My Farmhouse Kitchen

Are you ready for a peek inside our Franklin farmhouse? You deserve it after all you've endured with me since we moved. Lots of emotions and struggles! Let's start with the kitchen...the heart of the home.




We've got some family indecision on which pair of barstools to use:
the metal tractor seats or the twist swivel stools?


Removed the plate rack to create open shelving.
I prefer a large single basin because of the huge pots and pans
my "chef" husband likes to use, but otherwise love the sink.

Using bread boards as a backsplash for now.
Ordered this bridge faucet. A good look for very little.
Would love a French-looking, antique brass one someday!

You wouldn't believe how I agonized over hardware...which finish, how much to spend,
trendy vs. classic...I could write a whole post on hardware! Finally settled on
this and this. A dark, matte finish just feels "farmhouse" to me.

I scoured the internet for islands, but I wanted something with patina...and didn't want
to pay a hefty price in case this isn't our forever kitchen. Found this tall table at a local
antique store for $350. The stools make it look a little busy, but they're practical!

My itty bitty mommy work station. {I cleaned it up for you!}
The stool is from Wisteria, one of my favorite online resources.
Great looks for very reasonable prices.

Fun little organizer for odds and ends from Urban Outfitters.
{Wow! Just looked it up and it's on major sale now!}

Not that you asked to see inside my cabinets, but I'm a big fan of cork boards
inside cabinet doors. Oh, and I love stacked file things for organizing!

And since we're peeking behind closed doors...

I'm a huge fan of baskets. Used them in my old house, even in a big pantry.
Elfa shelving for the doors. On sale at the Container Store now.

Old French honey buckets for small snacks.
Our pantry is tiny, so creative organizing is the key.

we started with a big fluorescent light box.
I loved my chandeliers in Houston, but I knew I wanted
something less "glam" for our farmhouse.

Loving the pendant light from Wisteria.

Here's a close up of the patina:

Love the look and the price. I'd love a pair over a big, long island someday.
{In my remodel dreams!}

We also tried this light fixture from Ballard Designs.

That thing is HEAVY! Sweet husband!
{Note the make-shift island. Makes the light look huge!}

Embroidered linens from a Provence market always find a home
somewhere on the counter of my kitchen.

And only in a farmhouse, country kitchen can you get away with this!
A one-day sale item from Decor Steals. Email me if you'd like an invite.
{I just hung it on the wall between the counter and the cabinet. Perfect!}

I hung the trumeau in a spot that allows my husband to see
his tractor from the stove. {He loves to cook...and LOVES his tractor!}

Here's the real view:

Speaking of cooking, we miss our Lacanche every single day.
An electric cooktop just doesn't compare.

The Lacanche range from my Houston home.

I've been talking with the importer about ordering a Lacanche for this house. It would look amazing in our farmhouse kitchen! {One of the things I love about Lacanche vs. La Cornue, besides the price, is that it's less glam, more country...even with the beautiful brass!} I was giddy and excited about ordering one, but unfortunately, it would require adding a vent hood that would hang down in front of the bar and obstruct our view, and would also mean reconfiguring some cabinetry and a loss of storage. But we do need a new oven {and would love a new cooktop}, so I keep dreaming. Maybe when/if we remodel? 

Our family dining nook:

My sweet husband drove all the way to Atlanta and back yesterday to pick up
our new table. I can't wait to get it in the house and tell you all about it!
{You know I'm loving the orange floors. Wink!}


Cabinets are Fieldstone in half formula.
{Advance Satin paint from Benjamin Moore.}

Walls are Chesapeake Gray from Porter Paints.
{Loving this color! Eggshell finish.}

Ceiling is Wickham Gray in half formula.
{Flat finish from Benjamin Moore.}

Whew! That took forever...the cleaning, organizing, decorating, photographing and posting! Do you have any energy or attention left for words? For those that do...here are my thoughts:

Is my kitchen perfect? No, but I'm content! {I left perfection in Houston, remember?!?!} Of course a Lacanche is still on my dream list, as are new floors and new counter tops {thinking soapstone right now}. And when my sister was here, she sketched an awesome vision of ways to open up our kitchen so that we can take advantage of glorious views on both sides...and have a big, long island in the center. Fun! But for now, I'm a happy girl.

