Fall Beauty Hunting: Radnor Lake

After a brief fixation with the political landscape,
I turn my heart back to a landscape filled with beauty.

Beauty is a constant reminder of God's presence in everyday life.

Day after day, He shows up...
delighting our hearts with his ever-changing canvas.

Have you ever tried to change the color of a leaf...
one by one until an entire hillside is ablaze with glory?

Only God.

Day after day, beauty speaks.

Sometimes beauty whispers; sometimes it sings; sometimes it shouts.

Can you hear it?

Beauty has the power to rescue, refresh and restore our hearts.

I want more!
How about you?

Where are you finding beauty today?

Blessings and beauty to you!

Radnor Lake is a hidden gem in Nashville.
A great place for a beauty walk.


  1. You've so BEAUTIFULLY captured one of my favorite hometown spots all ablaze with His glory!!! Love & Blessings, Kim

  2. I love your pictures! We love walking Radnor Lake as well--last time we were there, the deer were everywhere! Yes, I remember fleeing to the mountains after we lost baby Grace to find God. From my blog back then--"I read a passage from a book about how God "dwells in the mountains"--they are a place of praise, a place to pray, and a place to meet with Him (His presence is there). "When God calls us to the mountains, it's because He wants us to see things from His point of view and God always sees the big picture." It was so poignant--I truly felt God's love and comfort while I was in the mountains, because they were so beautiful and full of splendor and peace." As you say, this is true about all of nature. . .

    I wrote you an e-mail awhile back to encourage you just to share your pictures and letting them speak for themselves, even if you don't want to talk on your blog. I am happy to see that you are sharing with all of us (and not being afraid to write as well :) We are all delighted to see your pictures--God's nature can't be argued about, no matter your background.

  3. Thank you for sharing these, really beautiful.
    I find beauty in silence and meditation, at times. Or in my favourite magazine lol ;)

  4. I am in awe of your photography. It always makes me smile. You are sweet to share.

  5. OH how I love His ever-changing canvas. Beautiful. Breathtaking. Gorgeous.

  6. It looks like such a peaceful and heavenly place! Gorgeous photos as always.

  7. It's such a treat to see these beautiful fall pictures. I grew up in the north and miss the fall explosion of colors every year at this time. (I live in DFW, TX where there is some color, but dismal in comparison.) Nashville looks like a glorious place in the fall!

  8. Linsey- i'm so curious as to how you organize your photos and/or how you display or use them. Every picture in your posts deserve a frame!! How do you enjoy your photos- I would want to hang each and everyone of them on a wall or place of prominence. But, Im sure you can't display them all so do you keep them in a file on your computer, print them off...? You are so talented!

    1. Hi Ali! Thanks for thinking so highly of my photos. I'm sad to say that this blog is about the only place these photos find their home. This is one of the main reasons I blog...so that I have a place to gather my favorite images. I have everything on my computer, but nothing in print. Mostly because the printing I do is for clients (custom Christmas cards). You know the old saying about the cobbler's wife who has no shoes? Well, that's my family. We have no printed photos. Sad, but true. I'd like to make photo books someday. I'd even love to publish a book, but that's a very far out future idea. Right now, raising children and running a business keeps me plenty busy! :)

  9. We found beauty by going to Falls Mill. it's not far from Winchester, TN. It's such a quaint place where they still grind their own meal. It's a beautiful place to take in a picnic. We took the long country road from Huntsville, passing many cotton fields and hay bells.

  10. Oh Radnor...my very favorite!!! Thank you for capturing His beauty through your lens...beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I'm not sure why I just found your blog but so very happy I did! :) "He works in mysterious ways, His miracles to perform." I discovered the sheer beauty of fall in the Nashville area many years ago. It's breathtaking!

    I'm in Texas and I see that you were too. I look forward to getting to know you!


  12. oh i am cut out of the same cloth...beauty everywhere and i am so grateful He allows me to see it. everywhere.everyday
    it does lift our spirits..shifts our focus..if we let it
    love your heart for beauty hunting..love you

  13. Dear Linsey - Your photos are absolutely stunning---I love them all! You have such a gift, and should showcase your photography in a gallery. Each photo draws you in. Thank you for sharing, my friend.
    Cheers from chilly DC,

    1. Quite a compliment, Loi! Thank you. I do love photography. It brings me almost as much joy as beauty itself. Trying to capture what my eyes see is challenging, but it's fun to try! I dream of a book someday...though I have no idea what the focus will be!

  14. Thank you for posting beauty on your blog. I enjoy the pictures. :)


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