Our Guest Bedroom

My girls love to read my blog. The first thing they did when they got their own email address was subscribe. Isn't that the sweetest? It's fun to see what inspires them. My youngest sends me fun emails and my oldest engages me in conversation. After my last post, we had this little exchange:
Hallie: That's a great way to be thankful for your room.
Me: So sweet of you to say. Sometimes I feel silly for photographing and sharing things like that on my blog.
Hallie: I don't think it's silly. I think it's a great way to appreciate the beauty in something that you didn't see beauty in before.
Me: {Silent pause.} So, so true. 
So on that note, I've got another bedroom to share:
our grown up guest room.

Same headboard as the master. Even at full price, I couldn't resist.
{Those of you who got it on sale scored. So happy I could help!}

The best part of the room is the view...
the best one in the whole house!

Pretty even in the dead of winter.
{Still thanking God for the sunshine!}

Some good bedside reading...

...and a little French-inspired beauty!

My mom actually bought this piece in Nashville when I was at Vanderbilt!
She passed it on to me a few years ago, and I promptly had it painted.

Love this antique writing box {also a gift from my mom}.
Recently purchased these old letters from a local antique shop.

Original artwork from my very talented sister
who once owned her own print making studio in Houston.
{My favorite frames from West Elm.}

Hung this myself just a few days ago!
{With my husband's step-by-step instructions. Feeling proud!}

Side note: I've developed a bit of a lighting fetish. I love the look of high dollar fixtures {many of them pinned here} but I love a great deal even more. I've had to purchase a LOT of light fixtures for this house, so by the time I got to guest rooms, I ran out of steam. I went to Lowe's and decided I was coming home with something no matter what. To make it my own, I removed all of the crystal swags and shortened the large crystal that hangs from the bottom. Easy to do with wire cutters. {Here is how it looks on the Lowe's website.}

Perfect for the corner of a room,
but can also be used outside on the balcony.
{From World Market.}

Our second-story balcony.
{Both guest rooms open to this porch.}

We've never had a guest room before, so having two is wild! {I'm still working on the kid-friendly guest room.} Actually, we had a spare bedroom in Houston, but we used it as a craft room. With all our family living in Houston, there was no need for a guest room. Here, we're hoping we'll have lots of visitors!

New things I purchased: the headboard and the chandelier.

Things I'd like to add: simple linen panels and a new rug. Oh, and because I love linens and think it's such fun to dress a bed, a good sale could inspire me down the road! {I've had the linens you see for 10 years...first in our bedroom, then in my oldest daughter's.}

Paint colors: Moonshine on the walls. Swiss Coffee on the ceilings. Both by Benjamin Moore. One thing you'll begin to notice as I share my home: I like a lot of the same tones. My house may look all one color to most, but to me, it's all about the subtleties. {Remember my paint paralysis? Subtleties will cause that!}

Any guest room tips? Little things I should add to make my guests feel cozy? One of my dearest friends always places fresh flowers on the bathroom counter when we visit. And lays out these thick white bath towels from Restoration Hardware. {I think I might have to buy a few during the annual bed and bath event that's going on right now!}

It was so much fun thinking about who might come stay with us as I put this room together!


P.S. This room is getting lots of love right now! Just hosted sweet friends from Houston over the weekend and am tidying up for my mom on Thursday. {Note to self: when your daughters move to a new town, fly up on their birthday that first year. A great gift since no one in their new hometown will know it's their birthday!}


  1. Oh what a beautiful room and so inviting. I am sure anyone would love to be a guest. Love the headboard and the linens, perfect. Hugs, Marty

  2. Beautiful! Even more beautiful is your exchange with your daughter... what sweet observations from her. Love that:-)

    Sweet that you will have your Momma with you for your birthday- sure to be celebration worthy.

    1. I agree, Kelly. Sweet Hallie's words are my favorite part of this post. :) I'm so honored to be her mama!

  3. Gorgeous! Very warm, cozy and inviting! The cabinet is such a great focal point, well...besides that beautiful view! You might store thick towels in there for guests. I also keep a pretty water decanter and glasses in my guest room. Now, can I be the first guest?!! :)


    1. Water, yes! How could I forget? I take a glass of water to bed with me every night!

  4. Such a relaxing room! And that balcony...(am swooning)! I particularly like that little wooden box. Such a warm touch. How nice of you to share a glimpse of your daughter's wise spirit. What a blessing!

  5. Your girls have the sweetest hearts! I love that they can appreciate the beauty in the small things in life. That is no doubt the result of the Godly example you set for them. I love checking your blog updates on my lunch breaks...today I was stressed and made myself some hot tea,looked at your guest room pics and instantly felt a sense of calm. I love your home, and this guest room is so inviting. I keep a journal on the nightstand in our guest room, and each vistor writes something in it each time they visit. It is so fun to look back and remember some of the small details that we may have otherwise forgotten. I highly recommend it. Thank you for the post today, and thank you to your daughter for the inspiration of showing gratitude for the things we have. -Susan

    1. It makes my heart happy to know that I could share a little peace and calm with you during your lunch break! I LOVE your idea of adding a journal to the nightstand. I'll have to do that! Thanks for your idea and your sweet words.

  6. Love seeing the house. Thank you for sharing it! You sound so much happier. :)

    1. I still have my down days, but I'm nestling in more and more. Change is hard, but made easier by these views! :)

  7. An inviting room......and I LOVE what you did to the chandy! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi, Linsey - How are you? Okay, lots to say:

    - Hallie, can she be any wiser and more mature? What a gem.

    - Love that expansive view! It just goes on....

