Shop My House Sale MONDAY!

One last sale before I move: a SHOP MY HOUSE sale! I like everything in my house {since I only buy what I love}, but a girl can only pack so much before she runs out of steam!

{Email me for the address.}

Houston friends: if you see something you want, email me. Happy to sell it to you today! I'm still adding things, so be sure to stop by on Wednesday for the latest. I'll have a little stationery, too.  

Here's what I've got for now.
{Prices are well below retail, but not garage sale cheap.}

French chair & burlap pillow from Round Top.

 French-style mirror; antique reproduction; freestanding. 42W x 45.5H
{Gorgeous on top of a mantle, dresser or tall buffet.}

Pair of sconces.

Pair of candelabras from Urban Market.

Gold, wooden angel wings. I have 4 pairs from Round Top.
{I'll hang mine on the wall, but saw lamps at Round Top.}

French reproduction bread boards. Round Top finds.
Large round: $25; Large rectangle: $30

Pair of designer pillows w/ down inserts.
{Perfect for a little girl's room.}

Pillow from a trip to Provence. Includes down insert.

Clay urn/vase.
{Dried flowers from Marburger are free!}

Miscellaneous baskets. Antique and new.

Gray metal urn w/ tall 3-ball topiary.
{Price is for the urn; topiary is free!}

"Industrial Chic" coffee table.
Thick glass top w/ metal base.
40" square top; 19" high.

I covered it with a French cloth when I was in a softer mood.

Large, rustic gray/white metal planter.
From Laurie's Antiques.

Strathmore watercolor cards w/ deckled edge. 5x7 folded.
{My signature Christmas card.}
I have 30 boxes with 100 cards each.

Smaller 3.5 x 5 size cards. Watercolor w/deckled edge.
Haven't counted these, but I know I have hundreds.

Selling some of these stoneware pieces.
{Handmade Boleswawiec Polish Pottery}

LLH Designs stationery. My favorite!
$18 and under.

Two more things I'm remembering:

9-foot Christmas Tree from Ballard Designs.
Too tall for our new house.

Fleur de Lis Firescreen from Wisteria.

That's all I could manage to photograph,
but I've got more. Lots of small, decorative things.
And who knows what I'll add when Monday comes!

{Sorry out-of-town friends, no shipping.}
Happy Friday!


  1. Any chance you are selling your tired stand? I would pay handsomely for shipping. :)

    So happy for you!

  2. That should read tiered stand, not tired stand! LOL! Hey, I have a 12 week old so I'm tired! :)

    1. I'm so TIRED that I don't blame you! :) Not selling any tiered stands this time around. And not able to manage shipping with all that's on my plate between now and moving day. Happy weekend to you!

  3. Linsey-Girl. I haven't commented lately--but I've loved reading about the journey. Think we may have to change your 'name' from beauty-hunter to dream-fighter! Am so proud of you, of what you're choosing, of your leap of FAITH, of your boldness and always a favorite of mine--your tender honesty. Am feeling sad, too, knowing you won't be in my neck of the woods. Wish desperately I could come and hug your neck on Monday--and wish you well in person. Loving you from right here, and praying always. Amanda

  4. I was cruising Pinterest and found your website.I see where you are moving to Franklin Tennessee.You will love the area.Franklin is a wonderful town full of quaint shops and I love to go there.I live in Indianapolis and we used to live in Bowling Green,Ky.

    I feel you will enjoy your life journey to Franklin.


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