Emotions and Blessings

It's gettin' REAL in the Hasenbank Household! {To the tune of my favorite rap, Whole Foods Parking Lot.} The moving truck rolls up in 10 days. {GULP!} Two weeks earlier than expected, but every day that we stay in Houston is another day that my husband doesn't get to do what God made him to do. Time to get to the Franklin/Nashville area so that he can find office space, meet people, and do what he loves! {Know anyone there? Send them his website: www.DrHasenbank.com.}

{My cute husband with our even cuter nephew.}

[By the way, no telling where this post is going. Writing is therapeutic for me; packing is not. So here I am. I need to write today. And the photos? Random ones I've taken this month.]

Here we are with all the walls, bookshelves and cabinets emptied, boxes stacked high in every corner, closing on our Houston house tomorrow, then closing on the Franklin house Thursday.

Sounds exciting, right? {My husband is excited...packing up boxes like a man on a mission, while I sit paralyzed, unable to get a grip on all that's happening.} We're chasing a dream, and that's exciting for sure, but it may take me getting there before I can really feel the "excitement" emotion.

{Gift tags designed by moi!}

For a girl who doesn't like change, disorder or chaos, this part of the dream is about to undo me. I feel like I'm about to spin out of orbit and fall into another galaxy! How to pack, endure the last crazy week of school, cram in all of our doctor appointments, get a highlight to cover all the gray hair I've developed in the last six months {entirely new for me!} and see friends and family one last time?!?!

{Playing in Uncle JD's Jeep.}

It doesn't feel humanly possibly to do it all. Because it isn't. I can't do all this on my own. I keep muttering these simple words out loud as I go along: "Help me, Jesus." In this place of utter incapability, I'm learning what He meant when He said, "My power is made perfect in weakness." {2 Corinthians 12:9}

{Sweet Laura Finley helping me package stationery.}

I'm feeling so many emotions right now...all at once. Not sure how to process them all. I cried myself to sleep last night and couldn't even figure out what it was all about. It feels as if I'm packing up more than just house stuff. More like packing up 37 years of life in the same spot...a wonderful neighborhood called West University Place. {My mom blogged about it here. She was even the mayor here once!} I was born and raised in West U, and feel blessed to have returned here with my own family. It feels like home to this nostalgic, tradition-loving girl!

{I'll miss my house and studio in the back.}

Trying to process that my friends and family aren't coming with me to Franklin. I hate saying goodbye. Not sure I can even say the words. {Crying just writing the words!} Kind of weird, but it doesn't look like we're having a going away party. We've hosted a few for friends in the past, but not sure how I'd do at the center of one. I'm more of a one-on-one girl anyway. I just wish there was a way to fit in a one-on-one visit with everyone I love between now and June 1st.

{Hallie and my dad.}

But it's not all tears and sadness around here. There have also been AMAZING blessings mixed in. Even this very morning. Here I was having this crazy "Shop My House" sale {why on earth did I decide to do that on top of everything else?!?!}, and two of the girls who came blessed me with the most encouraging words. Their words made the whole sale worth it...made me want to cry. These aren't girls I see or hear from often, so I had no idea that my blog and my life had impacted them so much...until now. I'm humbled to the dust. Thank you, sweet girls. May this blog continue to be a blessing to all who read.

{My Open House sign.}

And then yesterday, I got a surprise phone call from a woman who I've talked about several times here on the blog. She owned my favorite shop in The Heights for years, helped found Urban Market, and now lives back in New England. {Talk about someone who had a bigger impact than she'll ever know. Houston misses her like CRAZY!} Anyway, her phone call blessed me and encouraged me when I was on the brink of melting down. She reminded me of what really matters in life...of why we decided to chase this dream in the first place. It's going to be GOOD.