    - Lucky guests! Your guestroom is beautiful and so serene. I love the palette, and find it harmonious with the beautiful view beyond.

    - And the piece from your mom: so unusual. I think it is charming. I love the gentle curves on the aprons.

    Thank you for this tour, and for kindly sharing your sources ~
    Take care,

    1. Love what you said about the palette being harmonious with the view. That's exactly what I want to achieve in every room here. Always great to hear your thoughts and observations, Loi!

  9. beautiful guest room, friend.
    you've spared no detail and it shows. :)

    I love your colors..so calming!

    I know that guest room will get used a lot...can't wait to see what you're doing with the kid-friendly one.

  10. You are going to LOVE having a guest room! {I think you already do!} I love what you have done with your guest space and that you are installing your own lighting now...WOW! I am new to having a guest space as well, but some of the things I add when guests come to town are...
    magazines & snacks...
    special photos of those dear ones who come to visit {I switch them out}...
    I splurged on a linen tissue box cover from Pottery Barn {a whopping $19}, but I always have a box of tissues and it made it pretty...
    and finally hangers and a laundry hamper in the clean, uncluttered closet.
    I love that you share your home with us and I adore your daughter's perspective on gratitude. What a wise girl she is! Our blogs are a reflection of what we are thankful for, and our homes are no different!

    1. So many great ideas! So weird that I've never really had house guests before. Houston wasn't exactly the kind of place people wanted to come visit. And all our family lived there, so we rarely had a need for a guest room. Can't wait to see who shows up here!

  11. Oh Lindsey I am in love with your second story balcony. I would spend all my time up there curled up with a good book!

  12. What a perfect guest room! I can tell you have the gift of hospitality and love to see people be comfortable in your home. I agree with you on the birthday thing! It is always hard having a birthday in a new place and a momma always makes it better : )

    1. I've never put my gift to the test with house guests, but I do hope this will always be a peaceful, inspiring place for friends to visit!

  13. What a beautiful room, and the view... breathtaking. You don't mind if I pop over for a visit do you? x

    1. Just a quick hop across the pond! Wink!

  14. I love BOTH of your rooms-they're so calm and relaxing! The view is amazing! I know you miss Houston, but you're in an awesome place.

    1. Awesome indeed! Thanks for the reminder!

  15. Love your clever take on Lowe's lighting! And that porch...WOW! When we have visitors, I love to leave them a love note, a really good piece of chocolate, and turn down service like they are in a five star hotel. It's so fun to bless them with a pampering retreat!

    By the way, I wanted to let you know that I am hosting a giveaway of the Spiritual Parenting book I have been blogging about. Feel free to stop by and sign up!

    Enjoy your time with your mom, Linsey! xo, Nicole

    1. How sweet, Nicole! I'm a chocolate lover myself (especially dark). There's a fabulous chocolate company here in Nashville: Olive & Sinclair. I should stock up for guests! Thanks for the idea.

  16. linsey!!!! you are making your home every bit as gorgeous {if not more so} than the one you left in houston! i love this room and your master. beautiful! i love see all your little cozy and thoughtful details. i'm so behind on reading blogs and i espiecally miss reading yours. i'm happy for the chance to catch up tonight!!
    ps. the chicks!!! i'm dying!

  17. Hi, Linsey! I'm visiting from over at your Mom's blog. She and I are good (tablescaping) blog buddies, and I have been following your progress through her words and eyes. My, oh my...what a beautiful home you have created! I know it's a huge switch to move from city to farm, but you have made the transition with high style in your charming home. It looks like the perfect place to grow old and raise a family together. And TWO guest bedrooms...what a bonus! Congratulations on the chandelier! Good job! You made it look exponentially better than it did in the store! You are blessed with creativity and energy and foresight. What gracious gifts! Enjoy your new home!

  18. Beautiful room, Linsey. So thoughtfully put together just like everything else you do.

    How are the baby chicks? Aren't they so cute when they are little? I bet your girls just love them.

  19. I love guest rooms and yours are especially beautiful. Recently (last summer) I decided that as much as I loved having a guest room (because we also live in the country with no family near us), I also love making all the spaces of our home completely functional for our little family of four (plus 2 dogs and a cat). True, when family and friends come, they typically come to stay. However, I needed an office and our teenage son was old enough and responsible enough to have a room on a different level of our home. So, I redecorated our guest room for my teenager and moved him in. I did the same with my youngest son and moved him into his brother's old room (newly decorated) and then redecorated my youngest son's room into my office. It was a major project and took until nearly Thanksgiving to complete, but it is wonderful. We all love our new spaces. The downside, no guest room. However, I did purchase a (I know it will sound bad, but it looks great) sleigh bed look futon type sofa for my office. I am still working to get everything to function well for guests, but in time it will. Not sure why I am telling you all this. Anyway, my only advise is to spend a night in your guest room and use the shower in the guest bathroom. I did that and was amazed at all the things I didn't like. I changed out shower heads, shower curtain liners, towels, rugs, soaps, shampoos and a few other things too. I guess now that I no longer have a guest room I don't feel really qualified to offer suggestions...but I decided to comment anyway. May all your guests be blessed by your home.

    1. Amy, such a great suggestion to spend the night in the guest room and then and shower in the guest bath! A great way to know what is needed or what doesn't feel quite right. Thanks for that! And thanks for the blessing. That is my prayer...that all who enter will be blessed in some way.

  20. I actually did the same thing as you: Purchased two headboards. We are renovating our bay home in Galveston and I purchased a king for our bedroom and a queen for the downstairs bedroom. I also could not resist that deal! My dad and husband are picking up the headboards today. Thanks for the tip!!!!


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