Almost Home

After 35 days of wandering, we're almost
Tomorrow is the big day!

The lack of rain and record heat makes me feel like I'm in Texas.

We only gained possession of our house five days ago. {You wouldn't believe how hard we've worked to get it ready for the movers tomorrow.} It was hard to be here for a month and not be able to start cleaning, settling, etc. But God knew just what I needed: an alien experience that caused me to be completely dependent upon Him. And oh, how I wrestled and resisted at times!

Truth be told, the last month was extremely challenging for me. Living out of a suitcase, not getting to settle into a home, taking a dozen wrong turns a day, going to church and realizing I don't know a soul, wondering WHY about so many things...I could go on and on.

But in the midst of all this, I've been keenly aware that God is up to some VERY big things in my heart...things only He knows how to accomplish. And while I don't know what all of those things are just yet, I have a hunch that some of what He's up to has to do with loosening my grip on predictability, perfection, order...and the real issue: CONTROL!

Yep, I'm a control freak. And a neat freak. And an organizational freak. Don't even get me started on how cleaning our new house the last few days has almost put me over the edge! Massive amounts of dirt and mess makes me crazy. Again...God at work. He knew I didn't need to move from one pristine and perfect house to another. He knew that wouldn't do anything to free my heart.

And yet He made me a natural organizer and cleaner. It's just he way my brain works. It helps the ADD-types in my family to have order, so I'm thankful that I can bless them in that way. I just have to be careful not to love order more than bigger, more important things...like God and people. Relationships are a primary thing. Cleanliness and order aren't. {Preaching to myself!}

As we move into our new house and continue fixing broken things and bringing order out of the chaos that comes with unpacking, I want to remember to keep first things first. Praying those moving boxes don't taunt me! I know how addictive finding a place for everything can be. And after being unsettled for so long, I feel a bit like a racehorse at the starting gate! Easy girl! {Talking to myself again!}

This post is quite a ramble and it's after midnight {do I really have to get up so early?}, but I want you to know something before I get buried in boxes: God has been so good in the last month. Even in the struggles. I wish I could tell you the stories of how He showed up for me in the last 30 days...literally speaking my name out loud through a blog friend I've never met in person, but who happened to see me at church and shouted my name out as if we were old friends. Then another blog friend walking up to me in Restoration Hardware of all places! I didn't need to be there that day, but stumbled in and was blown away when she walked up and spoke my name. Again, someone I'd never met. And she doesn't even live here! She was just visiting! Only God.

There are so many more stories just like that. I need to write them all down someday soon! Tonight, I'm thankful and content. I feel blessed by all that God has done and is doing in my heart, and blessed by all of you who have joined me in this leap of faith from Houston, Texas, to Franklin, Tennessee!

I better get some sleep before the movers come!

hugs and love,

P.S. Happy 4th a day late! There's something about celebrating July 4th out in a small country town that feels so American. We met some new neighbors at their annual parade and picnic. The girls thought it was the best July 4th ever!


  1. I know the last month has been quite a journey for you guys, but I am so excited for the transformation happening in your life! I love the picture of the girls making friends and think it's amazing that you have run into two blog friends...that is just awesome! Good luck with the movers and take your time. You are home now!

  2. Good Morning! And Happy Moving Day!
    I'm a relatively "new" follower of your blog, and I must say, I truly look forward to your posts every day! Today...today I needed this post. Reminding me we are in HIS hands. Reminding me that I need to lean on Him. Reminding me I need to trust in Him...that He has it all worked out! He knows. He's supposed to know. And in the midst of uncertainty, I need to believe...down to my core that He will lead me...my family...to where we're supposed to be.
    So I thank you...for reminding me. Every now and then I need to be reminded.
    Jen xo

  3. How exciting to log on and read this!
    I am over the moon excited for you. SO many emotions for sure but
    so beautiful.
    I hope your heart can really soak up all of this. I pray the Holy Spirit
    controls you mind....jesus calling:)
    You are surrounded by His shield today....and most of all I wish you

  4. Hope all goes smooth today!!!
    A month from now you will look back and say...wow...look how much I have done and smile :)

  5. It is so lovely to read your blog, very envious of your last house and im sure the new one will be just as lovely, you have the magic touch !! I to am a neat freak and like everything in its place so I have sympathy with you regarding the cleaning!!.

    Good luck on settling in !!

    best wishes

    vicki xxx

  6. What an exciting (and exhausting) time for you and your precious family. Love seeing all of the pictures...wishing you smooth sailing in your move today!!

  7. How utterly fantastic and exciting! (and yes, exhausting -- I've moved. It is hard work!) :)

    Your photos are amazing! Like you, I am neat and orderly so can understand the need to get everything in its place. Just remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. (now I'm talking to myself.)