When we first saw this house, I knew I loved the location and adored the charm of the exterior, but I kept lamenting the loss of my dream kitchen. To say I adored my Houston kitchen is almost an understatement. I loved every single detail, but did you know I had absolutely nothing to do with the design? I moved into perfection. All I did was decorate and keep it clean...meticulously, ridiculously clean.

Our Franklin farmhouse experience has been the polar opposite. The only perfection we inherited here is that which God designed: the view. And that, my friends, is why we bought this house! The view is spectacular...even on a foggy morning!

As much as I struggled with all that needed cleaning, repairing and replacing in the beginning, here is where I am today: enjoying the process of loving on this home and bringing out its beauty. This house was meant to shine!

{A little inspiration for my girls as they eat breakfast at the bar.}

And one thing I love to do is make things SHINE! God has given me an eye for beauty, and I'm thrilled to be able to use that gift here in our farmhouse. As my husband says, we're bringing out the hidden glory in this house...one day at a time!

Happy Friday to you, sweet friends!
P.S. A huge thank you to Jorge, owner of Parra's Painting, for prepping and painting the entire house in record time! And to my sweet designer friends, Holly and Jenny, thanks for responding to all of my photos and emails along the way. I know I need to trust my gut, but your taste is just so dang good that I can't help but ask for a second opinion! And to my mom and sister, thank you for enduring my paint paralysis. Don't you love how I tweak the paint formulas just a hair and ask if you can tell the difference? Love you!


  1. Love the changes you made- everything you design has such a serene feeling, love it!

    Ironically, had I only seen the before, with white cabinetry, I think I would have liked it as well, but once you show your beautiful "afters" there is no compare. Such vision you have:-)

    I am curious on two points, as I am facing a cosmetic re-do of our kitchen. First, I am wondering how the cabinets were painted. Were they sprayed or hand painted? Any suggestions? Secondly, your granite looks very similar to the granite I inherited in my home, and I have struggled with paint colors for the cabinets. I had been leaning toward an off white, distressed finish, but yours look so rich and deep, I am very tempted to grab a sample and test it out. Just wondering, does your granite have veins of a salmon color? So sorry to have so many questions, but I am truly inspired by your beautiful transformation... gives me hope for my own!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful home! We are very similar in that we also chose our home for the view and the potential to transform the home into our own. Deer grazing outside the windows trump a multitude of design sins, we have decided. Blessings as you continue making this home your own!

    1. Thanks, Kelly. White beadboard is classic, but since ours was worn and in need of repainting, I thought: why not change the color! For me, the gray tones down the orange in the counters and the floors. The white made the orange pop too much for my taste. Our granite has orange, salmon colored flecks throughout. Large flecks, so very obvious in person. Again, I feel like the gray toned it down. Perfectly, no. But good enough!

      The cabinets were sprayed professionally, then touched up with a brush as needed. Fieldstone is a very popular color (thanks to Houston designer Sally Wheat's kitchen redo), but I wanted a lighter look, so I cut the formula in half.

    2. Thanks so much! I am so eager to get some samples of paint and play around with the idea of something other than off white. I would also like to tone down those peachy colors in the granite and never thought of grays. So glad you shared your kitchen and inspired me!

      And I vote for the tractor style stools :-)

  2. It is fabulous Lins!!! That light is incredible and I love seeing where you've placed all of your things in this house. It looks so warm and inviting and I'm sure your family is in heaven there.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Loved seeing your creative and loving touches in your new home! We struggled with the hood problem as well when we looked for a larger gas stove top to replace the one we have. Our answer will be to use one of the new periscope vents. Would that work with a Lacanche? I know how you feel about gas cooking - it would be a deal breaker for me. Loving your new paint colors too. Those are always so hard to choose, but everything is looking beautiful!

