Fall Beauty Hunting: Here On The Farm

I've been so busy designing cards that I forgot to share this last bit of fall beauty...right here on the farm! Speaking of the farm, we need a name! It just hasn't come to me yet. Before we moved, I thought I had one, but it was French-inspired and didn't feel quite right when we got here. Waiting for this place to speak to me.

Our view just before the leaves began to turn.

As much as I love photography and feel alive with a camera in my hands, I can never quite capture what my eyes see...the subtleties, the extravagance, the depth and the details. But I still like trying! And the incredible thing about seasons is that things are always changing. My eyes are always seeing something new to photograph...even in the very same spots! 

There's something magical about steam rising off the pond
on a cold morning. Can you see it?

I thought the green layer on top of the pond was kinda yucky looking...
until I learned it's a high protein snack that attracts flocks of geese!

And then there's this beautiful sight: our frost-covered field at sunrise.
{The first frost of the season.}

And the barn at sunrise.
{Having a barn was part of the dream. Still pinching myself!}

The back corner of our farm...overlooking our neighbors' beautiful barn.
{We love our neighbors and are so thankful for their friendship.}

The evening sky over our barn.

One of our trees on fire.

You have to catch these things when you see them...
because it all changes so quickly!

The same view...just a few days later.

A foggy sunrise last week had me beauty hunting
in my bare feet and PJs on a very chilly morning!

The afternoon sun disappears quickly these days.
Hints that winter is just around the corner!

Finding this dreamy little farm with a barn, great neighbors and a historic, scenic road that we get to drive down every single day still feels too good to be true! It's a story only God could write. {You can read part of it HERE.} So many of you have asked for more of our story. It's on my heart to share more, I promise! I love that our story is being used to inspire your own dreams!

I also hope to share more of the beauty I'm creating inside the house. But for now, I'm still feeling a little hesitant and quiet in that department. When the time is right, I know I'll feel a peace about it. In the mean time, there's so much beauty outside that I've happily overlooked things that need doing on the inside.

In Houston, it was all about the interior of my home. That's the only canvas I had for creating beauty, so I made the most of it. {Which reminds me...my Houston home has inspired a sweet new blog friend in the building of her dream home HERE. How humbling!} But here in Franklin, God's canvas is so inspiring that I get easily distracted from creating beauty inside. Though with my love of creating a beautiful, peaceful home, I'm sure I'll be back at it soon. {Something to enjoy during the cold winter months!}

Living amidst such abundant beauty is all new for me. I'm enjoying it immensely, but you know what? Living in Houston amidst chaos, concrete, buildings and power lines taught me how to find beauty in unexpected places. Each day, I could choose to focus on the chaos, or choose to see the beauty.

Our neighbor's vine was always overgrown and getting tangled in our gate.
It didn't seem beautiful to me...until I took the time to notice the details.
{Love those twisted curls!}

Beauty hunting is a way of seeing...of choosing to see beauty in everyday life. I'm thankful for the way 37 years in Houston taught me to see and appreciate the little things...things that would otherwise go unnoticed. Like this little patch of moss hidden behind our barn...

I've always been fascinated by moss...the way it feels, the rich color...it's magical!

One last photo from our farm in the early fall.
This one is my husband's favorite.

My first time on the tractor mower.
Loving this country life!

So there you have it, friends: fall beauty hunting in Franklin, Tennessee...from the Natchez Trace to Radnor Lake to our own little farm. I can't wait to see what beauty the next season will bring! Even though I'm not a big fan of cold and dreary winter days, I know there's still beauty to be found if I choose to see it!

How are you finding or creating beauty today?

Love and hugs,


  1. If you look for it, every place you are has its own special beauty. When you have been away for a while, you'll even see it in Houston. Grandma always commented on how pretty Houston is and when I looked at it through her eyes, I could see it, too, just as I do when I return from a place that is nothing but beauty.

  2. I can see why your hubby like that picture. You look so happy! Love the pictures of your farm and how it changes during the day. A friend and I were up there in October. We discovered Leipier's Fork. Been going to Franklin for years and never heard of it. It's too cute. But then again Franklin is full of great spots.

    1. We LOVE Leiper's Fork, Katey! Would've bought a farm there if being close to school wasn't a priority. So much uninterrupted beauty!

  3. Your posts always put a smile on my face. The photos are so beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your adorable family in your beautiful new home. All the best...

  4. Your farm is breathtaking - thank you for sharing your joy in discovering the beauty of the outdoors. I think we strive to re-create that beauty inside our homes but are not even aware of it. I make an effort every day to appreciate nature whether it be a pink puffy clouds, the budding of a tree, my mossy stone walkway after a rain shower, the varying colors of the ocean, frost on a field...be it city or country, the beauty is there. I find your blog so inspiring - your gratitude for the blessings you've been given is authentic - and your sense of style is fantastic. Thanks for sharing your life with us :)

  5. More gorgeous photos! Especially the JOY in your radiant smile! Love & Blessing, Kim

  6. Thanks for the shout out Linsey. The photos of your farm are breathe-taking. I notice the same thing myself, in our city house, it's all about the indoors, but when I'm at the ranch, I love being outdoors and enjoying life outside. It's funny how I didn't even know how much I loved the outdoors until we bought our country place. Yours is so beautiful, and don't make us wait too long to see the interior of your new house. I know it's gorgeous.

  7. What a beautiful farm you have. Your picture is lovely - you can see your joy!

    Please share your interior when you are ready. I am sure it is stunning!

    Happy Weekend! :)

  8. Thank you for sharing beauty, inside and out- your heart!! Such fun to see God just showing off because He can! And all given as a gift to us...how lavish, how abundant! love you, friend!

  9. I so enjoyed the pictures on your farm, Linsay! What a dream come true for you and your family...you'll never lack for inspiration.! We have a home in the city and one in the country. I feel I have the best of both worlds!

    Looking forward to seeing some interior shots when you are ready! :)


  10. "Green Pastures" seems like a befitting name for your farm as it encompasses your faith, your journey and the move.... from grey Houston to green Franklin!

  11. You are happy because you are wearing a Red Sox cap!! Mine always makes me feel better. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving in your new digs. Hope to see you soon. My best to all.

  12. Another wonderful post with beautiful photos~

  13. Hi beautiful-beauty-hunter! LOVE THE FRANKLIN T-SHIRT! Thank you for sending such beautiful fall pictures this way!!!

  14. Ha! I was just about to comment on the Sox hat myself! We are BIG fans! Your farm is incredible! The photos always leave me a bit speechless. So, so , so gorgeous! xo, Tessa

  15. Beautiful, Linsey. The setting is so peaceful and serene. It must be a lovely environment to raise your family. BTW, I love that photo of you :)
    Take care,

  16. friend..that is a beautiful picture of you....it captures the joy that you have in being there where God has placed your sweet family.

    the beauty of your farm is breathtaking.


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