Waking Up In Maine

This is where I woke up today:

After sleeping in six different places over the last seven weeks, I was a little disoriented when I first opened my eyes.

Where in the world am I?!?! A cool breeze and a harbor full of boats? This isn't exactly home. {Not that home is very well established these days!}

One look at the rocky coast and those white adirondacks and you know: this is unmistakably Midcoast Maine. Hard to believe this is my 20th summer visit. I'm one blessed girl! {Thanks Mom and Dad!}

My parents' house overlooks Rockport Harbor, but our favorite place to shop and eat is Camden. I thought you might like to have a look around with us!

Harbor Dogs is part of our summer tradition.

Love the clam chowder at Cappy's.

And their bakery has irresistible treats!

My favorite shop in Camden: Jo Ellen Designs.

Hmm. I see a trend: French inspired books!

Another favorite. Brooke is such a generous soul...always sharing beauty and inspiration
on her blogShe's even answered some of my chicken questions.
{Can't wait to have our own chickens in Franklin!}

So tempted to buy this tray for my youngest daughter.
You'll see why when I show you her room!

Fabulous collection of Weck jars.

Beautiful Brahms Mount blankets...made in Maine!

The Camden Harbor at dusk.

One of the many schooners heading out for an evening sail.
{I highly recommend seeing Maine from the water.}

Window boxes.

And a variety of my favorite flowers: hydrangeas.

A new "cheap and cheerful" favorite: light with a touch of effervescence.
Not a bad way to end a day!

I'm thrilled to be in Maine {and can't wait to do all of our favorite Maine things}, but would you believe that I'm missing our little farm already? I know there will be plenty of work waiting for me when I return, so for now, I'm going to soak in as much beauty {and rest} as I can!

Happy summer day to you, sweet friends! How I wish you were here to enjoy the day with me!

Hugs and love,

P.S. You can see all of my Maine photos and posts HERE {or link through the sidebar anytime}.


  1. The thought of cool breezes and being near the water sound absolutely lovely right now. I wish I were in Maine as well. Have a wonderful and relaxing time.

  2. Oh... want to go back sooooo bad ! We went to Maine on our honeymoon- loved the Wiscasset area- loved
    the lobster rolls, the bed & breakfasts we stayed in, Loved the scenery.. loved the cool.. wow, could go on
    and on. So beautiful. You are blessed. Have a nice time.


  3. Oh - THIS is America at it's finest! As a Brit, these fabulous images are how I imagine perfect American Summers to be. Absolutely spectacular - I can taste the clam chowder from here!
    Have a great holiday,
    Paula xxx

  4. I so love reading your posts. It's like a mini vacation at my desk every time. I hope you settle in nicely when you return to the farm.

    Looks like the comment feature is buggy today and I'm coming up as Anonymous. Oh well...it's Margaret from Conjuring My Muse.

  5. Camden is my ALL TIME favorite spot in Maine. So many places are dear to me, but Camden takes the cake. I grew up in New Mexico but live in Maine now...and the fact that I can scoot there within an hour brings JOY to my soul (and makes for many trips there)! I LOVE your pictures! Have a wonderful time. :)
    {Jo Ellen's is my favorite too} :)

  6. I went to maine for the first time last year and fell in love. Such a beautiful place. We will definitely go back one day soon. And I am so glad I found your blog! It's lovely! enjoy the rest of your trip, and I am going to browse around here for a while - lots of eye candy to feast on!

  7. Gosh it looks so beautiful....have a great time:)

  8. Loved the various places you have shared with us this summer... now Maine!
    Rest well and God bless... miss you guys so much... best, MHP

  9. As a girl who grew up in the northeast, Massachusetts, your pictures are calling to me. I have been away for far too long! Thank you for sharing your little spot in Maine and bringing back coastal breezes and chowder lunches to this, now, Southern girl.

  10. First read this post earlier today as we drove up 95 in to Maine to visit our son at camp in the sebago lake area. It was a beautiful day and such a special place. Enjoy yourself!

  11. My girls have that tray in their kitchen...ours came from Sur La Table :)

    Beautiful pictures here, Maine is on our list for visiting this year while homeschooling.

  12. Patina Style in Maine? That's so cool!
    Thank you for letting me know :)

    Looks like you are having a fantastic vacation. Maine is on my list of places to visit.
    It looks beautiful!


  13. Hey friend. Donnie, I, and the kids traveled up north a few years ago on a two week work/pleasure trip. We ended it in Maine and then headed back down to Tennessee. Maine was incredibly beautiful! We would love to go back someday and spend more time.

    So glad you are resting and relaxing. Have fun and be safe.

    Ate at the Puffy Muffin with my friend from Louisiana on Friday. You have got to try it. (preferably when we come for a visit again)

  14. I have wanted to visit Maine for quite a while and was longing to even more after viewing your photos last year! Thanks for sharing and letting me enjoy through your experiences : )

  15. After seeing it in your Houston home, I'm painting the public areas in our house Wickham gray. We're not done yet but it's such a beautiful color. Most of the time it looks more light blue than gray, but such pretty shade. I love it when my husband gets the ceiling line done and I get the baseboards done and we finally pull off the tape and see the nice clean lines and have that new feeling in the house. Is that what you painted in your new home, too? Looking forward to you settling in and posting more. The new homestead is beautiful. I also just bought a book on Amazon (hasn't arrived yet) Free Range Chicken Gardens - How to create a beautiful chicken friendly yard. I can't have chickens in my HOA neighborhood, but someday...

    1. I love Wickham Gray. Changes with the light. Some will say they don't like the blue in it because gray is so trendy, but blue gray feels very true to Provence to me. Gray feels more Swedish. I'm a Provence girl! I'm using it in several places in our new home...and subtle variations of it.

  16. Oh my goodness...I ALWAYS look forward to your pictures from Maine.

    Praying your trip is going great with your family.....

    side note....tell me how you get your pictures SO big! They're just beautiful.


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