Salt Water

"The cure for anything is salt water...
sweat, tears or the sea."
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Well, friends, I'm about to find out if these words are true. We poured sweat while packing and moving, shed tears while saying our goodbyes and driving out of Houston, and now here we are at the beach...getting our fill of the salty air and sea before we begin a new chapter of our lives in Franklin.

I've experienced more raw emotion and exhaustion than I can express right now, but when writing feels therapeutic and good, I'll be back. Until then, I'll be listening to the waves, wiggling my toes in the sand, watching my girls splash and play, thinking about how crazy it is that we won't be driving back to Houston at the end of this vacation, pondering the magnitude of chasing a dream...and trying real hard not to get a sunburn!

Love and hugs,


  1. Linsey, I did this very thing last year. Left my home of TN and moved our family to a new city. You are following a dream and it will be OK. Enjoy your time at the beach. Thinking and praying for you!

  2. LLH, i am praying....i am so proud of you. Or rather so proud of what God is doing inside you! BIG xoxo

  3. LLH, i am praying....i am so proud of you. Or rather so proud of what God is doing inside you! BIG xoxo

  4. Enjoy the beach and the time with your family. Cheering you on as you courageously embrace your dreams. Thoughts and prayers....

  5. enjoy your time linsey! There's part of me that wishes we were brave enough to do what you're doing. I admire you and am inspired by you. Neal says we will only move when we downsize to the beach. That's our spot. I wonder if the ocean will be your therapy like it is for me! Please take lots of beautiful photos and when you're rested and settled share them with us! I saved this photo you posted and it's already my screensaver. :) Have fun! be safe!

  6. My heart is smiling for you guys and cheering you on. Enjoy the down time together after all that emotion.
    The beach is pure therapy.

  7. You are a wonderful example. Relax and enjoy the beach and your family.

    Everything will be fine.

  8. You're in my thoughts and prayers during this move, Linsey! Like the others have said, "relax and enjoy this down time". When you get to Franklin and see your new home, you'll be refreshed and ready to place the feathers in your new nest! Can't wait toear from you when you're settled!

  9. Thank you, sweet blog friends. You continue to be a HUGE encouragement to me as we do this wild and crazy dream chasing! Thanks for cheering me on and boosting my family up with your prayers! xoxo!

  10. It will be wonderful... enjoy the journey. When God closes one door, he opens "the windows" of
    heaven in other areas. Take this time to treasure your children, the move and THEN you can
    settle into the new life he has for you.


  11. What an amazing journey! How exciting to chase a dream! That is a great quote! :)

  12. sounds delicious..enjoy every single moment!
    love you

  13. loving this along side of you (or actually, on the other side of the computer screen from you :))

  14. Just found your blog via Melaine at My Sweet Savannah. I can't tell you how upset I am that I don't have time to read each and every post right this minute due to having to go to work. :( But I can already tell you will be one of my new faves and I'm looking forward to the minute I am able to obsess over your blog! =0)


  15. Let the waves, sand, and sun energize your faily after such an emotional time. God is placing you where you need to be and I am praying for your family during this new chapter in your life. I can't wait to see pictures, here about your new surroundings and the amazing opportunities that lie ahead!

  16. So sad I missed your shop my home sale. I guess that is what I get for slacking off on my blog reading. I live so close to your old home and would have loved to purchase some things *(and meet you).

    I completely empathize with you about all the emotions. As I told you in a prior comment, six or seven years ago, we sold a home we loved in Southampton (we lived in 2 West U homes prior to that) and moved to a home we built in Charlottesville,VA . I will never forget leaving our dear friends here in Houston. I walked through that lovely house on Wroxton Road in Southampton with tears in my eyes remembering bringing home my son from the hospital and every other memory. It was SO hard even though we were so excited about our new adventure. Like you, there was no job transfer....we were chasing a dream too.

    I had so many emotions that I ended up getting a horrible cold that week and I never get colds. I know I was just completely worn out physically and emotionally. Our house in V was not done...so we hung out at the beach and with friends and I healed. We made new friends and we loved our new life in VA (even though we are now back in Houston). I prayed for Godly friends in VA and He delivered them to me. I will pray for God to surround your family with a wonderful community because I know you had that here.

    Be glad that you did not have a going away party! People had 5 different ones for me/us (church, Moms group, West U baseball, friends and neighborhood). I could not take it. I am a one on one kinda gal too and it was completely overwhelming. And after all those parties, I felt a little silly when we moved back 4 years later! There is no need to say goodbye. With blogs and e-mail and fb there is only the need to say "talk to you soon."

    I wish you the very very best:)


  17. Just found your blog and went through every post (I didn't read every post thoroughly as I did a couple years worth in two days!). There were so many inspiring things; your faith, your family, your home, your creativity, how you eat. I can't wait to see what unfolds in Franklin. Though I know this isn't important, I'm dying to know about the Belgian linen panels in your bedroom. ABout a year ago you mentioned them and said more on them to come but I don't recall a follow up. I love the Whickham gray and am seriously considering painting my living room that color. I love the linen panels too and think they look great with the color. Any info you can provide would be much appreciated.

    1. Hi Rachel! Welcome to the blog. I love hearing from new blog friends. :) You are right...I never got back to sharing details of those panels. I will try to do that before I transition to farm life. :) I bought the Belgian linen sheer panels at Restoration Hardware, then created a fan pleat at the top myself (no sewing!). I have more detailed photos, but on my computer that's in storage until July! Stay tuned!

    2. Thank you for replying! I saw some on the RH website and wondered if maybe that's where they were from. When you get settled in, I hope you have chickens and show lots of photos of them. I would love to have chickens but we live in an HOA neighborhood that doesn't allow "farm" animals. I've considered getting 3 and seeing if the neighbors even notice but I'd hate to have to give them up if someone reported us. For now I live vicariously through blogging friends.

  18. Actually breathing in the salt in the salt water is suppose to be really good for you. I take sea salt mix it in water and breath it in.



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