    1. Hmm. Is a periscope vent the same thing as a downdraft vent?

  4. Hi, Linsey! So very glad to see the light at the end of that tunnel for you! You endured it, are stronger for it, and can now truly enjoy a piece of your dream. I am so happy for you and your family. Thank you for all the times you poured out your heart on here...you touched many and encouraged many along the way...including me! You have done a wonderful job in your home. It has a fragrance of peace, tranquility and love...what more could you ask for, right? Have a blessed weekend and I can't wait to see more.

    1. Aww, thank you for hte sweet words. Sometimes I feel like I say too much when I write, but if even one is encouraged, then I guess it's worth pourting out. :)

  5. It looks so wonderful Linsey Lou! So happy for you and your sweet little family! xoxo

  6. All the details are adorable!! Love the mail organizer from Urban, the pendant light, and the biscuits and gravy sign! Where did you get the sign?

    1. Decor Steals. It's a one-day sale deal. Sometimes things come back around.

  7. Love your new kitchen! It's every bit as pretty as your old one! Thanks for sharing your home and your life with us. Your posts always are so encouraging.:)

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! You really know how to make a house a home Linsey! If this is what you've done in the early 'settling in' stages, you just now that your 'perfect' kitchen is within easy reach, and that it'll be done before you know it. To be honest, it already looks pretty perfect anyway!
    Best wishes,
    Paula xxx

    1. Thanks, Paula. I'm feeling very content with what we've done.

  9. Linsey! I love reading your blog...you have such an eye and heart! I love getting inspired in more than one way from a single blog. So glad life in Franklin is treating y'all well! Quick q: where did you get the chairs in your dining nook? Have been looking for some slipcovered chairs but haven't loved what I've found.

    Enjoy fall in Tennessee! I'm sure it will be beautiful :)

    1. Sweet words, Laura. Thank you. The chairs are from Ikea and the white linen slips are from a company called Bemz. I didn't have a great experience with them to be honest, so not sure how highly I'd recommend them. Having something made locally would probably be better.

  10. Yahoo! I LOVE it! It is amazing how in such a short time, you have made that space yours! The island is wonderful...so unique and farmhouse. Great pantry, where did you get your baskets? Really, it is just fun to know you are getting settled and putting your stamp on things. It is so you!
    p.s. I vote for the swivel barstools!

    1. I'm pretty sure those came from Michaels. I bough them 6 years ago, but maybe they still stock them? I always wait for their 40% off baskets promo. They come as a set of two...a smaller and a larger. I love that they dip down in the front so that you can see what's inside.

  11. Oh my stars, it is absolutely gorgeous Linsey!!! You did a fantastic job!!~
    I just adore the colors you used.
    I can't wait to see more! :)
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  12. Your kitchen feels so wonderfully home-y, and someone once said that about our family room and I think it's the biggest compliment anyone can give you about your home. That means they feel comfortable, cozy, and welcome there which is what a home is all about! Perfection is just so suffocating sometimes, isn't it?! This is coming from a fellow type A-er! I can't wait to see the table...I live in Atlanta so I am so curious to know where you found it and wait to read about it in your post. There is a great antique pine store in Roswell that can make just about anything, I am swooning over their mudroom furniture...now if only I had a mudroom!

    1. Here's a hint on the table: the guy who made it has a booth at Scott's. He's not from Atlanta. Can't wait to share a whole post about hiw work. The antique pine store sounds great!

    2. P.S. I love that you called my kitchen "home-y." :)

  13. Shut the barn door!! Love it! I pinned this gorgeous kitchen and then I realized it was yours!!! I LOVE IT!! The colors are stunning. Can't wait to see what you make shine next!

