The Sweetest Neighbors

How can you not smile big when a neighbor brings this to your door?

And not just any neighbor, but a 6th grade boy who grew this from a seed in his family's garden! Love that kid! Like my girls, he loves old fashioned fun. We've already worn a path across the pasture! Oh, and get this: he and his brother go to the same school as my girls! How cool is that?!?! And his parents? Amazing. Love them already. We're feeling beyond blessed to live next to such a wonderful family. I can see us having big fun toegther for years to come.

And then there's the neighbor who took me to the Nashville Flea on Friday. She couldn't be any more dear if she tried. Nurturing, creative, sensitive...sweet to the bone. She found me because a friend of hers {who I didn't even know} forwarded my blog to her when I announced I was moving here. {Thank you, Lord! And thank you, friend!} She's the same neighbor who delivered these flowers from her garden to lift my spirits during the flea invasion.

And here's what she sweetly hauled back in her car for me from the Flea:

That big metal thing? It's a nesting box for chickens...with my husband's intials!
I just HAD to buy it! {We'll start our chicken adventure in the spring.}

And another nearby neighbor saw this sign at the edge of our driveway...

...and pulled right up with a plate of cookies! {We are LOVING our school, by the way.} We discovered we both like to walk in the morning {I hate exercise unless I'm praying or building friendship}, and next thing you know, we're walking buddies! I haven't exercised since I've been here {unless you count moving and unpacking}, so she has been a sweet blesing.

And this next neighbor story will really blow you away.

On Monday night, I was overcome with sadness. The enormity of the move and loss of familiarity was pressing in on me. I didn't want to feel sad because we're chasing a dream, and I know the Lord is in this. But I also know sadness is a healthy emotion. The tears needed to flow, so I turned off the distractions {phone, blogs, Pinterest, etc.} and and let the emotions well up.

I woke up the next morning and asked God to show me how He cares for me. I know He does; He says so in His Word. But I asked for a tangible showing of it on this very day. And right after I asked, a text message came my way:
I will be home until 1:00 today. I want you to swing by this morning. Drop everything! You need some mothering. I have been reading your blog. See you in a little while. No excuses! {From the Tennessee Blueberry Buckle Lady}
The Tennessee Blueberry Buckle Lady is a nearby neighbor who was reading my blog when we lived in Houston...with no clue we'd be moving to Franklin. When I announced the news and shared a picture of the house on my blog, she knew right where it was. When we moved in, she showed up with a fresh baked Tennessee Blueberry Buckle cake.

Can you believe the boldness of her text message? I read the words as if they were from God himself. Drop everything. The funny thing is, I learned that she really isn't that bold and direct. At the very same time I was aksing God to show up for me, she felt like God whispered my name to her...in a way she couldn't ignore. I'm BEYOND grateful that she followed through and didn't second guess what I might think of her boldness. I needed her nurturing that day. {Oh, and her house! Just sitting inside of it nurtured my beauty loving soul! French treasures and attention to detail at every turn. So inpsiring!}

I delight in sharing these stories with you because they are evidence that God hears the cry of our hearts. 

Before we even moved, I asked God to go before us and bring us friends whose hearts would receive us. He has certainly done that...in ways far beyond what I could imagine. He knows how to care for a homebody's heart. The fact that these people just show up on my doorstep is unbelievable! What a gift!

Do I miss a handful of friends in Houston? Absolutely. But I rejoice in the gift of sweet neighbors who have shown me such love here in Franklin.

Have a great week, sweet friends!

P.S. My sister and one of her baby boys are coming to visit this weekend! I can't wait for her to see our world!


  1. So glad to hear how the our good God is meeting you, in tears and in joy. Thank you for sharing how He has heard the cries, both speakable and unspeakable. May the Lord give His mercies new today over you!

  2. It sounds like you've moved to exactly where you need to be. Ever since I read "The Widow of the South" I've wanted to visit Franklin. Your blog and lovely people you've met along the way truly inspire me to do so. I'm so glad I've found your blog.

    1. A Houston friend gave me "Widow of the South." Haven't had a chance to read it yet, but Franklin is about as charming and warm and friendly as it gets. I'm told this is the norm here: for people to show up on your doorstep with a cake and roll into your driveway with cookies. Southern sweetness, I guess! Welcome ot the blog!

  3. Oh Linsey, He loves you so, and He is showing you in ways that speak so directly to your heart.

    Isn't He wonderful that He hears your cries and cares about what you care about! Isn't it wonderful that He puts people in your life that listen to His voice and respond accordingly.

    He has found favor upon you, my friend.

  4. I don't remember how I stumbled onto your blog. But was hooked very quickly. Then read you were moving- to one of my favorite parts of the country. We've lived in Austin now for years and I travel quite frequently to Houston. Franklin and Houston are two different worlds. You have found heaven on earth. Look forward to your discoveries. God s great.

  5. Please get in touch with my Vandy girl so you two can connect! She would love seeing you all. XOXO

  6. Linsey!
    I love that God is showing you so clearly how he loves you. Oh, how he loves you! If grace were an ocean, you'd be sinking. :)

    Continuing to pray for you and your family....trusting God to confirm over and over again that you are right in the middle of his will for you. I'm reading Philippians right now...learning to REJOICE no matter what. I'm so inspired to see that you are learning this same thing, even on the sad days.

    Paul rejoiced even though he was in chains, and the gospel was advanced. May it be that those around us would draw unto the Lord through our learning to rejoice in all things.

    Enjoy every second of having some of your family there with you....

  7. I just stumbled onto your blog. I think we are probably neighbors. I live in Mary Beth Chapman's neighborhood. I'd love to get together sometime. Have you found a church home? We go to Clearview Baptist. Welcome to Franklin!!! You can email me at danatucker@comcast.net or through my website at http://www.bella-tucker.com

    Dana Tucker


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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