{Teacher gifts. So thankful that I love to design paper goods!}

And now a blessing to beat all blessings. Remember the post where I made a mention of not knowing where we'd live for a few weeks in between this house and the Franklin house? Well, a sweet blog reader who I've only met once {bought the BELIEVE pillow from her at Marburger}, sent my blog to her friend in Franklin, who sent it to her neighbor, who "happens" to live right up the road from our Franklin home. And guess what? {I could cry.} She has offered to rent her house to us for the weeks when we had nowhere to go. I cannot tell you how blessed I feel by her offer. We'll get to familiarize ourselves with our new town without having the pressure of unpacking boxes, painting, etc. {Though of course I'm eager to get to that as soon as we can. June 30 is our expected move-in date.}

{Our soon-to-be home in Franklin.}

And then get this: when my husband saw how quickly he could pack {he's a machine!}, we realized it would be hard to live in this house much longer. {We're paying to be here after tomorrow, and it ain't pretty once it's packed!} But where to go? With all the stress of selling a business, packing up a lifetime in Houston, finishing school for the girls, saying goodbye, etc., we were longing for a little R&R. But we aren't big vacationers, and without a paycheck these days, it didn't seem wise to spend a bunch of money. But just in case...I looked on VRBO to see if I could find a deal. We've never been on a beach vacation. {If you saw how fair-skinned we are, especially me, you'd understand why!} But white sand and emerald-blue water sounds really good right about now! Long story short, found a condo in a quiet beach outside the hot spots of Seaside/Rosemary/Destin. It's called Blue Mountain Beach. Peaceful. Quiet. And home to the area's only natural food store! We'll be there on weekdays, so the owner gave us a great deal! Cheaper than our lease back agreement in Houston...and no boxes! Can't beat that!

{The girls performing on the street corner.}

{And a few kind neighbors leaving tips.}

And just when I didn't think things could work out any more perfectly, some dear friends who live in Franklin {some of the only friends we know there}, have offered to let us stay in their home in between  our trip to the beach and the rental house. Their family of five is graciously taking in our family of four. I hardly know how to thank them. We've never done anything like this...never wanted to inconvenience anyone. But there is something so sweet about allowing someone else to meet your needs. I have a feeling that will be a week we'll never forget.

{This little guy loves the Jeep!}

And a final blessing I don't want to forget: our songbird sang in church yesterday...one of her own songs. My eyes were full of tears the entire time. There's nothing sweeter than a child leading grown ups in worship. And when it's your own child, using her God-given gift? Well, friends, that's almost more than a mama can take. {My video is shaky due to the emotions I was feeling, but I'll see if I can share a clip sometime soon.}

{Sweet Hallie.}

So there you have it...emotions and blessings all wrapped up in one LONG post. If you read every word, you deserve a prize for your faithfulness!

Thank you for every prayer, every wish, every blessing, every word of encouragement. You are the sweetest blog friends. You've been a real strength to me during this journey. I hope you'll stick around to see what's waiting for us out in the country!

Hugs and love,


Shop My House Update

Email me for the address.

I've been adding new things all weekend. I even found a box full of Round Top/Marburger goodies! I'm also adding a few practical items. All stuff I'd use; not garage sale junk.


  • I'm no longer able to coordinate pre-sales on small things. {Time to focus on packing!} 
  • First-come, first serve on Monday {with the exception of a few large items at the end of this post}.
  • I'll be making deals on most things during the last hour. {11-12}

Here's a look at some of the decorative items I've been adding over the weekend. Many of them are from my last trip to Round Top, Warrenton and Marburger {because I can't resist sharing great finds!}.

{antique side table}

French livestock prizes

I can't resist crowns and nests! 

From the plaster guy at Excess.
{Faces can be hung on the wall; create an interesting vignette!}

Twin duvet covers. Rachel Aswell pattern.
{One has a small tear, so they'll be well priced!}

Small antique linen pillows; Bennison linen; 3 yards of linen.

Just pulled this pair of topiaries from The French Farm
off my mantle. I'll take them with me if they don't sell,
just not in the mood to pack them at the moment!

I do have a few "big ticket" items that I'm happy to sell in advance, since these kinds of things require some forethought on your part. 