    1. Just when I think I can't like you any more via blogs and email, you say something that makes me love you even more Like shut the barn door! :) A bathroom redo is on my list as you know. So needing your inspiration!

  14. adorable! well done, my friend. it's cozy and inviting and unrecognizable from the pics I remember you showing me while we ate lunch together. I should not have doubted your gray with the floors, so good!! ok, about the need for a hood...talk to a lot of people, and get some second opinions. i had the same issue with my island stove. i refused to get another Jenn-Air which is the only brand that makes a downdraft ventilation system. every stove i even consider needed a hood, but I couldn't put a hood over my island, it would look terrible. so...we decided to go without any ventilation. i think i've used the exhaust on our current stove maybe twice in 5 years and I never used it in our old home. i don't fry food so there isn't really much need for one. i'm just saying you might be able to have your dream stove and not have to reconfigure the entire kitchen to make it work. i had the fire department look at it, looked into building codes, and talked with TONS of installers and builders. the only risk is that our kitchen may be warmer and smell of the food longer. ok, and a quick question for you about having the cabinets sprayed...did you use regular latex paint or a special formulation? i've got Farrow and Ball paint in their recommended formula for our cabinets and my painters were going to apply it with a brush. they could spray it but I wasn't sure. thanks! again, BEAUTIFUL JOB!!! xo, Tessa

    1. Remember me pulling my paint chips out on that 107 degree day? Fond memories! It all came toegther. I have a "real" remodel in the back of my head just to create a bigger space, but for now, I'm very content with the change. It feels more fresh and "me."

      Let's chat offline about the vent hood. When I proposed no vent hood to my husband, he thought I was nuts. We had a gorgeous one in Houston, but we never used it! Okay, maybe twice! I was mostly wondering about a grimy ceiling. Even though I didn't use my vent hood, I did have to wipe it down often. I guess all the oils we use to cook leave a film?

      I'm sure a brush is great. Maybe even better? We were pressed for time. As in, our painters worked long, late hours, even on July 4th, to get the job done. Spraying was faster. We used BM's Advance Satin (latex, not oil). I know Joan over at "For the Love of a House" used that for her cabinets and trim, too.

  15. Such a gorgeous farmhouse kitchen!! I love it! So many wonderful things!!

  16. I absolutely love your kitchen. It looks like perfection to me. It is a simple elegance that I just love. You could not have done it better. Not only that, but the pictures you have shared of your husband and girls at the farm, look like people that are truly "shining" and happy in their new element. Congrats on pursing your dream. It is wonderful. Lori Lucas

    1. Thank you, Lori. My family really is shining here. You are absolutely right!

  17. The house that love built! So beautiful, so many "attention to detail" details...Just like our Father! Thanks for the fun tour...I think I will flip a coin and come sip a cup of tea some day! :)

  18. I LOVE what you have done to this kitchen! Just beautiful. You have a sweet husband to let you paint and decorate to get it just right. Love the color of the cabinets and the little wood island...and that light - love, love, love it! Have I used the word "love" enough?! lol Looks like you're settling in nicely -- enjoy your beautiful new digs!

  19. Your kitchen is wonderful, Linsey. I just love reading the stories of what you are going through to get to where you are. You see, I am reading a little deeper and just smiling through it all. God is so good, isn't He?

    By the way..I think He shines through your whole family.

  20. We have VERY similar pendant lights (mine are from the Pottery Barn outlet) and LOVE is not a strong enough word. I love your new design. It fits in well with the house and surroundings. Very different from your Houston home, but equally lovely.

  21. girl...your kitchen makes me so happy.
    i long for the day we can sit over coffee and really hear one another's stories. :)

    thankful for you, friend.

  22. Looks really awesome!! I know you are so happy to have one room done and accounted for!! I like the swivel wood bar stools better. They tie in with the island. Thanks for taking the time to show all the details. Just love it all. So nicely done.

