Fall Is In The Air...Literally!

Just what I needed: the refreshment and inspiration that fall brings! Cool, crisp air, a touch of color in the hills and pumpkins everywhere! I coudn't resist...had to bring some home!

The front porch.

When people ask why Franklin instead of a cute little Texas town, one of my responses is "four seasons." I got a taste of how wonderful four seasons could be during my four years at Vanderbilt...just enough to make me long for it again. It's still hot as blazes in Houston right now. {Sorry Houston friends!} Hard to get in the fall pumpkin mood when you're dripping in sweat!

The dining room table.

And a glimpse of where that dough bowl full of pumpkins sits:

Finally got the dining room cleared out just last week.
Hung the light today. A fun, different look for me!

This is about as fancy as fall decorating gets around here. With the exception of Christmas, I've never been much of a seasonal decorator...just a general nester. I have a feeling God's fall decor will far exceed anythign I could ever do inside! I can't wait to see how He paints the hills with changing leaves!

One last little touch of fall at the front door.

Love these little velvet pumpkins!
{Found them at Leftovers on my way home from Round Top a few years ago.} 

Some persepctive...
so that you can see how cute and little they are!

Just inside the front door.

A real fall is really something to celebrate for this Texas-turned-Tennessee family. And no one knows how to celebrate quite like my youngest daughter. Here she is in all her glory:

I had just finished photographing the little velvet pumpkins
when she pranced down the steps in a holiday dress.

We don't call her our "sparkle and shine" for nothing!
I'll never get over those eyes.

And a little pose with the pumpkins.
All her idea. Love that girl!

On a totally different note...I'm surprised to be here blogging today. I don't think of myself as a very moody person, but if you want to know the truth, I was feeling rather moody about this whole blog thing last week...telling my husband I was done with it. Next you thing you know, I have a camera in my hands and am inspired to share! {Confused sweet husband? Me, too!}

I was suddenly feeling a little overexposed. Also feeling a need to invest my time in people here. Building new friendships takes time I don't have if all I do is hang out behind the computer...which is where I'll be most of the time from now till Christmas. {Card season has just begun!}

I crave authenticity, but sometimes it can feel like too much for the online world. So many of you crave authenticity as well, and you've been a great blessing to me, but sometimes I just feel conflicted about whether or not the online world is the right place for that...for me anyway. Sometimes I think it would be a lot easier just to share pretty pictures and not say too much. You know what I mean? Or just make a photo book for my family...something I've never done and want to do, but just haven't had the time.

We'll see where the Lord leads my heart going forward, especially with the time constraints of card season, but for today, I'm rejoicing in the first real fall I've experienced since college. Happy to be here!

Blessings and love,


  1. I understand the moody thing and I am probably old enough to be your mother! Your girls are beautiful! How wonderful that they have your beautiful blog to look back on their lives. What a great gift you are giving them.

  2. Personally, I am so grateful that you continue to blog (for now) :). I recently found you and have been so grateful! I love all what you do here represents- beauty, loving God, loving others, healthy whole food eating, and beautiful decorative touches and ideas. I am actually not gifted at all in the last category so God really uses the gifts and talents of ladies like you to bless me! :) Thank you!

  3. Oh my goodness Linsey so many of us understand how you are feeling. A wonderful thing that I have learned is that devoted readers are also patient and kind. You are an inspiration to many, yes you are. Whatever you decide, your readers will understand.
    XO Lisa

  4. Yes, I do understand as I go back and forth with all types of social media and blogs-I go on a kick, then I've had enough and am fed up, but I keep coming back. Moderation I suppose is the key, with much-needed breaks for me. Enjoy your Fall, it's my favorite season to decorate for and I can't wait to get those pumpkins and mums out on my front porch! Yours are so simple and sweet.

  5. I love coming here and being calmed by your gentle and honest writing, and the sweet images of your peaceful home. Your blog is truly a haven in the crazy internet world. I'm always humbled and inspired by your love for Jesus and life devoted to His glory.

    So thankful you're willing to be vulnerable and open your heart and home to so many. Praying for peace and confidence in the path God leads you on. Hope you're enjoying the wonderful fall and are being restored by the cooler temps. As much as I have wanted to move to Texas (a crazy obsession my husband has questioned for years- ha!), I'm definitely a four seasons girl myself!

    Blessings, Linsey!

  6. I understand loving the seasons. I lived in Florida for many years and missed the change of the seasons. It seemed when the seasons changed, I did too. I went inside with the cold harsh winters and when spring came, I felt renewed. Hard to explain but I think you might know what I am talking about. I check your blog daily for inspriation but totally understand the time issue. I started a blog when I was laid off of work and when I went back to work, I haven't updated it since. It's still there in case I decide to. I don't understand the women that change things constantly in their homes, it wears me out reading about it. LOL. Some of them have so much stuff on their tables that my husband said, "where do you put the food?". We like simplicity. I'm not saying you are SIMPLE by any means but you offer the simplicity of a home and also you are downright honest about life and you do not sugar coat your feelings. If you leave, I totally understand and support you but while you are here, I will continue to read and devour your blog. ♥

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

  7. Thank you for keeping it real and honest and also beautiful! I hope you blog for a long time because you have touched so many with your trials and your joyfullness. I am very excited to see bits and pieces of the new house. We would love a home tour when you are ready. xo

  8. Your blog is soothing to my soul. Like you, I love the change of seasons and your simple and beautiful decorations are a gentle reminder of God's goodness.