Beautiful, luxurious king-size linens from
Bella Notte, Pine Cone Hill & Pom Pom.

Update: no longer available.

Here's what's included {all fabrics are washable}:
  • white linen duvet from Bella Notte
  • extra long white linen bedskirt from Bella Notte
  • 2 white linen embroidered king shams from Bella Notte
  • ecru matelass√© coverlet from Pine Cone Hill
  • 3 velvet & satin quilted euro shams from Pottery Barn
  • pale blue-gray linen embroidered sham from Pom Pom
  • 3 down pillow inserts for euros and 3 for king size shams
  • white linen Bella Notte sheets {DREAMY!!!}
Yes, we spoiled ourselves in the master bedroom. Most people invest in the master last because it's not a room guests will see, but my philosophy is: this is the room where you spend the most time and YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! I heard a well-known designer say this: "Why spend your money on fancy fabric for drapes that don't touch your skin? Spend it on the fabric that you snuggle into every night." If these don't sell, I'll have them altered to fit our queen at the new house. Hmm...not a bad idea!

Back to what's for sale...

Pair of Demilune Tables.
39"W x 18.5D x 31.5H

I used the demilunes in my dining room, but they'd also be
beautiful bedside tables...especially next to the linens above!
{I know...kinda crazy that I'm selling these!}

This coffee table was claimed right away
after my last post, but the size didn't work for her,
so here's your second chance!

"Industrial Chic" coffee table.
Thick glass top w/ metal base.
40" square top; 19" high.

I covered it with a French quilt when I was in a softer mood.

If you're interested in one of those three "big ticket" items,
email me. Otherwise, I'll see you on Monday!
{Feel free to tell friends about the sale!}



Shop My House Sale MONDAY!

One last sale before I move: a SHOP MY HOUSE sale! I like everything in my house {since I only buy what I love}, but a girl can only pack so much before she runs out of steam!

{Email me for the address.}

Houston friends: if you see something you want, email me. Happy to sell it to you today! I'm still adding things, so be sure to stop by on Wednesday for the latest. I'll have a little stationery, too.  

Here's what I've got for now.
{Prices are well below retail, but not garage sale cheap.}

French chair & burlap pillow from Round Top.

 French-style mirror; antique reproduction; freestanding. 42W x 45.5H
{Gorgeous on top of a mantle, dresser or tall buffet.}

Pair of sconces.

Pair of candelabras from Urban Market.

Gold, wooden angel wings. I have 4 pairs from Round Top.
{I'll hang mine on the wall, but saw lamps at Round Top.}

French reproduction bread boards. Round Top finds.
Large round: $25; Large rectangle: $30

Pair of designer pillows w/ down inserts.
{Perfect for a little girl's room.}

Pillow from a trip to Provence. Includes down insert.

Clay urn/vase.
{Dried flowers from Marburger are free!}

Miscellaneous baskets. Antique and new.

Gray metal urn w/ tall 3-ball topiary.
{Price is for the urn; topiary is free!}

"Industrial Chic" coffee table.
Thick glass top w/ metal base.
40" square top; 19" high.

I covered it with a French cloth when I was in a softer mood.

Large, rustic gray/white metal planter.
From Laurie's Antiques.

Strathmore watercolor cards w/ deckled edge. 5x7 folded.
{My signature Christmas card.}
I have 30 boxes with 100 cards each.

Smaller 3.5 x 5 size cards. Watercolor w/deckled edge.
Haven't counted these, but I know I have hundreds.

Selling some of these stoneware pieces.
{Handmade Boleswawiec Polish Pottery}

LLH Designs stationery. My favorite!
$18 and under.

Two more things I'm remembering:

9-foot Christmas Tree from Ballard Designs.
Too tall for our new house.

Fleur de Lis Firescreen from Wisteria.

That's all I could manage to photograph,
but I've got more. Lots of small, decorative things.
And who knows what I'll add when Monday comes!

{Sorry out-of-town friends, no shipping.}
Happy Friday!
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