Boots For The Barn

Well, this is a first! I'm actually posting about something to wear! Fashion isn't really my thing, but our new life in the country has inspired me to consider my farmgirl attire. With daily trips to the barn and increasingly soggy winter weather, a pair of hard working boots were high on my wish list.
I remember when the rain boot crazy hit Houston. I couldn't bring myself to spend more than Target prices. But living in the country is a whole different ball game! I'm putting boots to work every single day, and my cheap wellies weren't holding up.

So I tested four different boots from Zappos and found a clear winner. Just in case you ever find yourself in my shoes {leaving city life behind to chase a crazy country dream!}, I thought I'd share my shortlist of contenders.

I love all things French, but these were a bit too floppy for me.
Great for gardening and outdoor adventures, but with big dogs and
who knows what else in our future, I needed something sturdier. 

Classic and trendy. I even tested the fleece liner for added warmth.
More structure than Le Chameau, but more city slicker than farmgirl.

Hard working for sure, but I like a feminine touch,
so these felt a little too unisex and blocky for me.

Bingo! Heavy duty with a touch of style.
These boots are super tall, which means my jeans don't get dirty.
With their thick neoprene lining and rugged soles, these boots will work
in rain, snow, mud...and whatever mess I might run into around the farm.
{They make dreary days like today a lot more pleasant!}

I had to take a big gulp to spend this much on pair of rubber boots, but now that I've put them to use {twice a day!}, I can honestly say they are worth every penny! They'd be overkill for city life, but if you can put them to use them in a more rugged setting, go for it! 

And now a peek at our barn this time of year:

JD hung lights inside and out.
{And we have a new fence! To be painted in a few months.}

We added a touch of Texas.

All that's missing is a party!

And of course I have to show you the barn dogs!

Buddy looking like an old soul. Love this guy!

Bella melting JD with her gaze. She's a lover!

Now onto other frivolous things: I'm on the hunt for jackets. In Houston, all I ever wore was a down vest. In fact, the only real jacket I've ever owned is a North Face my parents bought me in college...when I was at Vanderbilt. I've still got it! I'm wearing it as a barn jacket for now, but I'd like something new for everyday.

Wondering about a waxed cotton Barbour jacket. It's classic and appropriate for country life, but worth the money? Not sure if it's me, but I love the lining in this one:

Like the boots, I'm looking for something that will last forever.
Feel free to send ideas my way!

Have a great week!


  1. I feel you are a kindred spirit. I have not invested into the Hunter boot because, well, I do live in the city. I love your practical approach to buying a pair that are just right for your new farm girl life. And yes you definitely need a pair! This is not to say though that others who live in the city shouldn't have Hunter boots (I may even get some!). I love your barn and I have to giggle at your Texas iron art piece. I use to live in Austin and absolutely adored Texas. Even though I am not from Texas it was hard for me to leave Austin when we moved back to Tennessee. Texas is a great state and I am glad you brought a piece of it to Tennessee. I hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. I say go for the Barbour jacket! Everyone I know has had theirs FOREVER! they seem to get better with age.
    I am loving the lights hung in the barn! Totally copying that, if I ever get a barn! ;)

  3. The barn look fantastic! I definitely agree that you won't regret buying a Barbour jacket. I love mine - it is so warm and durable.

  4. I think you made a very wise decision on your boots!
    I'm ALL about the philosophy that you usually get what you pay for...it's not that we should be frivolous with our money, but I would rather spend a little more and have what I purchase for the long haul than buy something cheap and have to purchase something new the next season.

    LOVE that jacket...I say GO FOR IT!

  5. Lindsey, keep the pictures coming! I love living vicariously through your gorgeous photographs. The barn with Christmas lights is straight out of a magazine! Enjoy your new life & all that the Lord is blessing your family with. Hugs, Clydia @ Three Mango Seeds PS -- Love the jacket!

  6. Linsey,
    I facebook friended you today even though we haven't met. We have a couple of friends in common who told me to look you up. :) My husband is a chiropractor in Franklin and we have a 5 year old that may be in the same school as your girls next year. Look forward to meeting you!
    Ashley Sweeney

  7. I love the Hunter boots, and you SO needed a pair of those boots! And how great are those barn lights? Beautiful! Can you see a view of the barn from your house?

  8. Hi sweet Megan! Yes, we can see the barn from the back door. Love that! xoxo!


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