Our Thanksgiving Day Project: The Screen Porch

Thank you for all of your sweet thoughts and prayers over Thanksgiving. We had our moments. Some were happy {date night in town}...some were sad and lonely {missed the girls}. We experienced the full gamut of emotions, and I'm proud of the way we worked through them and didn't let the sad and lonely overtake the happy.

I never in a million years thought I'd say this {my family in Houston will surely be in shock}, but the best part of our Thanksgiving was spending time outside with our pups. They are such loves!

Our handsome Buddy.

Beautiful Bella.

The funniest part of Thanksgiving Day was that we never got around to turkey! Instead, we completed a long overdue project: cleaning and organizing the screen porch. You should've seen it before. It looked like a garage sale waiting to happen...every outdoor thing dumped there by the movers back in July {not to mention three dozen paint cans}, and we hadn't touched it since!

Considering this is a breezeway we walk through every single day, you'd think we would've done something about it before now. I guess we've developed a crazy ability to walk past chaos and ignore it for months! But when JD offered to do anything I'd like on Thanksgiving Day, this is what I chose:

A freshly organized screen porch!

New screens and fresh paint were finished last week.

White Dove walls and a custom blue gray ceiling.
{We'll add ceiling fans to keep it cool in the summer.}

We didn't finish until after dark, and to celebrate our good work, we sat outside and enjoyed a good bottle of wine, three kinds of cheeses, olives and salami...with music and candlelight! {Our screen porch days are numbered; it's getting chilly here!}

The details...

This fabulous, chippy mantel was left for us by the previous owners.
What a gift! All I did was rehang and accessorize.

Remember this table? I bought it in Round Top before we even owned this house, 
but I was dreaming about the country and thought this would be perfect!

This used to hang inside in an upstairs hallway in Houston.
I love a mix of textures and elements in a home...
and love bringing the outside in.

This wagon came from a dear friend's ranch in Texas.
It reminds me of home...and of her sweet mama who lived life to the full!

I can think of a dozen things to do with these olive harvesting buckets
{also a Round Top find}, but for now, this one holds dirty shoes by the back door.
{I've learned that when you live on a farm, shoes are better left outside!}

A generous gift from the sweetest neighbors back in Houston.
Cried when I opened it; smiled when we finally hung it.
{From James Avery.}

And my new farmgirl sign above the door...made by a sweet blog friend, Tiffini!

Found the garden table in the barn.
Dusted it off, tightened it up and put it to use!

The tractor seat stool has finally found a spot
after its test run in the kitchen.

Did you know I have a small pot fetish?
Collected over the years at Marburger/Round Top, Urban Market, HeightsUnion...
that list pretty much sums up where I've found most of my treasures!

Bought these at Excess last spring.
Love that they came from the coast of Maine.

And a little touch of Christmas.
{From Wisteria.}

When I woke up the day after Thanksgiving, I had to go peek outside in my PJs to see if it was real! It felt like Christmas! {Do you do that...smile over your work after you've finished?} It was so fun to see all these outdoor things I love finally find their home. I couldn't help but wonder what took us so long!

We didn't do a thing on Friday...mostly moped around the house missing our girls. {Friday is our annual Christmas decorating day, so I missed them more that day than Thanksgiving.} But Saturday, we were back in project mode. I finally finished unpacking our bedroom! {Almost five months later.} I'll photograph it soon, but for now, it's back to the studio to design cards. {Wish my studio were fully unpacked. Maybe in another five months! Wink!}

Happy Monday, sweet friends!

P.S. We did finally get around to turkey. We decided to save our Thanksgiving feast until Sunday when the girls would be home. JD is an incredible cook and knows how to make a mean herb-infused turkey, but our oven has been giving us trouble since we got here. I think the burnt turkey may have put him over the edge. Time to get the chef a new oven...and a gas cooktop. {Now THAT will be a project!}

{Sorry if raw meat makes you ill, but the herbs didn't look very pretty in the end.}


  1. LOOOVE the porch!!! It is just gorgeous!!!

  2. it's gorgeous! happy thanksgiving!

  3. Love all the elements! I have a goat cart too and I want to bring it "IN" somewhere... but it always seems forced for me...

  4. Your screened in porch is gorgeous Lins- I would probably live out there! Love picturing you two enjoying wine and cheese out there on Thursday night.

    Such fun to see where all of your things are ending up.

  5. Everything looks so pretty and the dogs are darling!

  6. Your porch looks fantastic! Simple and beautiful! I can see how playing with those precious pups would be a highlight of Thanksgiving! They are so sweet. xo

  7. i love every single detail, friend. it's all just absolutely beautiful.
    it also makes me want to collect pots. :)
    you've got some remarkable things that you've collected over the years....we're starting to feel the very same way at our house...we look around and feel so proud to have found some of the beauties that have made their way into our home.

    so glad the girls are back home...all is well in the world now, right? ;)
    can't wait to see what you've done in your room....