  23. Love your kitchen remodel! I have the same pendant from Wisteria in my kitchen--love it!

  24. linsey!!!!!!
    it's gorgeous
    the family eating nook???OH MY...perfection!
    i love it all
    every last detail!

  25. Your kitchen is beautiful! I love how it all gets pulled together with paint and the small details. You have such an eye for design. I have been teasing with my own kitchen remodel since January. It has taken me till last month to decide on a paint color for the cabinets. We finally started shopping for counters today. I feel your pain on the orange floors. We have terra cotta tiles covering our entire first floor. Your kitchen has helped me confirm that I can do gray cabinets! Thank You!!

  26. Hi Linsey! :)

    First and foremost I love your heart and the sensitivity in which you share! And then I LOVE your style! I love the attention to detail that comes so naturally for you. I watch your pinterest boards and then see how you take those things and form your style in your new home! You are gifted! You really make a house feel like a home! And a big part of that is your heart for the Lord! I wish you peace and love, and lots and lots of wonderful, dear friends so that you don't have to feel like the new girl for much longer!

  27. I'm on team tractor stool. I feel like they are wonderfully unique and blend in a little better (esp. with the counter) rather than saying "HI! I'M A STOOL!" :) Your home is lovely. I really love your island table.

  28. Hi! I've been looking-but have been unable to find-cool cutting boards such as yours-would you mind sharing your source? Much thanks!

  29. I bought mine in Round Top, Texas, during the big antique week. Try Etsy. There are people making reproductions that look great.

  30. Linsey,

    I have just been catching up over here and I want to say a few things. One I feel your pain. I know I shared with you a long time ago that we moved from Houston To Charlottesville VA to chase our dream (8 years ago now). And it was hard. Being the new girl is HARD. then 4 years later we moved back and I was kind of the new girl again even though I was coming back "home." It is all hard. But as you very well know, it is how the Lord grows us. I posted a few quotes today that I think will speak to you on my blog about this too.

    LOVE you new home. it is beautiful and I love that you apologized to the previous owners too. It never crossed my mind that you were being disrespectful in any way but once I read what you wrote...I thought yeah that could have been hard for them or their friends to see/hear. We all love our homes (kind of like family members ) and it could be hard to hear anything negative about it. It just made be love your humble, honest and authentic heart to realize that maybe you hurt someone through no intention and that you took responsibility for that. I admire you.

    Hugs from Texas,

  31. Hi,

    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?


  32. Been meaning to comment about your farmhouse kitchen!!! I love the small changes you made....big impact! I am sure it is starting to feel like home:)

  33. Hello, Linsey, my dear. We are just about to move into a dreamy home (first time I get to have acreage and the horses, cows, and chickens I have been dreaming of), and our kitchen has builder-grade "oak" cabinets. I was thinking of painting them. Could you give me an idea of what kind of expense to expect? Our kitchen is about the size of yours. Thanks! Great color choices! I will have to send you some pics when I get it finished.

    1. I honestly have no idea. Every square inch of our house was in need of painting, so I did myself a favor and didn't stress over each individual cost. It was all based on square footage. I'm so happy that you get to live a dream and have some animals! I'd love for you to send some pics!

  34. Thanks for your sweet reply. I would love to paint our whole home before moving in; I don't know how you were able to choose colors all at once :) can you tell us how your cabinet paint is holding up after a few months? Are you still happy with the paint choice, particularly the kind of paint you chose? I am sharing your most recent posts with a a dear friend who is facing some tough marital choices and really struggling...her heart needs your words of hope! thanks for.being honestly you!

    1. Very happy with all of the paint colors and especially the kitchen cabinets. Made a HUGE difference to paint them. People think I remodeled when all I did was paint and replace the hardware and lighting. Overall, happy with the way they've held up for the last year, but the cabinets beneath the sink take a beating. I've just started to see a little bit of peeling where the water from the sink has dripped down and nestled in. I'd love to find some kind of "top coat" that has a matte finish that would protect these two cabinets.


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