    I am headed your way - to Nashville and a day trip to Franklin. Can't wait to see this beautiful part of our country.

    Enjoy every moment.

  8. Oh Linsey, I am so excited for you! What a beautiful home on LAND! Not so much what you get off Sunset Blvd.

    Imagine the 4 seasons you will get and the many more days a year to sit on the porch and swing or rock!

    Thank you for sharing what God id doing in your heart, it is always such an encouragement.

    Love, Whyt

  9. What a nice surprise to open my email and see a post from you.

    How exciting but overwhelming moves can be. We have over the course of our 20 year marriage moved 8 times. I love the uncertainty or if all and what adventures it brings. I too am a complete neat freak and need to have everything in order. As our last move approached I was an old pro of the packing and unpacking. We have lived in our current house for 6 years and we are beginning to get the itch to move. Unfortunately since my husband retired from the Navy last year I do not see a move in our near future. Enjoy your house and all memories you will build.

    Thank you for sharing how God is present in your life. It gave me goosebumps to read how He has been there for you.

  10. I, for one, am so thankful that God has brought you to Franklin and into my life. He is an amazing God and I am so thankful for steps being directed.

    I look forward to being around and seeing what God is revealing and unraveling in your sweet life.

    So happy that your 4th was wonderful. Tell those sweet girls hello.

  11. It was so nice to see that you had a new post/update for us all. I have thought of you and your family and prayed for you so many times! Like I said earlier...I admire your "leap of faith" in moving and I know God has many wonderful things in store for all of you. How awesome that HE has placed people in your path along the way! Just remember to...enjoy the journey as you move in and unpack. It doesn't all have to be done in one week (or even in one month!) and that advice comes from yet another try-to-be organized, neat and clean freak - ME! When I have it (my surroundings and especially my home -inside and out) all under control and all neat, I seem to breathe easier (does that sound familiar?) I can SO relate, but God has had me in a period of learning to let go, be free, and not so consumed with all the "to-do" lists in life. He has SO MUCH MORE for us. I'll keep on praying for each of you and I can't wait until you can share more (no pressure by any means!! In HIS timing, that is.) Blessings!!

  12. Oh! I was so happy to read this from you...I remember all too well that feeling of unsettledness. I look back on us this time last year, and I can't believe that a year has almost passed us by. I also can't believe that I lived in someone else's house for 6 weeks while we looked for rental.

    I am thrilled that God has given you so many moments where you can see his fingerprints all over this move. He is in the details and he loves to remind us that he is with us...always and to the very end. When we know that he is with us, we can have peace to overcome anything.

    Yay for meeting blog friends.....a gift from the Lord. I loved seeing your girls making friends...praying for all of you in the transition!!! I can't wait to see pictures of the house!!

  13. Just found your blog recently, and after catching up on your adventure in moving to Franklin, have been eagerly awaiting a new post:-)

    Love hearing how God has shown Himself every step of the way. Isn't He so awesome to do that in our lives? Never fails to thrill me when I see Him orchestrate small things just for me.

    Can't wait to see your lovely new home.

    Congratulations on this exciting new life!

  14. Just recently found your blog and love it! Welcome to Franklin!! We've lived here for about eight years...it's a very sweet community. Hope to see you around town!

  15. Wow! Can't believe the big move is finally happening. Can't wait to hear how everything goes in Franklin -- He will provide abundantly for y'all, I know. After all, He planted the dream! Amazing! Lots of love. Xo!

    P.S. The photo of the horse is incredible!

  16. I'm so excited for you! I love moving and getting to go through all my stuff and decide where it will live in the new house. Getting rid of the things I no longer need or use and finding homes for them with others who will use and appreciate them. I hope you enjoy the process. It looks so beautiful there.

  17. Full days ahead! Oh God knows the way with our hearts, doesn't he? You are right where you need to be. His timing is so perfect and we can trust that we will grow in the soil he has planted. And we can't rush the growing. It's simple biology.

    Asking God for peaceful settling. Keep sharing! We all love you and this window to your world.

  18. Oh my goodness, I am SOOOO excited for you to finally be getting into your new home!!! I know how difficult it must have been over the last month and I am so glad that you have all made it through by the grace of God!
    Take care and enjoy your new beginnings.
    I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful work on your home.

  19. I can relate SO MUCH to your desire to clean and organize!! Most people think I am nuts but I LOVE IT...a little too much!! Good luck moving in. Gorgeous house and pictures! I am jumping on a plane in 2 days to visit Franklin and Brentwood and find hopefully our perfect neighborhood. I cannot wait. Thanks for being so inspiring and focused on what you should be focused on! Leslie


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