Sister Therapy

My sister was here this weekend, and I miss her already.
Time with her is just what my heart needed.

We forgot to take a picture together, so here's one from Houston...
taken by my youngest daughter just before we moved.

And here's one our mom took of us at Lake Austin Spa.
We were trying not to cry on our last big weekend together, so we decided to be silly!
{Someone just asked, so here you go: I'm older by only 13 months.}

It makes my heart happy that she's seen where we live. And though she wishes we didn't live so far away, she gets why we fell in love with this spot. We are nestled in beauty like never before.

We've learned to look for the rainbow after every rain. 
{And this is only half of what is almost always a full arch.] 

My sister brought her oldest of three baby boys with her. This little guy is small and shy, but I could tell he was in heaven. And who wouldn't be here?

Talk about something you don't get to do in the city!

A tractor ride with Uncle JD.

With his cousins on "Junior," the tractor mower.

His new favorite toy, a gift from Uncle JD.

Splashing in our little creek after it rained.

There's just something about a sister. No matter how different we are {and boy are we different...you should've heard our Chick-Fil-A/marriage debate!} or how far apart we are, we still know each other by heart.

I love that she could walk right into my house and see what needed doing. Not only did she help me unpack and situate stuff until almost midnight all weekend, but she also left me with a list of things to do when she left...like unpack my studio. It's still in chaos, and card season starts in a week or two! {My dear clients, I promise you'll hear from me soon!}

My sister KNOWS me. She knows how I love order and cleanliness, so the many unfinished rooms and unpacked boxes were throwing her for a loop. Normal for most people after only two months and a major life change, but not so normal for me. {Truth: the old me would've had every box unpacked by now, and if I didn't have a place for everything, the mess would've been hidden in a basket or closet!}

I took her shock as a compliment. I left perfection in Houston, sister! Maybe that was the blessing of the fleas. What felt like a curse at times, forced me to live with less perfection. It may have broken me down at times, but I knew God was up to deeper things, and I wanted to receive the blessings of those deeper things.

The truth is, we knew were buying a less than perfect house, and something about that felt just right. What captured our hearts was the land. We're beyond grateful that the previous owners even let us step one foot on this little slice of heaven. It's not like they were expecting to sell their house...and certainly not to some crazy perfectionist from Houston! {Talk about a God thing! More on that story here.} I hope that nothing I've shared out of a struggling heart has been dishonoring or unkind. {My sensitive sister said it coud've been received that way, and I'm so sorry if it has.} I think it's all been a needed part of healthy processing and healing for me.

Now that my sister has helped me clear some serious clutter, I hope to share some house photos with you soon. I promise I won't wait until things are perfect! Wink!

Blessings and hugs to you,


  1. I agree, there is nothing in this world like a sister! No two are alike and that is a good thing. I love that you had her all to yourself this weekend and that the time together was good for you. I like your perspective on the fleas. It made me think of my island ants and all that they taught me. What a great photo of the two of you and how adorable is her wee one??!! Just curious, who is older?

    1. I'm older by only 13 months! Too bad I got all those first-born qualities! I'm the recovering perfectionist and she's the free spirited artist!

  2. Aw, I'm so glad you got to have a visit with your sister and share your new home with her. I miss mine so much and hope she gets to see my new home this year. I'm sure your nephew is going to be talking about his visit for weeks and weeks.

  3. So glad your sister was able to come for a visit. Don't you just love how honest a family member or best friend can and will be?

    Let's praise the Lord in advance for contentment this week!

    Blessings to you, friend.

  4. I have 3 sisters and there is nothing quite like having someone who knows you so well that you don't have to say a thing...such a blessing. So glad your life is falling into place and I can hardly wait to see those "not yet finished" images of your home...

  5. I love that you got a great visit in with your sister.

    I don't have a true sister, but I have a friend who is like a sister to me. My mom starting babysitting her when she was just 6 weeks old, and she continued to come to our house every day after school until she was driving. We are 11 months apart and totally like sisters. And, like you and your sister, we are as polar opposite as you could imagine. I'm a recovering perfectionist who follows the rules, and she's a rebel through and through. :)

  6. Love that you got to visit you sister...jealous. Just wanted to let you know that a while back while you were living in Houston and I was in Dallas (now Calgary, AB), you sent me a list of foods on the Feingold Diet. Today, I ordered the complete package from the Feingold Association and I am praying it will work wonders in my son. He has a very short attention span and is impulsive. I am ready to dive in and give it a try. Any pointers would be great! Hope your fleas are gone and can't wait to see you house. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. My best Feingold advice: jump in with both feet. The whole family. Follow stage one to a "t" and remind your family they will get to add things back in. Call it a "food experiment." You're just testing to see what different foods do for different ones of you in the family. I know your son {and your whole family} will be blessed!