    Thank you for sharing your story and opening your heart and home.

  9. I literally think of quitting the blog thing every single week.
    There isn't a single week that I don't think it at least once.

    That over-exposed feeling is a bit much sometimes....and I totally agree that we should all be focusing on building great relationships right where we are placed.

    Your home is beautiful...love all the spaces you're creating.

  10. Your dining room looks so very beautiful! I hope you show us more! Enjoy your four wonderful seasons while I am sweating here in Houston, lol!
    Your daughter looks so lovely! She looks like she is ready to go to the ball with prince charming.

  11. Oh how I miss the seasons! We do get a touch of it here in North Texas but not like where I grew up in Minnesota. I'll bet the hills of Tennessee are just fantastic in the fall!

    I hope you don't leave the blogging world. I love all of your beautiful pictures -- so inspiring! :)

  12. I echo all the above sentiments. I love opening your blog. I also know how scary it is to be too vulnerable, and sometimes it is just exhausting. I lived in Africa for a few years and when I came home to British Columbia the first fall was pure magic. After two years of summer and rain, to have my seasons back was heavenly. By the way, what is that big green pumpkin in your basket called? I grew some this year but I do not know what they are.

  13. What precious pictures of your cutie! Both of your girls radiate joy and love! What treasures! Fall is my absolute favorite in this area. I try to drink it in daily as it seems to go by so quickly. As the leaves change I would love to meet you at Radnor for a fall walk. Thank you for sharing your heart. You are an inspiration!!

  14. One of the best things about your blog is that it is truly YOURS! You can post as often, or as little, as you like. Your content is yours to control - personal, or not so much.

    I do want to tell you that your blog is one of the very few that I look forward to reading. Whatever you decide, I will continue to enjoy what you choose to share with us. Thank you,Linsey~

  15. Lindsey...your blog is better than any magazine I receive! It's inspiration for my home and family, along with a spiritual punch too. What more could we ask for? PLEASE don't stop blogging. I feel so silly to admit, but I'm obsessed with your thoughts and ideas. I refer to you as the LLH girl to my husband weekly as I share your thoughts, struggles, ideas and spiritual messages. I would be honored to know you personally so maybe one day our paths will cross. Keep on keeping on friend. You are so unique...and should be published! I would be your marketer! PS: You should get your sweet hubby to have your blogs printed and bound into a book and you would have a wonderful photo book of your family. A friend of mine did that recently (received as a Christmas gift from her mother) and the books are truly treasures. Have a great week....Deana Bibb in Sandersville, GA!

  16. I hear you...I remember this last year:) What I love most about you is your love for all things authentic and really listening to where God is leading you. You do take marvelous photographs by the way:)
    I to have never been a seasonal decorator either..I am now both..a nester and a slight seasonal decorator. I don't much care for Halloween so I don't do that but Christmas is my most favorite...sharing Jesus and each other.
    love ya!

  17. That girl is beautiful. And yes, those eyes.......

    So glad you shared your fall beauties. Oh, fall is beautiful in Tennessee. Enjoy it in your new beautiful home.

    I am sending you a hug from Tullahoma. There...did you feel it?

  18. So, so beautiful! Love your touch of fall. Your daughter is beautiful with that big, wonderful smile and pretty eyes! Love the pose by the pumpkins. I know what you mean about blogging... some days I tell my husband I am done with it too! lol But for now, I am still doing it! :)

  19. I have only just been receiving your blog for the last few months just before your move. You are truly inspirational, please do not stop. I look forward to your blog, with your honesty and frankness about life. Your photographs are so touching and real. You are blessed to have such a lovely family who obviously support you in everything you do.

  20. Sweet blog friends, you are all so encouraging. Thank you!!! We'll see how things work out this fall as I try to balance work, life on the farm, family, building friendships...and a little blogging! Hugs to you all!

  21. I continue to pray for you and your family. Your blog is such an inspiration for me, and others I'm sure, but I understand your endeavor to do the will of God. You have come a long way with your house projects too and i know it must feel more like "home" now. I wish you the best in all things! We too are facing a possible long move away from all we've known as home...so I think of your testimonies every time this comes up. You are an inspiration indeed!!! Blessings to you and your family!

  22. Hi Linsey - Your house is really divine! I love your color palette, and all of your painted furniture. I enjoy being one of your newest readers.....so, hope you'll continue sharing more of your home, designs, photographs and beautiful family :)


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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