    1. So fun to see seemingly random collections find their home! :)

  8. So, so pretty! Of course I thought your porch looked great before you decorated it! What a gift you have in placing and adding the right touch. I bet the girls had stories to tell when they came back. I am glad you had a good weekend, with memories and full hearts!!

    1. You're always so positive, Gigi! Even my girls said it looked like a garage sale! :)

  9. Love your porch/breezeway...you decorated it so perfectly! I just love all your little details...and that mantel -- what a great gift from the former homeowners!

    Glad you made the most of your "different" Thanksgiving. When I first graduated from college I worked in television news and had to work all kinds of odd hours and, of course, worked every holiday. I learned back then that holidays don't have to be celebrated on the exact day to be special and whomever you can celebrate with can be just as special as any family tradition. That realization has served me well over the years. I am living in TX far away from my own family but near all my in-laws. It can be tough juggling all of the family (and their expectations) along with traveling, time off, cost, etc. Thankfully, my family understands the same thing I learned so they are happy to celebrate the holidays whenever we can get together. Sometimes we get to be together on the actual holiday and sometimes we don't. It's really dependent upon everyone's schedule and cost.

    My parents were here in October to be here for the kids trick or treating. One day during their visit I made a full Thanksgiving meal and a pumpkin pie. It was so nice to enjoy the meal with them and celebrate the occasion together even though it was 3 weeks in advance! This year, my parents and brother's family are driving to my house two days after Christmas to celebrate the holiday together. We just do whatever works best each year and are happy that we can make it work whenever we can! :)

    1. Great words of wisdom on making different things work. I think that's what we'll have to start doing. Hard when my family back home has such expectation surrounding Thanksgiving. We'll all have to work to figure it out together. I love that you made an early feast. We had ours on Sunday. :)

  10. I'm happy to hear that you made it through your Thanksgiving without the girls so well. Keeping busy helps and look at the rewards! The porch looks wonderful, I love all the details. It's as if you were saving all your cool finds for this very space! :)


    1. It does feel like all those things were meant to be in that space. It was fun to see it all come together! :)

  11. It's a very nice feeling to get something accomplished.. beautiful porch, sounds like a wonderful night
    alone with your husband . And kind of a nice change up.. it should be a Thanksgiving you won't easily
    forget. God is good- All the time. He allows us to stretch, grow and yes, even change with the ups &
    downs of life.


    1. You're right that we won't forget it. Who eats cheese, olives and salami for Thanksgiving?!?! A happy memory amidst an unusual holiday weekend.

  12. I absolutely adore your dogs - and I'm not a "dog person!"

    That porch/breezeway is wonderful~ We've talked about building one between our house & garage for years. Now,I have some great photos to share with my husband and give him the little push that he needs to start the project :)

    1. Ours is between the house and garage, too. Happy to provide inspiration!

  13. Glad your girls are home safe and sound! As for that porch.... WOW! I love it. You were so smart to get it set now because in Spring you can do a quick cleanup and enjoy it as soon as the weather warms. You must love walking through that space now. I know I would.

  14. Happy to hear that you guys are all back together and that you and JD enjoyed a date night and have a completed project from your time together. The porch looks great...I'm sure you will all enjoy the time spent out there. So nice that you are finding homes for all of your treasures. That is so fun. And your dogs are so beautiful...I'm so glad you went back for sister!

  15. Love your screened in porch and everything in it :) It's so roomy and long!! I wish we had one....the mosquitoes and nats really bother me.

    Buddy and Bella look so much alike....can't tell them apart :) Are Bella's ears lighter?

    PS - The chippy mantel is fabulous!

  16. Happy belated thanksgiving!! You and JD make such a good team! The porch looks cozy and perfect. I loved hearing about your Thanksgiving meal of wine and cheese, what a fun first Thanksgiving memory in your new home. I'm glad your girls weren't gone too long. I just love what you are doing with your new farm and life. And your DOGS!! Beautiful! I'm so happy you got a second. I worried a little about Buddy getting lonely by himself. I know he is bred to live in a barn and not be an indoor pet, but I still wanted Buddy to have a buddy. Even better, he is now with his sister. I hope they are in your Christmas card picture this year. Makes my heart happy to see you so happy! xoxo

  17. The porch looks awesome! Tackling a good project can be so therapeutic and in this case, very rewarding. What a great place to spend time!

  18. Do you mind if I pin some of these pics onto my dream board? :)

    1. Don't mind a bit! Pin away! I'm always happy to share inspiration. :)


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