  7. Linsey,

    I can't wait to see more pictures of your house in process. Please know that when I see your "perfection" in process it makes me relate to you more! I loved your beautiful Houston home - it seemed like a dream. But, I'm looking forward to seeing how you make beauty out of something REALLY real! I can't wait to see more of your transformation (double meaning intended.)


    1. Thanks, Alicia. This house requires a lot more creativity, which is fun. My Houston house was "done." Nothing much left to tweak or update. This takes a LOT of energy, patience and time, but now that the fleas are gone, I'm enjoying it!

  8. How happy it makes me that you all find a way to spend time together. You are good for one another in so many ways. How lucky you are to have and love one another in spite of all your differences. Guess the genes collided to make you both your best!

  9. I'm an only child, and I feel the best gift we gave each of our daughtesr was a sister. :-)

    Love seeing how you are different, and yet still close. Praying this is the case for my girls. As I frequently remind them, your sister is your only forever friend.

    Love how God is working in your life, and your willingness to learn from Him. That has been my recent prayer- to hear what he thinks I need to work on in my own heart, and that I would gladly obey. Can't wait to see pictures of that beautiful, and imperfect, home. Blessings!

    1. I tell my girls the same thing about being forever friends. So many friends come and go, but a sister is forever. Such a blessing! And wow...what a prayer you are praying! I know God will do good things...even if it means some struggle.

  10. Your posts have resonated so deep with me. I am so envious that you were so strong to make this move. You see, I am a perfectionist too, living in Atlanta, praying for an answer to come as my husband and I really do not feel like this is the environment we want to raise our children in. I have felt this way ever since my son was born 2 years ago and am now 8 month pregnant with our 2nd son. I just don't feel strong enough to make that move, take that jump, risk, however you want to put it. And I question if it would really be different somewhere else, or is it all in what you make it in your own environment? One thing I do know is that I feel so much peace when I am out of the beehive of Atlanta, in a smaller town, where we have more space, less people, can walk to places, and life in general is just slower! (PS My husband works for a competitor of JD, who manufacturers farming equipment, so he travels all over the Northeast and Midwest and absolutely loves those areas and working with farmers.). I'd love to hear more about "how and why" you came to the decision to move your family and why you chose the location you did, if you're willing to share. xoxo

    1. I'm absolutely willing to share more of the backstory of our move. I write as specific things are on my heart, so while it's on my MIND to write out hte backstory, my heart just hasn't been promted yet. SO much to say! Hoping that will come soon. A simpler, slower life for our family with beauty to inspire was our primary desire. A beautiful, small town environment doesn't guarantee a perfect, stress-free life. It's WORK to live simply and slowly. You have to be intentional about it every day. We fight hard for it. Some days we lose, but a lot of days we win. More thoughts to come soon I hope!

  11. Thank you, I never even thought about it that way...see, I'm learning already!

  12. Oh Linsey, how lucky are you to have such a wonderful and loving sister, but she's pretty lucky to have you too, which I'm sure she knows. :)
    I started reading your posts because of your honesty when it comes to your feelings, not many people open up like that and I admire you greatly for it! And the fact that your faith is so strong as well even when life is less than perfect makes me more faithful!!
    I'm so happy you had such a beautiful time with your sister!!
    Have a lovely night.

  13. i agree with your sensitive sister...in that, and i say this after much consideration....i have been wondering if your "struggling heart" realized that just perhaps the previous owners (or friends of the previous owners, this IS a smallish town, after all) were seeing your unflattering posts of the state of their home? this was indeed a tough summer with extreme heat and humidity and the ticks, mosquitoes and fleas were rampant (mostly carried by the deer that visit your backyard). i have 2 indoor cats, one of which had fleas on her this summer....not sure where they came from. as a recovering perfectionist myself, i am pretty darn sure, that a "perfect" house does not exist....

    1. You are absolutely right about a perfect house not existing. And absolutely right about this being a small town. All I can say is I'm sorry if I have offended. It's always risky to share honest struggles. And I always feel a lump in my throat when I hear something I have said could've hurt someone. My intent was never to be unkind. I did the best I could to get thorugh some very hard months. I'm probably more personal than I should be on the blog. I want my transparency to bring blessing, not hurt.


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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