A Little Beauty Hunting in Franklin

Beauty hunting with a camera in hand always does my heart good.
Here's what my eyes are seeing in my new hometown of Franklin, Tennessee! 

White steeples and rolling hills.
{This one belongs to Christ Presbyterian.}

The winding Harpeth River off of Moran Road.

Now that is a serious barn!

One of the many horse farms on Moran Road.

I could gaze at these beautiful mamas and babies all day long.

My favorite intersection: Moran Road at Old Natchez Trace.
{So much greener than three months ago.}

I'm still pinching myself that I get to live off of this beautiful, historic road.

I bet this old cabin has an incredible story.

I'm fascinated by the history of the land that surrounds me.

This girl cracked me up as she read the signs
out loud in her best Southern Belle accent!

She's loving her new yellow wedges from Target.
{Can't believe I caved and let her get wedges! She looks 18!}

The most beautiful things I've seen around these parts!

And a few shots from Nashville,
just 20 miles up the road.

Thanking God this wasn't the last time we saw our girls.
They were feeling a bit too free and adventurous and took off running...
in a huge park, on a 2.5 mile trail, in a place we'd never been.

We lost them for 48 minutes.

I should've freaked out, but as I prayed, a supernatural peace came over me.
I asked God to send them a helper. We were two minutes from calling
the police when a young woman led my girls out of the woods.
Those crazy girls were on a great adventure. We all are.

On another note...
during my first days here, I was feeling disoriented
and on the verge of tears at every turn.
Too much newness.

I decided the best remedy was to visit familiar stores.
I found them at Hill Center Green Hills.
{A super cool spot in Nashville.}

I didn't buy a thing...just walked around and basked in the familiarity.

Anthropolgie and Whole Foods...right next to each other!
{This is what I love about Franklin...so country, yet so close to city things!}

The juice bar reminded me of the old Shepherd Whole Foods in Houston!
{Apple, kale, parsley, ginger and lemon is my favorite combo.}

And a separate Whole Body store across the street.

My girls loved this place!
{And I love that we can find so many natural products all in one spot!}

More cute shops at Hill Center.

I'm not a big shopper {surprising, I know},
but a few familiar stores went a long way to help me feel at home.

At the end of the day, the country is where my soul sings.
{Who knew this city girl belonged in the country?}
Back out to Franklin!

Beauty abounds.
There's no way I'll ever be able to capture all,
but I'll sure have fun trying!


I'm praying for all of you who emailed me
and am honored that you would ask. 


  1. Glad to see you are being 'positive' again!
    Beautiful pictures, looks like a very nice place!
    [I now have google translate and it translates rather poorly, but at least you kind of know what I blog about if you want to visit again]

    Have a great week!

  2. Wow! No wonder you wanted to chase this dream! It is stunningly beautiful. What a lovely place to call home.

    PS: I think I've talked my husband into vacationing in Tennessee with Franklin on the must see list!

    1. Oh, how I'd love to meet you if you visit Franklin! You'd love it here! xo!

  3. Oh, it looks like a storybook place to live! I have been waiting to see pictures! Keep them coming...Houston is hotter than ever, so I can day dream about your new adventure via your blog!

  4. So beautiful! Your pictures inspire me to dream about what new state we will head to after a few more years here in VA. Enjoy settling into Franklin and exploring all that in new!

  5. Oh I am so happy your taking photos and enjoying the beauty of your new hometown!!
    It looks like an amazing place!
    I do the same thing when I'm in a new place, visit all of the old familiar stores, it does help the soul so much!!
    Take care and have a lovely day!

  6. It's so good to see you getting settled in there. Wow, your surroundings are absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see your new home and the transition over time.
    Hugs and xo~

  7. When I was a very little girl, your Grandpa, my daddy, played golf at Percy Warner Park. Is this history repeating itself?

    1. I love thinking of that, Mom! I'll think of Grandpa every time I pass the golf course!

  8. Love, Love, Love the pictures! I feel your heart healing and know that when you look back at this phase you will be so GRATEFUL for the honesty, openness and willingness to share....and know that all that you share is a blessing to those who read your posts! Love, Lisa

  9. What an incredibly beautiful place!

  10. WOW Beautiful, stunningly beautiful.
    And I loved your find your voice post, it really spoke to me
    thank you!

  11. Oh and Paper Source is in that shopping center too. You MUST go there!!!! Love your pictures. Franklin is so beautiful and has the best little antique stores. It's one of my favorite towns.

  12. how fun for me to see and recognize every one of your images, as i live right down the road. i travel down natchez trace and moran almost every day! it is not hard to find beauty here. i can not imagine living anywhere else....you are going to LOVE it!
    best of luck with your move....

  13. I love all the beauty that surrounds you, and I double love that you captured it for all of us.
    I love that area of the country so much...I can't wait to hear if you guys have found a church that you all love.....

    spare no details for us. :)

    so scary that your girls were lost from you for a little bit....thankful for the stranger who helped them!!!

  14. Such gorgeous photos. To think that Nashville is not that far away and we have only driven through. I think I know where our next mini vacation is going to be! It is amazing how familiar shops and food can make you feel at home in another part of the country or world.

  15. Speaking of beauty.... where did you get the beautiful ribbon on the bulletin boards you made for your daughters? JoAnn, Michaels, a fancy fabric store? I've been looking for something as beautiful but so far not finding anything that doesn't have sequins or is just plain flat ribbon.

    1. Try Hobby Lobby. I found the green velvet trim there and love it. Found the pink one at Glicks (fabric warehouse in Houston). Both were inexpensive.

  16. I do not know how I happened across your sweet blog but I found it yesterday and I'm so glad I did! We seem to be kindred spirits- sharing a love of paper, decorating, photography, Bible study (seeking, in general:), and a recent move! I do the same thing! I feel so NEW (even though I've always wanted to live here) that I frequently go to my familiar places just to feel... familiar, I guess?

    I'm going to add your blog to my list so I can check back often! Take care!!


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~ C.S. Lewis

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