute ducklings, too!

  6. Howdy Cowgirl. Hoping warm weather will soon have you out and about exploring your first spring on the farm. Know the ground holds about a million surprises--and I can't wait to see what they are! The ducklings are darling--and you, dear, are a beauty! Guns up!!! Love--A
    PS Do you have some killer sunscreen to protect your creamy complexion?

  7. I love how you're loving living in TN on that beautiful farm.
    I can't wait to see it in the Spring....take lots of pictures with that gun of yours! :)

    I loved how you wrote hat if we can learn to find beauty in ourselves, we can find beauty in anything. So true.

    I need to be better at that!

  8. That is my favorite photo of you! I know you are a Texas girl at heart, but farm life sure suits you!

  9. i REMEMBER that picture! oh that made me smile!
    wow how life has changed for you girlie.
    and the ending...i know! i can't believe it.
    made me sad. your little farm and animals are just
    the happiest thing to see.
    hugs friend....xo

  10. I immediately thought of a cute book that we often read to our girls. Tim McGraw's My Little Girl. It starts out with Katie trying to figure out what she's going to wear for the spectacular day--just her and her dad, something remarkable. Then he says "First stop, the co-op!" and she is a little disappointed. the picture is dad, Katie and their dog all in the truck. then the next page she squeals "bunnies, and baby chicks!" as she is in the pen with them, and he wants to show her something else--mommy ducks and her babies :) I am sure JD and your girls will have many more of these "nothing-in-particular" spectacular days :) I can only imagine it's a little tiring to try to learn it all, too, almost like you're learning a new culture :) http://www.mardel.com/My-Little-Girl-1639426.aspx

  11. I love your blog, thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, you are inspiring! And you have a beautiful family, God bless you!


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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