Fall Beauty Hunting: The Natchez Trace

Chasing beauty along the curves of the Natchez Trace Parkway...
in the early morning light with my dad by my side.

My dad loves landscapes and panoramas.
{I'm betting he removes those power lines in the foreground!}

I'm drawn to details.
My eyes naturally zoom in on the little things.

You should hear us as we shoot.
He's all technical and brainy; I'm all instinct and heart.

I love how two people can see the same things with such different eyes...

...and have an equal amount of fun doing the same thing so differently!

As much as I love details,
the larger canvas of God's creation still takes my breath away!

Remember this view from our visit in March?

I was dying to know then what it would look like in the fall...
not knowing we'd live here to see for ourselves.
Look what dreaming big will do!

Surely my dad wondered what on earth I was shooting
with my camera pointed to the ground!

Glorious details.
{God's fall carpet is a beautiful sight to a girl who hasn't seen real fall since college!}

Magical morning light.

Part of the Old Trace.
As we drove down this slow and quiet road,
the English major in me could't help but think of Robert Frost:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. 

I'm thankful my photography loving, early rising dad chose to visit during the peak of fall. I wouldn't have ventured so far down the Trace with my camera all alone...and certainly not on such chilly, early mornings. Just think how much fall beauty I would've missed!

What is fall like where you are today? If you don't have fall color {which I didn't for most of my life}, how do you find {or create} beauty in the season? Is there something that makes it feel more like fall for you?

Happy Sunday, sweet friends!
I almost forgot...
time to start our Thanksgiving tree!
Our one-day tradition has turned into a month-long one.


  1. Thank you for sharing this amazing fall beauty with us! It is just gorgeous. Every bit of it. And what a wonderful time with your dad!!

  2. Beautiful shots of the Lord's artwork!! Thanks for sharing!! So glad you had such a rich time with your dad...a true gift!

  3. Looks beautiful! I'm in Houston, Texas - so you know what I'm feeling & seeing. But the temps have been wonderful so I'm appreciating God's handiwork here too!

  4. So peaceful and absolutely beautiful colors and photography! Makes me breathe a breath of fresh air over the computer :-) It was really warm here in Atl this weekend, hope we'll be back to Fall temps this week.

  5. gorgeous! i can't imagine fall with out the leaves and color. i'm glad you are getting to experience it all again. xo

  6. so pretty..makes me long for more fall color! you are blessed.

  7. What glorious scenes of autumn. It felt as if I were along for the ride.

  8. Glorious indeed, Linsey. Such a beautiful place and your images are gorgeous!! Happy Tuesday ~

  9. such beauty from the Lord....and what a gift he has given you in capturing it.

    Fall here in North GA looks very similar to your fall there in TN.

    glad you enjoyed your time with your dad....what a sweet time you had sharing something you both love.

  10. Such beautiful photos, Linsey.

    I have lived in Tennessee my whole life and still marvel at the beauty of the fall. God is the ultimate Artist, isn't He?

  11. Linsey-

    Beautiful area... just returned from Franklin, Leipers Fork, Chapel Hill area. Wrote a small post
    today- will do another soon.. Lots of fun things in your area- mentioned you in my post..
    check it out if you get a chance. Tennessee is lovely... all the time, but especially in the Fall.
    Wish we could have met while I was in your area.


  12. The Natchez Trace is absolutely gorgeous and holds a special place in my heart. Thanks so much for sharing these incredible photos!



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